Top & Best Anti-colic bottle Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Anti-colic bottle: Discover the best model in 2022

your internet review portal. If you are expecting a baby, you have certainly considered some items of the layette. One item that is little remembered, but that can be very important is the anti-colic bottle.

Designed to prevent air suction, anti-colic bottles can help your baby to feed with much more safety, thus preventing episodes of reflux or colic.

So, if you are looking for a perfect bottle for your baby, check out our review below and find out which are the best anti-colic bottle models on the market.

First, the most important

  • This type of bottle model was specially developed to assist in the introduction of liquid foods, such as industrialized milk.
  • Despite being more expensive than conventional models, anti-colic bottles can bring many benefits to the baby.
  • There are baby bottle models in different sizes, colors and shapes. Choose a model that suits your needs.

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Ranking: The 4 best anti-colic bottles on the market

When it comes to baby bottles, there are numerous models available on the market, aimed at specific age groups and for the most varied demands. So, to help you choose the perfect bottle for your child check the list below and find out which are the best models of anti-colic bottle.

Buying Guide

Baby bottles are no longer simple items in the baby’s layette and nowadays add several functions developed especially thinking about children’s health, such as anti-reflux system or stimulating oral functions.

To help you choose the best anti-colic bottle on the market, check out our Guide and find out what is essential to know before you buy.

What is an anti-colic bottle?

The anti-colic bottle can easily be described as an evolution of classic and traditional models.

Because it has an internal safety system, this type of bottle prevents the child from ingesting air during breastfeeding, reducing the risks of colic, gas and reflux in the little ones.

What are the main types of baby bottles available on the market?

There are numerous types of baby bottles available on the market, and a general guideline for first-time parents is never to purchase large quantities, as it is difficult to predict which type will be the baby’s favorite.

Baby bottles can be divided into some categories, such as those for formulas, with anatomical and anti-colic tips, and each model offers advantages and disadvantages.

The formula bottles have a space at the base for you to transport the powdered food and prepare it wherever you want. However, despite practices, most do not have standardized nozzles.

The bottles with anatomical nipples have a design designed to ensure the oral health of the little ones. However, because they are specially developed for a demand, they can be more expensive than simpler models.

And anti-colic bottles are considered ideal for introducing food to small children, however, they can be more expensive than other models. To learn more about the different types of baby bottles, check out the table below.

What are the advantages of buying an anti-colic bottle?

Newborns are the main beneficiaries of anti-colic bottles, as they are still developing the ability to suck and control the muscles of the mouth, and are therefore more likely to suffer from colic.

Although they cost a little more expensive than traditional models, the difference in their value ends up being compensated in the long run, since babies who use an anti-colic bottle tend to have less pain crises, minimizing the expense with medications.

How much?

Anti-colic bottles have a slightly higher value when compared to more traditional options.

While a simple baby bottle can be found for sale for less than R $ 10, models that avoid air suction are sold, on average, for R $ 60, with models that cost more than R $ 100.

Where to buy?

You can find anticholic mamandeiras in stores specializing in baby items or in pharmacies of varying sizes.

If you are a fan of online shopping, you can find websites specializing in baby products, as well as sales platforms Amazon. All models featured in our review are available on Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider before buying an anti-colic bottle

For first-time parents or veterans, an anti-colic bottle can be a useful resource, which will help to prevent intestinal discomfort in the little ones and assist in the night of sleep for those who care for them.

So, before buying an anti-colic bottle, see some criteria so that you can choose the ideal bottle for your needs and your little one.

  • Nozzle hole pattern
  • Capacity
  • Valve system
  • Format

Check in detail the criteria below and choose a perfect anti-colic bottle for your child

Nozzle hole pattern

When it comes to feeding the little ones, the pattern of holes in the nipple can make the difference between the child’s complete adaptation and the rejection of the piece.

Baby bottles with spouts with several holes or with larger holes are more attractive to small ones, as they make the sucking process much easier and more comfortable than small hole models.


If you intend to use the bottle outside the home, an important factor to consider is its storage capacity, after all, you don’t want the food supply to run out of time, right?

There are models in various sizes, so if you plan to use the bottle for longer outlets, give preference to models whose storage space is greater, according to your child’s demand.

Valve system

There are two types of valves present in anti-colic bottles: the nipple and the internal valves, which work in different ways, but which aim to guarantee the safety and well-being of children.

  • Nipple valves : These are designed to adapt perfectly to the tip of the bottle, preventing the baby from swallowing air. Because they are closer to the child’s mouth, in some cases they may not completely prevent the suction of air.
  • Internal valves : They work as a kind of hose that transfers the air from the tip of the bottle to the bottom, completely preventing the suction of air. Another advantage of the internal valves is that many were developed in a removable way, ensuring that you can discard it when it is no longer needed by your baby and extending the life of the part.


The different bottle formats can help or hinder the development process of children’s motor coordination, since depending on the level of difficulty they can help babies to improve the clamp movement or the firmness of the hands.

Models with a wider or mug-shaped structure – with handles – can help the child to hold on more easily, helping in their independence, while smaller models are more complicated to be handled by babies.


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