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Top & Best Golden Ration Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Golden Ration: What is the best for your pet in 2022?

If you have a pet dog or cat you know the importance of choosing your pet’s food well. In today’s article, we will focus on one of the most popular on the market, the Golden feed.

Golden ration is considered to be of high nutritional quality and has a good cost benefit. But as there are several lines, for different situations and conditions of life and health, we will show below how to choose the best Golden food for your pet.

First, the most important

  • Golden is a Premier feed, which is considered a premium feed manufacturer for pets such as cats and dogs.
  • There are pet food for different age groups, health conditions and with very different flavors and formulas.
  • To buy the best Golden ration for your pet you need to take into account the nutritional composition, according to the needs of each pet, in addition to the size of the grain, which interferes with digestion.

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Buying Guide

Golden feed is one of the best known brands in the market as it combines quality and good price. But, like most feed manufacturers, Golden also offers several lines that target different types of pets, with specific ages and nutritional needs.

As a result, we created this Buying Guide. Next, we will show the main characteristics of Golden feed, what differs from one line to another and how to choose the ideal one for your pet.


Is Golden feed good?

When it comes to nutritional quality, there are basic, premium and super premium rations. Golden Ration is considered by experts as a premium product, that is, of high quality.

And that is fundamental. After all, pets need a balanced diet on a daily basis to be healthy and prevent disease. With an adequate diet, pets guarantee the strengthening of bones and muscles, in addition to the most silky hair and resistant teeth.

And feed is, in general, the main source of vitamins and proteins for pets.


Golden feed is one of Premier Pet’s products, a manufacturer that has been in the animal nutrition market for over 20 years.

This type of feed, aimed at domestic pets, is developed with specific ingredients for each animal.

Formulated with vitamins, proteins and special substances, Golden feed is divided into several lines that can be consumed by pets of different races, sizes and ages.


Did you know that Premier Pet specializes in high quality animal nutrition and, in addition to developing Golden feed, is also the manufacturer of the Premier and Vitta Natural feed lines?

Premier Pet emerged in the late 1990s and has been one of the leading animal nutrition companies ever since.

For which animals is Golden feed recommended?

Golden food is developed for dogs and cats. But, as we already mentioned, you will also find several types of feed in each of these categories.

This is because, each animal has a nutritional need depending on its size and age in addition to, of course, the health condition.

This means that each pet will need to consume a variety and diverse amount of vitamins, proteins and other substances.

What are the types of Golden dog food?

The brand has several lines of feed, from the most well-known and popular as the Golden Formula feed, through the Golden puppy feed to Power Training, which is geared towards high physical performance dogs.

In addition, if your pet dog has any special needs as is the case, for example, of neutered puppies, it is also possible to find products with specific nutritional formulas.

In addition to the complete line of dry Golden rations, there is also the Golden Cookie, which is a balanced and tasty snack, ideal for snacks between main meals.

But, in general, so that you have a sense of the differences between the types of Golden feed, the brand usually divides the products according to the size of the animal, which can be small, medium and large; and also by age group, considering puppies, adults and senior dogs.

Here are the main features of the most popular Golden dog food lines:

Golden Formula Feed

This is the standard line of Golden, with options for small, medium and large dogs. All lines have Mini Bits, which are the feed grains in special sizes for small breed dogs.

In addition, the Golden Formula Formula also has the Light version, ideal to avoid overweight; and versions for puppies, adults and elderly animals.

Another characteristic of the Golden Formula line is that this ration does not contain artificial colors or flavors, and also provides a healthier and shiny coat. In addition, its nutritional composition guarantees benefits to the intestinal tract, with feces without a strong odor.

The Golden Formula formula also offers a good variety of flavors to please the most demanding dogs.

Golden Special Feed

The Golden Special feed is a line formulated with protein of animal origin and is ideal for dogs of all breeds. Another characteristic of this Golden line is that the rations can be purchased in larger packages, of 15 kg and 20 kg.

In addition, the Golden Special feed has ingredients that help reduce the odor of feces and is formulated with ingredients that help in the healthy development of dogs.

Golden Power Training

Developed for dogs that practice high intensity exercises, the Golden Power Training line of feeds has BCAA in its nutritional composition.

Therefore, this is a complete diet, rich in nutrients. However, it is contraindicated for dogs that are overweight.

Golden Mega Feed

Golden also offers Mega feed, a line aimed at dogs that weigh more than 30 kg. This option has Chondroitin, which is a polysaccharide that acts on the health of cartilage and other connective tissues.

In addition, Golden Mega feed nutrients have high digestibility and natural fibers.

Golden Food Natural Selection

The Golden Selection Natural food is ideal for those looking for a canine food free of dyes, artificial flavorings and transgenic ingredients.

What are Golden cat food?

If you are looking for a Golden cat food, you can choose between the traditional Golden Cat food, that of puppies and the Golden Selection Natural Food, which is free of transgenics, dyes and artificial flavorings.


