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Top & Best Pedal clip Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pedal clip: How to choose the best in 2022?

For those who like cycling, there is an accessory that can be very useful in certain situations: The pedal clip (also known as the click pedal). It provides security, prevents feet from slipping and even helps to improve pedaling performance.

Among cyclists, there are many discussions about what are the real advantages and disadvantages of using the pedal clip. Therefore, we have prepared a complete article, capable of answering all your doubts about this accessory. We will show you if it is ideal or not for you, and of course, how to choose the best model!

First, the most important

  • The pedal clip is an accessory that attaches the feet to the pedals of the bicycle, providing greater safety when pedaling and helping to increase performance and speed.
  • To use a pedal clip, a cycling shoe is required. They connect via “cups” and guarantee your safety.
  • The use of the pedal clip is recommended mainly for those who take cycling as a sport. If you want to increase your speed on the road or venture into Mountain Bike, it will be very useful!

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Buying Guide

If you’ve made it to this article, you may have several questions about the pedal clip. Therefore, we have separated some doubts that are among the most frequent of those who intend to purchase this accessory and we will answer them below.

It’s time to know all the details about the pedal clip!

What is a pedal clip and what is it for?

Pedal clip means “plug-in pedal”, a name by which it is also known in Brazil. Its function is quite simple: Secure the cyclist’s feet to the bicycle, avoiding slips or false pedaling.

To attach the pedal clip to the feet, a special cycling shoe is required. The accessory has “cups” that must be screwed to the shoes, ensuring maximum safety and no chance of escape.

With the pedal clip, the rider’s feet will always be attached to the bike at an already predefined angle. This can increase performance when pedaling, but it can also cause discomfort. Therefore, the use or not of this accessory ends up being a very personal choice.

Did you know that cycling is one of the sports practices that most offer benefits to the human body?

Among these benefits, we can highlight the strengthening of the leg muscles, aid to heart health, improvement of the respiratory system and stress relief.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a pedal clip?

When pedaling, do you prefer to have more freedom of movement with your legs or feel your feet always attached to the pedal, thus having greater security?

That’s the question to answer when thinking if the pedal clip is right for you. It completely restricts your feet by attaching it to the pedal, which is bad for those who prefer freedom. On the other hand, it increases performance and ensures that there will be no skidding.

Some situations require the use of pedal clips. On Mountain Bike, it is common to face mud and debris on the way. In that case, use the accessory: It will ensure that your feet will not slip and prevent accidents.

Be careful in your early days using the pedal clip. You can forget that it is there and do not unlock it when trying to get off the bike. A fall will be inevitable.

Check the table below for the advantages and disadvantages of the pedal clip:


  • Offers pedaling safety by keeping your feet fixed on the pedals
  • Increases performance and facilitates constant pedaling
  • Essential in rough terrain, muddy places and rainy days


  • Restricts the freedom of the feet when cycling
  • It can lead to accidents in situations that require quick removal of the feet of the bicycle
  • Adaptation can be complicated

For whom is the use of pedal clip recommended?

If you are a cyclist looking for performance or results, or if you want to do activities such as climbing mountains and traveling over unsafe terrain, the use of a pedal clip is recommended.

It is not a good idea to use the pedal clip if you are a beginner cyclist.

Of course, if you simply prefer to always feel your feet secure and attached to the bike, or if they often slip away, the accessory can help your pedaling too much.

It is not a good idea to use the pedal clip if you are a beginner cyclist. First, be completely safe on your rides without it. Only when you feel you have mastered the bicycle should you use the accessory.

What is the ideal footwear to use with pedal clip?

Do you not dispense with tennis when cycling? Do you always want comfortable shoes that are well adapted to your feet?

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to use it with the pedal clip. The accessory requires the use of special cycling shoes.

The good news is that cycling shoes can also be quite comfortable. And, over time, you will be quite adapted to them.

These sneakers are required because they have the necessary entries for the “cups”, parts used to hold the pedal clip securely.

To teach you how to install the “cups” perfectly on your sneakers, we recommend the following video from the Café na Trilha channel:




How much does it cost and where to buy a pedal clip?

Is the pedal clip chosen for simple use in the city, for speed cycling or for mountain biking? All of this can influence the price! The cheapest models are around R $ 150. The average is between R $ 200 and R $ 300, and the most expensive can go over R $ 1,000.

Stores specializing in sporting goods, like Centauro and Decathlon, or just cycling are the best places to find pedal clips. But the best idea is to buy online, with the Brazilian Amazon offering several options! Also check out Amazon international and Mercado Livre.


Purchase criteria: What to consider when choosing your pedal clip

Deciding to buy a pedal clip? Great! Now we will present some more technical criteria that will help you choose the ideal model! We selected four:

  • Fitting system
  • Compatibility
  • Weight
  • Design

Below, we explain a little more about each of these criteria.

Fitting system

The fitting system between pedal and foot can mean greater or lesser safety, ease of adjustment and use of the pedal clip.

There are several plug-in systems used in pedal clips. Let’s talk a little about the most common ones:

  • SPD : It is the most used in the world, which makes it easy to find compatible sneakers. The adjustment is simple and the durability is high. They also do not have a very high cost.
  • Egg-beater : A newer system, developed by a North American company recently. It allows greater lateral movement of the feet and leaves them in a comfortable position. It is great for those who have knee problems, although more expensive and less durable.
  • ATAC : Another system that was made thinking about who has physical problems. Makes the feet more comfortable and allows lateral movements. More durable than the egg-beater, it also has a very high value.
  • Speed : It is the system developed with high performance in mind. The firmness is much greater and the amount of adjustments too. As the name says, it allows you to reach more speed with the security it offers!

To compare some aspects of the docking systems, we set up a table:



Pedal clip and sneaker must be compatible. So, if you already have one, check if the other has the same fitting system. And, if you decide to acquire both together, pay attention to this detail so as not to make a mistake.

If you have pedal clips and sneakers from different docking systems, you will not be able to connect them properly and will need to purchase a new model of one.


Keep in mind that the pedal clip will be attached to your feet. Therefore, it will be an extra weight when pedaling, making it necessary to use more force.

A very heavy pedal clip can make using the bike more difficult.

A very heavy model can make operating the bike much more difficult.

Opt for lighter models, which you know will not bother your ride. Even more if you are a beginner! After getting used to it, it will be easier to switch to a higher weight pedal clip.


How much space do you expect your feet to have when using a pedal clip? Is it good to be able to make lateral movements? Changing angles during pedaling? Adjust different placements?

It all relates to the pedal clip design. It can be done for an absolutely fixed ride, or it can have much more flexibility possibilities. Understand what is most important to you when cycling and choose the model that best fits your needs!


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