Top & Best Breastfeeding pillow Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Breastfeeding pillow: Which is the best in 2022?

which today will help you find the best breastfeeding pillow to contribute to such an important and challenging phase of motherhood.

If you are a mother or are expecting a baby, you have certainly heard about the many difficulties that can arise with the birth of the baby. For those who want to breastfeed the newborn, surrounding yourself with information and facilitating accessories is a good tip.

Continue here to learn more about the different models and the numerous benefits of the breastfeeding pillow.

First, the most important

  • Breast milk is the first and most important food for a baby in the first 6 months of life, and suitable for children up to 2 years old.
  • Breastfeeding requires dedication, delivery and commitment from the mother and everyone around her. The more support, the more chances of success.
  • The correct attachment of the breast is one of the most important factors in breastfeeding and the correct position of the mother and child interfere in this process. The breastfeeding pillow is a great ally in the first months.

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Ranking: The 4 best types of breastfeeding pillow

Holding that tiny, helpless little baby in your arms for hours requires a certain skill. The breastfeeding pillow is a way to facilitate the best positions and also ensure that mommy is comfortable while breastfeeding. Check now the best models for sale on the market:

Buying Guide

Newborn babies breastfeed for many hours throughout the day and night. Holding it on your lap in the correct position for the breast grip can be extra work for moms and therefore the pillow is an important aid.

Continue here to learn more about this ally and how to choose the best one to assist in your maternal routine.

Why is it good to have a breastfeeding pillow?

There is still little comfort during the first months of maternity. When it comes to setting up the little room and the child’s layette we thought about having everything good and best for them.

But remember that the mother also needs some special attention and especially facilities for everyday life. Bathtub that is at the height of the hips, comfortable and specific armchair for breastfeeding and also a pillow that offers comfort and facilities when feeding the baby.

As much as it is considered natural and is part of the extinct maternal, breastfeeding is a task that requires learning, patience, support and support.

The correct breastfeeding position is one in which both mother and baby are comfortable. The arms and breasts must not hurt, the back must be straight and the baby must have the head slightly tilted.

Regardless of the choice of breastfeeding in bed, on the sofa or in a breastfeeding chair, the mother should have support on her back. Pillows, common pillows or a little more resistant are ideal.

Health professionals in general, pediatricians and breastfeeding consultants recommend the use of the breastfeeding pillow to contribute to the ideal position for correct breast attachment.

The baby should be held in the arms at the time when it can grab all the areola from the mother’s breast. Feedings usually last between 30 and 45 minutes when babies are newborn and occur every 2 to 3 hours. That means spending most of the day breastfeeding.

Even small babies require more attention and effort. Holding it so close to the breast can be uncomfortable and over time the pains in the arms begin to appear. In addition, leaving your arm relaxed is another tip for a smooth breastfeeding.

How to relax the arm if you need to hold the baby? That’s where the breastfeeding cushion comes in. She gives the support that the baby needs so that it is at the ideal height and is able to breastfeed as long as necessary.

Can I use a regular pillow?

Adaptations in the maternal world are always welcome. Pillows, pillows and even rolls with a bath towel can replace a breastfeeding pillow.

However, it is worth remembering that the latter was studied and created especially to meet the needs of mothers and babies. The shape of the breastfeeding pillow meets all that breastfeeding requires.

Unlike a regular pillow, the breastfeeding pillow “hugs” the mother’s hips and provides the perfect fit to accommodate the baby. At the ideal time and with a texture that does not sink regardless of the time the child is breastfeeding.

In addition to the baby, the mother’s arms can also be supported on the side of the pillow keeping the shoulders relaxed and the back erect, essential points in the success of breastfeeding.

Watch out for these differences to help you make your decision about purchasing a breastfeeding pillow:

How to use the breastfeeding pillow?

You may be asking yourself: Am I going to have to carry this pillow everywhere I go? Certainly not. Breastfeeding is something that seems simple, but at first it may not be as easy as it looks.

On the other hand, as soon as mother and baby are in tune, the routine becomes pleasurable and adaptable according to each family routine. For those who choose exclusive breastfeeding, the pillow should be a partner for a long time, until both start to find other breastfeeding positions.

