Top & Best Aquarium pump Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Aquarium pump: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Setting up an aquarium is a hobby that requires study and dedication. To live well, fish need some conditions and the aquarium pump is one of them. Today we are going to talk about this equipment.

It doesn’t matter if you want a fresh or saltwater aquarium, small or large, with or without plants, we have prepared a guide to help every beginner in aquarism. Here you will find the best products and special tips for you to make the best choice for your swimming pets, follow with us.

First, the most important

  • The aquarium pump serves to circulate the water and increase its oxygenation, essential equipment to create a healthy environment for the fish.
  • The pumps can be divided into several types, but we can classify them between external and internal.
  • An aquarium can be fresh or salt water. This is a detail that must be considered when choosing, as it changes the oxygenation level of the water. Other important points will be addressed at the end of this article in the Purchase Criteria.

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Starting to set up an aquarium? Know that among the fundamental equipment is the pump. We have selected some models to help you with this choice:

  • Submerged pump for medium aquariums
  • Submerged pump for large aquariums
  • External air pump for aquariums up to two liters


Buying Guide

The aquarium pump is an indispensable piece of equipment for creating a healthy environment for fish. In today’s article we want to help you better understand the different types.

If you intend to start this hobby, preparing in advance is essential to ensure a suitable aquarium for your new pets. After all, it is in that space that they will live all the time, and for that reason, it must be the best possible.

What is the aquarium pump for?

The aquarium pump is an equipment used to circulate the water and oxygenate it. Thus, it is possible to create a healthier environment for fish. Think that in their natural habitat, these swimmers live in waters with constant flow. The pump recreates this movement, trying to imitate this renewal of water.

But its uses go beyond this short definition, depending on the type of bomb.

In conjunction with other equipment, such as the filter, it guarantees a suitable aquarium for its residents. It also assists the operation of other parts, such as fountains.

Also, through the movement of water, nutrients are distributed throughout the aquarium, an important aspect to improve water quality and prevent diseases.

In addition to these aspects, the pump also makes the aquarium more “alive”. The circulation of water moves your plants, leaving the space more natural and dynamic.



  • Circulates oxygen water
  • Offers healthier environment for fish
  • Assists filter operation and other equipment
  • Distributes nutrients throughout the aquarium
  • Contributes to a more dynamic and alive aquarium


  • Take up space
  • Extra investment

What are the different types of aquarium inhaler?

Basically the pumps can be divided into submerged and external. Within these categories there are other specifications. Each model has specific characteristics and will serve different needs.

Obviously, submerged aquarium bombs must be installed inside the aquarium, below the water surface. They are great for taking water to the filter. They are easy to install, but can leave the water cold, which may require the use of a heater.

The external ones, on the other hand, must be installed outside the aquarium or inside it, on the water surface, which facilitates its cleaning. Inlet and outlet tubes are responsible for the movement of water.


In both cases it is important to observe whether they are indicated for fresh and salt water, the flow of water flow and its water column. We’ll talk more about that in the Purchase Criteria.

When should I install a pump in an aquarium?

The aquarium inlet is almost always useful, although some species of fish do not use it. You must remember that a Betta lives alone in a small aquarium and does not need a pump. So, like him, other fish don’t need the equipment.


The firecracker can be a great ally in emergency situations.

However, if you are a beginner in the practice of fishkeeping, the inhaler can be a great ally in emergency situations. This is because, as we have seen, it helps to increase the amount of oxygen, important for fish. And you shouldn’t want to risk not having enough oxygen in your tank.

When it is very hot the ability to absorb oxygen is less, so the aquarium pump can also be even more essential in summer or warmer places.

In addition, if the aquarium does not have natural plants, it must have a pump.

The installation method and location of the pump in the aquarium will depend on the type of pump used. It is usually simple and the instructions, which usually come with the equipment, must be followed for the installation to be successful.

How to clean an aquarium?

There is no use installing a pump and leaving the water dirty. Dirt also interferes with water oxygenation and makes it difficult for animals to breathe.

The frequency of this cleaning will depend on the characteristics of the aquarium, such as size, type of water and fish. In general, cleaning is usually weekly or fortnightly. Check out some tips for this cleaning:

  1. Disconnect electrical equipment , such as filter and pump, while in operation. Clean them up;
  2. Remove the ornaments from the aquarium and clean them with a brush under running water, without using any product;
  3. Clean the inside of the glass with specific products for cleaning the aquarium;
  4. Using a sieve, remove the larger residues ;
  5. rate the water that will be inserted in the aquarium . You can find specific products for water treatment in pet shops or on the internet;
  6. Remove up to 30% of the water from the aquarium with the help of a siphon. Position the siphon at the bottom so that it removes this accumulated dirt;
  7. Place clean ornaments and equipment back into the aquarium;
  8. Insert the treated water using the siphon . Make sure the temperature is similar to that of the water inside the aquarium to avoid thermal shock, which can kill fish.



Do you know an aquarium exposed to sunlight may need more frequent cleaning? That’s because the sun increases the proliferation of algae.


How much does it cost and where to buy an aquarium pump?

You can buy an aquarium bomb in specific stores for those who practice fishkeeping, although they are not so easy to find physically. Some pet shops or farmers can also sell these products.

But the internet turns out to be the best place to find the right pump for your aquarium. Check it out at.

The price varies a lot according to the type of pump. You can spend only $ 30 or more than $ 1,000. An important detail is that in the case of aquarium pumps size is not document to determine the price. Small pumps can be quite powerful.


Purchase Criteria: Find out how to choose a pump for your aquarium

Now you know the importance of having a pump in your aquarium. It is one of the equipment that keeps the water healthy. Before you choose, check out final tips:

  • Filtration system
  • Flow capacity and water column
  • Type of water
  • Size and fixation
  • Power and energy consumption

Read each topic below.

Filtration system

Knowing that the aquarium pump works in conjunction with other equipment, especially with the filter, it is important that both are compatible.

The filter is chosen first, according to the needs of the fish. After this step, choose an ideal pump for the filter in question.

Flow capacity and water column

Water flow capacity is measured in liters per hour (l / h). This data indicates how much water passes through the pump within an hour. This choice will depend on the size of the aquarium and the type of pump.

The pump must have six times the total amount of water in the aquarium. If your tank has 100 liters, choose a pump of at least 600 l / h. A 200 liter aquarium will need a 1200 l / h pump. And so on.

The water column means the maximum height that the pump can throw water vertically.

Type of water

It is common that many aquarium pumps are compatible with fresh and salt water, however, some end up being more suitable than others. Before choosing, check if the model you have chosen is compatible with your type of aquarium.

Saltwater aquariums require their own equipment to not rust. In this type of aquarium, it is essential to keep the water moving, as oxygenation is lower.

Size and fixation

This criterion is especially important if you choose an internal pump. Be careful not to buy a model that is too big and take up too much space inside the aquarium.

The fact that the pump is small does not affect its capacity at all. Pumps of the same size can have very different capacities.

Another important point is the way of fixing this aquarium pump. Some work by magnet, others by suction cup. Choose the one that offers the most firmness and ease of handling for cleaning.

Power and energy consumption

The pumps can vary a lot in power, and this directly interferes with its energy consumption. Obviously, the more powerful, the greater the monthly consumption.

Anyway, they do not usually consume much energy, but as it is something that is directly connected, together with other equipment in the aquarium, it may deserve your attention.


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