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Top & Best Parrot nursery Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Parrot nursery: How to choose the best model for your pet in 2022?

Parrots are birds that are usually raised free by their owners. Unlike other birds, they can roam the house. Still, having an exclusive space is essential for the animal. Want to know more? Today we are going to talk about the parrot nursery.

The parrot’s quality of life is associated with the space it has to live. Continue with us throughout this Buying Guide and guarantee the best for your pet.

First, the most important

  • The parrot is a large bird that needs space, so no locking it in a cage. The nursery is essential for the animal.
  • Because it is large and robust, it is ideal that the nursery for parrots has wheels, it will make it easier to put your pet to catch a sun.
  • To buy a good nursery for your pet you will need to invest between R $ 500 and R $ 1,500, the size directly influences the price.

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The best parrot nurseries: Our recommendations

Do you have a parrot or are you thinking of having one? Know that this bird needs a good space to ensure its welfare. The nursery is the best place to make your pet safe and comfortable. We selected the best models, check out:

  • Giant nursery for parrot
  • Medium size chalet style nursery
  • Small nursery in white color


Buying Guide

The parrot is a very nice bird, famous for being able to reproduce some words. This little green animal has an average size, reaching between 30 and 40 cm, so they are birds that need space.

Purchasing a parrot nursery is essential for your well-being. In captivity, it can live up to 20 years. Stay with us until the end to know how to make the best purchase.

What is the difference between a cage and a nursery?

In the search for the best for your parrot, the question may arise: “Should I buy a cage or a nursery?”.

Although the goal is the same, to offer a safe place for the bird, both have different characteristics.

The cage is usually smaller and lighter, making it ideal for small birds. It can be hung on the ceiling or on the wall, and should always be located in higher places.

The nursery is larger and more robust, perfect for housing medium-sized birds, such as parrots. It is common for him to be positioned on the floor, but he usually has training wheels to facilitate his mobility.

In addition, the nursery has more access doors, perches and even a kind of playground on the top.

Regarding the material, the cage and the nursery can be made of wood or metal. For parrots, always opt for the metal aviary. Their formats are also quite varied.


Why does your parrot need a pond?

In the midst of nature, the life expectancy of a parrot can exceed 60 years. However raised in captivity, it is common for them to live for about 20 years.

With this information we can conclude that the more natural the environment in which the parrot lives, the better it will be for your well-being. The size of the location where it is located is equally important, so the nursery is the best option for your talking friend.

Some parrots have their wings clipped and raised free. Even if your pet is free most of the time, walking around the house or the garden, the aviary is important to keep you safe when you cannot keep an eye on the bird. During the night and when you leave the house, the best thing to do is to lock him in that space.

It is in the nursery that you will leave the animal’s food and water, ensuring that it always has the resources it needs. In addition, a nursery usually has several perches, which guarantee its fun, some even have hanging perches, which swing.



  • Provide a safe environment
  • Large size for the bird
  • Reference place for food and drink
  • Have perches to amuse the pet


  • Limit animal space

Also know that the parrot is a playful and fun animal, that likes to be always in company, they can learn to speak and dance. If left too alone, they can develop depression.

How and how often to clean a parrot pond?

The parrot’s well-being is directly related to cleaning the environment in which it lives. As it is a medium bird, it is common to make a lot of dirt.


Changing the nursery paper can be done every two days.

The nurseries have a tray at the bottom, which makes cleaning easier. You can put paper in the tray and whenever you clean it, just remove it and change it. This exchange can be done every two days.

Once a week it is important to clean more thoroughly, washing the tray with water and mild soap under running water.

And know that cleaning the nursery is not limited to that. It is important to clean the water cooler every day and change the water for your friend.

The feeder also needs to be cleaned frequently, although it is not necessary to clean it daily if you offer feed. If your parrot eats fruit, clean it whenever the food runs out.

Another point that deserves attention is the cleaning of the perches. Sanitize them all at least once a week.

Is it legal or illegal to have a parrot?

Capturing the bird in the wild and taking it home is illegal. Raising a wild bird without authorization from the Environmental Institute (Ibama) is considered an environmental crime that has no bail. It can result in six months to one year in prison and a fine.

But it is possible to have this adorable bird legally. For this, you need to buy the parrot from Ibama authorized breeding sites. Ask the owners to show this certification.

The bird must have an identification ring with an engraved number that must also be printed on the invoice. Data such as sex and date of birth must also be contained in the note.



Do you know why parrots “speak”? In addition to having different brain structures from other birds, their natural voice is very similar to human. They are considered vocal learners, and this helps to imitate sounds. The more human interaction you have with the animal, the more likely it is to start repeating a few words.


How much does it cost and where to buy a parrot nursery?

You can buy a nursery at stores that sell animal products, such as pet shops or farm animals.

On the internet the offer will be greater, as well as the chance of getting good prices. Check it out at Amazon.

Get ready to invest between R $ 500 and R $ 1,500 in a nursery for your parrot.


Purchase Criteria: Know how to choose a parrot nursery

To choose the right nursery, we have selected some purchase criteria that will help you. After all, as it requires a high investment, it is important to reflect every detail to choose the best for your pet. Look:

  • Size
  • Openings
  • Accessories
  • Material and format
  • Transportable
  • Ease of cleaning

Check out the topics mentioned in detail.


Although all are large and robust, the parrot nursery is divided into small, medium and large. Always check the total measurement, checking especially the internal space that the bird has.

The bigger the nursery, the better it will be for your parrot.

Remember to ensure that it will fit in the location that you have reserved for it. Those who live at home and have a garden can invest in the biggest models. If you live in an apartment, those considered small may be a more convenient choice.


How many doors and windows the nursery has. These openings can facilitate the handling of the cage, especially to change the water and place the pet’s food.

Also check the safety of these openings so that this intelligent animal cannot open and escape.


It is common for the nursery to have some accessories. Feeder, drinker and perch are the most common.

Large nurseries may need more scattered feeders and drinkers, take this into account. And of course, the more perches you have, the better for the bird to move.

If you also create a loose bird, opt for a nursery that has external perches.

And if the nursery already has toys, it can be even more special for this playful pet.

Material and format

Nurseries can be made of wood or metal. In the case of parrots, always prioritize metal options. These are birds that peck a lot and can end up hurting themselves with wood chips.

About the format, they can be round, rectangular, with a different design at the top, among others. Consider where it will be inserted, usually the rectangles fit better in the corners and take up less space.


Nurseries are generally quite robust, but it is quite common that you need to move them around.

Whether to clean the place or to take your parrot in the sun, a model with training wheels can greatly facilitate this locomotion.

Ease of cleaning

We saw that keeping the place clean is essential for the well-being of the animal, so choose an easy to clean nursery. To do this, choose models that have an easy-to-remove tray.

Some options also have a sidebar that prevents dirt from falling on the floor around the pond.



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