Top & Best Cat feeder Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cat feeder: How to choose the best model in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about an article that cannot be missed in the cat guardian’s house: the cat feeder.

This object is so important, as its purpose is to serve and store your pet’s food. Although basic, it is extremely necessary in a house where cats are also residents, since it works as a food dish.

If you are new to the cat world and still don’t know which model to buy, we suggest that you follow our Guide and stay on top of everything about the cat feeder.

First, the most important

  • The cat feeder is an object intended for feeding the pussies. In it, the portion of feed is deposited for the cat to eat at that meal.
  • Its most common version is very similar to a pot or dish, however, there are more modern models with special functions. Some feeders are called feeders, as they have a tube that automatically replenishes the feed jar.
  • They can be purchased for different prices, from R $ 10 to R $ 400 or more.

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Best cat feeders: Our favorites

Before starting, we will introduce you to the best cat feeders on the market, so that you have good references when choosing your pet.

  • Electronic feeder for pets Lorben
  • Omnii Fast interactive feeder
  • Automatic feeder and waterer for dogs and cats

Buying Guide

Now that you know the best in the cat food market, we will talk a little more about them and explain all their advantages. Come on?

What is a cat feeder?

Having an animal at home, whatever it may be, requires some basic care for both the comfort of your pet and yours.

It is important to remember that animals have basic needs just like us, and that is why we must respect them and create a pleasant space for them in our homes.

It is no different with cats, especially with regard to food. The cat feeder is a small pot where the feed of each meal must be deposited for the feline to feed.

Compared to our habits, it resembles the dish, the place where we put the food to eat. It is a simple and practical object, but vital for your kitten’s well-being, mainly because they are considered such organized animals.


What are the advantages of the cat feeder?

The main advantage of the cat feeder is that it guarantees an organized and clean environment, determining the exact location where your feline will feed.

In addition it is a way to ensure that your pet eats properly, eating only the necessary portions deposited by you and avoiding obesity.

It is interesting to remember that because it is an essential product, you can find it in several versions and buy the one that best suits you in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

The disadvantage is due to hygiene. It is necessary to wash with mild soap at least twice a week.



  • Ensures a specific, organized and clean place for your feline to eat
  • You put the right portions, controlling obesity
  • Several versions with prices to suit all pockets


  • Needs to be washed twice a week

What is the best type of feeder for cats?

As we said, nowadays it is very easy to find feeders in different styles, sizes, models and colors. Because it is such a basic product in the routine of animals, manufacturers are always looking to innovate in the types of feeders.

Although there is not much mystery, our main goal here is to help you make the best choice, and for that reason we will point you to the four models of this product, from the simplest to the most modern.

Common feeder : As the name implies, this is the most traditional model. It is nothing more than a small pot or bowl, where the feed must be deposited.

Suspended feeder: The suspended feeder resembles the common model, but has the advantage of being suspended through a hook, or having a higher base.

The purpose of such a structure is to ensure that the cat does not have to bend down so much to eat, avoiding reflux, vomiting and other digestive problems. It is very suitable for pets with gastrointestinal conditions.


Feeder : The feeder has some very interesting facilities. It works as follows: there is a wide tube that connects to the feed tray, and in that tube you must deposit as much feed as you can.

Gradually, when the beans in the tray are running low, it will be replenished automatically, as new beans will descend through the tube.

Its use is indicated for people who spend a lot of time away from home and are unable to feed their cats, however, we must remember that it is possible for your feline to eat much more than necessary, since there is no portion control.

Electronic feeder : The electronic feeder is the most modern and expensive type of eater on the market. It works like an ordinary feeder, having a feed reservoir, however, it comes out ahead because it has a portion controller and time programmer for releasing the grains.

Some models even allow you to record a voice message asking your pet to eat. Incredible, right?

How much?

The price of a cat feeder varies according to the model, but the most basic ones are around R $ 10 and R $ 50. However, if you choose a feeder model, the value exceeds R $ 150, which may up to R $ 400.

Where to buy?

If you to buy in physical stores, we can recommend you some chains of stores specialized in animal accessories, stores.

But if you choose to buy online, you should find good options.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing cat feeder models

When choosing the perfect feeder for your pussy, it is important that you pay attention to some details, such as:

  • Model
  • Size
  • Material
  • Design

In the following, we will explain to you better the reasons why each of these points should be considered.


It is important that you carefully analyze the different models of feeders and choose the one that best fits your routine, be it the common or the electronic feeder.

Remember that it is essential that pets have a regulated feeding routine for the comfort of themselves and their own tutors.

Another detail in relation to the model is whether it is double or individual. Dual models serve to put the water in your pussy, thus saving on the purchase of a separate waterer.


Before choosing your cat’s feeder, know exactly how much space you have available in your home to house it. On average, these are small objects, however, more modern models can be quite spaces.

Also, see the capacity of the feeder. If you spend a lot of time away from home, choose a model that supports a lot of feed.


Choose a cat feeder made of sturdy material. Avoid options made of fragile plastic, as these are more vulnerable and can crack easily.

Make sure the feeder is robust enough to last a long time. A very light feeder can be bad when your kitten feeds, as it can move around.


Although not a fundamental factor, the design of your kitten’s feeder must be taken into account, mainly because it is an article that will most likely be visible in your home, right?

After all, they are part of the family and also deserve the best. In addition to realizing the aesthetics, check out the functionality of the design. How comfortable it can be for your cat and how easy it is to sanitize.



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