Breastfeeding the baby while lying down or in a piggyback position are times when you will give up the breastfeeding pillow and there is no problem.

The breastfeeding pillow is a support for you, an aid to help you adapt and in your exhaustive breastfeeding routine in the first months.

Always have your breastfeeding pillow close at home, whether in the baby’s room, the parents’ room or even in the living room. Check out some tips:

  1. Accommodation : Before placing the baby’s mouth on the breast, place the child under the cushion and make sure that the height is sufficient for the baby to reach the areola without having to bend his or her back or shoulders.
  2. Fit : After the baby is positioned, with the hands in the form of tweezers, hold the breast and fit the areola in the child’s mouth. The baby’s lips should be turned out, as if it were a goldfish. Whenever necessary, assist with the hand so that the lips return to the ideal position.
  3. Aid : For the first feedings, it is recommended that you seek a breastfeeding consultancy. No matter how much reading you do and the experience of the whole family, having a professional nearby can make all the difference in the success of your breastfeeding.


Laura GutmanArgentine writer specialized in maternity

“When the baby is born, the sucking reflex is very intense. As the words indicate, it acts under the reflex of searching, finding and sucking breast milk. For that, it is only necessary that the baby stay close to the breast. A lot of time . All the time. Because the stimulus is the mother’s body, the smell, the tone, the heart rate, the heat, the voice, in short, everything he knows. ”

How much?

The breastfeeding pillow is far from being one of the most expensive items in the baby’s layette. The investment can vary around R $ 70 to R $ 150 and you often end up buying along with the decoration items. Without knowing how important and efficient it can be.

Pay attention to make a purchase thinking more about the utility than the beauty of the pillow. The real value lies in the characteristics of comfort and quality.

Where to buy?

As we have already mentioned, stores that sell crib kits and all baby layettes generally offer items such as the breastfeeding pillow. In most of these stores there are pads that match the entire kit.

But it is on the internet that you will find specialized brands and a greater diversity of styles, prices and models. Amazon, one of the most complete virtual stores, offers excellent options.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare breastfeeding pillows

This is not a decoration item. The breastfeeding pillow is essential to assist you in one of the most exhausting tasks of motherhood and also one of the most important.

Choosing the ideal shape and material that provides you with comfort and safety is the most important. See below the three factors that can make the difference at the time of your choice.

  • Format
  • Material
  • Cleaning
  • Style

Below, we will detail the importance of each of these items. After all, we want you to have the best experience in this very important phase of your life.


Most breastfeeding pillows are shaped like a half moon, an arch that fits the mother’s hips. Some are more closed, others more open, but all have the same function.

One of the issues to be considered is the size of the mother. In particular the circumference of the hips and the height of the torso. For some mothers, with a shorter trunk, the more robust pillows end up doing more harm than contributing.

Check the measurements on the websites if your option is to purchase online. If you want to try it, you can go to a physical store and search for that model on the internet to guarantee a more attractive offer.


Waterproof and hypoallergenic materials are important. Both factors must be taken into account. The issue of impermeability is quite pertinent since during breastfeeding there is usually milk leaking from the baby’s breasts or mouth.

The fabric of manufacture is an important factor, as the material will be in direct contact with the skin of the baby’s face and head. Some pillows are lined with soft and comfortable fabric.


To ensure your baby’s health, it is important to sanitize the breastfeeding pillow frequently.

As we have seen, the milk leak can end up dirtying your pillow frequently. And even for impermeable materials this frequent cleaning is necessary.

To facilitate this process, make sure that all of this material is washable. Zippered pads to remove the inside of the protective cover facilitate this process. That way mom can wash the cover while the padding gets some sun.


The breastfeeding pillow will be the companion of mom and baby. Usually she stays in the child’s room, under the nursing chair or the bed.

Choose a style that suits you or the decor of your room or home. There are the most varied prints and you will surely find the ideal model for your baby.

For those who think of taking the pillow wherever they go, an option is the most compact and discreet styles.


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