Top & Best Bottle warmer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bottle warmer: How to choose the best in 2022?

If you are looking for a bottle warmer, but are unsure which is the best option for your needs, this article is for you!

A hand in the wheel in the life of dads and moms on trips, outings and especially on busy days and at dawn, the bottle warmer is a compact and practical product. It heats baby bottles – and even baby food and soups – in a few minutes.

Follow us with this reading and check out the tips and basic information so that you can choose, without fear, the bottle warmer that best fits your routine and your needs.

First, the most important

  • Despite being a product designed for a very specific function, a good bottle warmer can be extremely useful and a great facilitator in the routine of caring for babies and children. To choose the model that best meets your needs it is essential to analyze in what situations and locations the product will be used.
  • In addition to the design, brand and functions, it is recommended to pay attention to issues such as ease of use and cleaning, time for heating, size and material of manufacture of the heater to make the right choice.
  • Electric bottle warmers can be relatively inexpensive, starting at R $ 30. But the models of renowned brands and with several functionalities can cost more than R $ 400.

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Best bottle warmers: Our favorites

Heating the bottle when away from home can be a big challenge. Many dads and moms look for microwaves in restaurants, or even stop visiting certain environments that do not make it possible to warm the baby’s milk.

The bottle warmer is a very viable solution to this problem. In this section we will present the best models for sale. Check the list:

  • Fisher Price Digital Bottle and Food Warmer
  • Bottle warmer and sterilizer
  • Bottle warmer for car Love

Buying Guide

Now that you have checked out our Bottle Warmer Ranking, follow the shopping guide with us. In this session you will have the most relevant information about bottle warmers, such as uses, advantages and disadvantages, value, where to buy, etc.

In addition, we will help you with topics on the features you should pay attention to when choosing your ideal bottle warmer.

What is a bottle warmer?

The bottle warmer is a portable device designed, basically, to perform the function that its name indicates: to heat bottles.

Some extra functions may be present in the product, according to the make and model, such as heating baby food, or even sterilizing the containers.

The form of heating may vary. The most common are through hot steam or immersion in water (water bath). In both cases, the process takes place inside the device, simply filling it with water according to the instructions for use.

What are the advantages of having one of these?

The bottle warmer is the ideal product to always have on hand, at home, in the baby’s room or on trips or trips. Have you ever thought about being able to heat your child’s food from wherever you are without having to look for a microwave?

It provides dads and moms with this freedom to go where they need to, without compromising the child’s feeding routine and schedules. Some devices, aiming at the child’s safety and well-being, have temperature control.

Did you know that 37º is the ideal temperature for milk, baby food, soups and teas and other foods that will be offered to babies? This temperature is the most pleasant for the little ones because it is the same as that of breast milk.


This mechanism prevents inadequate heating, which can cause a series of losses. In addition to the risk of burns on the baby, when heated too much, breast milk, formulas and baby food can lose nutrients.

Bench or vehicular bottle warmer?

There are two very specific types. The bench bottle warmer, or the model to be used inside the car. We’ll look at the differences between the two later. Before that, we can share some tips that fit both models.

Remember that practicality and safety are the two basic principles that must be met by the bottle warmer. As it is a product that will be involved in feeding babies and children, it should be chosen with extra doses of care.

As we have already mentioned, overheating the bottle or baby food can be a danger. Check that the chosen heater model offers uniform temperature control and heating.

Also, make sure the method is safe. Some experts say that placing the bottle in the microwave, for example, causes the plastic to release substances that can be harmful to the baby.

f the product needs water to heat the bottle, check if the place where the product will be used provides ease of supply. It is also important to check if there is a power point in the voltage and adequate standards in the place where the product will be used.

If you choose the car model, check if it fits your vehicle properly, and if it allows you to accommodate the bottle well during heating.

Also check the time needed to warm up. Some vehicle models heat a bottle in just 10 minutes, but there are those that can spend more than half an hour.

As the objective is practicality, the product must be easy to clean. Also check out what else the heater can do besides warm up baby bottles.

Some models have extra functions such as night light, sterilizer utensils, adapters for soup and baby food bowls, juice extractors, among other variants.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for use and instructions carefully. Most products come with tips on how to get the most out of it. Unusual uses can range from heating ointments and cotton for hygiene to cooking eggs.

How much?

It is possible to find electric bottle warmers for very affordable prices, starting at R $ 30. The models of renowned brands and with several functionalities, however, can cost more than R $ 400.

Do a lot of research before you buy, as the same product may fluctuate in value from one place to another. For the purchase made online always consider the value of the freight. Depending on the region and the volume of the product packaging, shipping can greatly increase the final purchase price.

Where to buy?

Bottle warmers can be found in stores specializing in baby items and in large department stores.

However, it is on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Mercado Livre and ShopTime that it is possible to find the greatest variety of the product in different models, brands and materials. Buying over the internet you also find the best deals. Not to mention that you receive at the door of your home.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare bottle warmer models

Here, we will list the features that you can evaluate to recognize the best bottle warmer to meet your needs and expectations. Are they:

  • Model
  • Functions
  • Temperature regulation
  • Material and design
  • Size


As we have seen, the product is available on the market basically in two types: vehicle and bench. So ask yourself, “Where am I going to use my bottle warmer?”

Among these types there are several models, which may have variations and extra functionality from one brand to another. Ponder calmly what your heater’s primary use will be. If the idea is to use it at home, for example, the bench model will suit you perfectly.

Choose according to the functions you deem necessary, and the design that best suits your installation environment. The vehicular model will be more useful on trips, trips or emergencies.


Some brands and models of bottle warmers may have extra functionality.

Give preference to the types that can also heat pots of porridge and soup, for example. They may be useful for longer than models that just heat a bottle.

The sterilizing function is also interesting, and it is not difficult to find in the most popular models. But remember: extra features can make the product more expensive.

Before paying extra for an extra function, make sure that it will be used in your day to day. Check out these functions in the video published on the Multikids Baby channel:

Temperature regulation

One of the greatest facilities that the bottle warmer can provide is to heat it in the right measure.

Check if the chosen model offers mechanisms that allow temperature control or visualization, in addition to preventing overheating. Remembering that the ideal temperature of the milk is 37ºC.

Some models offer the option of automatic shutdown when the heating cycle is complete, which makes life easier for parents. The option to keep warm is also interesting for those who like to leave the bottle at the right point while waiting for the time of the next feeding, for example.


The heater material will directly impact the product’s durability, quality and safety. Give preference to non-toxic materials, highly resistant to heat. Another important point is that it does not allow external heating of the item, in order to avoid accidents.

Since practicality is the benefit in question, the material should also facilitate the cleaning of the product, and avoid accumulation of waste.


This factor is important for both types of bottle warmer. Those who are going to use the product at home, must understand the measures of the product. There are those that are more rounded and smaller in height, or those that are thinner and longer.

Whoever places it on the nightstand, for example, should opt for more compact models. Then, analyze where the equipment will be located.

If you are looking for a bottle warmer to use in the car, you should also consider size and weight. Ease of transport must be maintained. After all, you don’t want to carry a large, heavy piece of equipment in your baby’s bag anymore.

Finally, the internal size must also be considered. Make sure that the chosen model holds the bottles and pots you intend to heat. Some heater models only work with bottles of specific shapes. Make sure your bottles are compatible with the product.


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