The traditional Golden Gatos ration has versions for adults and castrated. Both provide more health to the urinary tract. In addition, Golden Gatos is rich in Taurine and free from artificial colors and flavors.

Golden Gatos Puppies is a food rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, essential nutrients for the healthy growth of your kitten.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Golden feed?

Golden feed is a good option because it offers differentiated products for dogs and cats, according to the animal’s life stage, size and health condition.

In addition, this feed line has the support of the Premier manufacturer, renowned in the pet nutrition market.

Another advantage is that the Golden feed ingredients are quality and, therefore, can be used by puppy pets, adults and the elderly. Another positive point is the digestibility of the Golden feed, due to the mini bits.


It is worth mentioning that the Golden ration can be found in different types of flavors and is available in different quantities.

Even with so many advantages, the Golden feed also has some negative points. The fact is that this feed has preservatives in its composition, especially BHA and BHT.

According to experts, these substances are potentially carcinogenic. In addition, some lines of the Golden feed still contain GMOs.

To summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Golden feed, we have created the following table. Look:


  • For all breeds and sizes of cats and dogs
  • For different stages of the pet’s life
  • Variety of formulas and flavors
  • Good digestibility
  • Variety of package size


  • Preserves
  • Some have transgenic products

How much does it cost and where to buy Golden feed?

Golden feed is also known to be affordable. The value usually varies between R $ 17 and R $ 140.

This variation occurs depending on the Golden feed line, its composition and, of course, the quantity in pounds you buy.

Did you know that the rations can be divided between the common type, Premium and Super Premium? Here is the difference between them:

  • Standard feed : It has a low nutritional value, a greater amount of dyes, sodium and preservatives and low prices;
  • Premium ration: Golden ration falls into this category and is characterized by having better quality nutrients and proteins, and intermediate prices;
  • Super Premium Food : Here you will find diets made 100% with animal protein and, therefore, more expensive.

To buy Golden ration, you can as well as supermarkets such as Extra. But nowadays, the best option is online stores.

When purchasing over the internet, as in Amazon for example, you have more Golden feed lines at your disposal, in addition to having special promotions. Not to mention that you still buy and receive the feed without leaving home.


Purchase Criteria: How to choose the best Golden feed

If you have a pet, you know the importance of buying the right pet food. And as there is a wide variety of Golden rations it is possible that you will be confused when choosing the ideal one.

Of course, considering the Golden feed, the first point that you should note is whether the feed is for dogs or cats. That done, you should consider other points that differentiate one ration from another. Check out:

  • Age and gelding
  • Nutritional composition
  • Size and Grain
  • Kilos
  • Flavor

Next, you will understand how to take each of these points into account.

Age and gelding

As we have seen, Golden rations are aimed at puppies and cats, adults and the elderly. Therefore, it is important that you choose the food according to the age of your pet.

Developing puppies, for example, need more calcium to develop. And this is what you will find in Golden puppy food, in addition to more calories and protein, to provide energy and help in the formation of pets’ tissues.

Golden food for the elderly, on the other hand, has fewer calories to prevent overweight, in addition to better quality proteins, which are more easily digested, reducing kidney overload.

Also note that there are specific rations according to the condition of the pet, for example, those aimed at neutered cats.

Nutritional composition

In addition to observing the right type of Golden feed according to your pet’s age, also look at the nutritional table.

There are some ingredients, in addition to minerals and proteins, that can be highly beneficial to your pet’s health. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Beet pulp : Rich in fiber and vitamins, keeps the intestine healthy and with a low glycemic level;
  • Yeast cell wall : Regulates gastrointestinal transit and improves pet immunity;
  • Vitamin A : Important for immunity, skin and coat, and eye health.

Size and Grain

Another factor that you should consider is the size of your pet, which is also related to the grain size of the feed.

For example, small dogs have not yet fully developed their teeth and have a small digestive system. Therefore, small pets eating larger grains may choke.

In that case, choose small-format feeds that are more easily digested. Therefore, there is the Golden Mini Bits ration, which is a special line for small pets.

This line provides better swallowing of the feed due to its size and shape. On the other hand, large dogs and cats ingesting small grains end up swallowing without chewing, which works disrupts digestion.


When buying Golden feed, you also need to evaluate what is the best amount to buy. To avoid waste and use your money wisely, the ideal is to consult your dog or cat veterinarian.

In general, you will find Golden feed in bags of 1 kg and 20 kg.

In general, you will find Golden feed in bags of 1 kg and 20 kg.

As each pet has specific nutritional needs, the amount of feed consumed may depend on the weight of the animal, in addition to its health condition.

Therefore, a professional can help determine the amount the animal will eat daily. And so, you can calculate how much Golden feed you should buy.


Be sure to also consider the taste of Golden feed. Not infrequently, the flavor is an additional attraction to make the dog or cat eat properly.

In this regard, you will be able to choose between Golden rations flavored with meat and rice, salmon,
lamb and chicken.


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