Top & Best Handball Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Handball: How to choose the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the handball ball, used in this team sport, which is a kind of football played with the hands. The original name “handball” already indicates this characteristic.

Although most handball balls look the same, they are not. There are three different sizes and each one is suitable for groups of a certain age group and gender.

So, if you are starting to practice handball or are curious about the sport, you have come to the right place. Today we are going to talk about the main characteristics of this type of ball, which are the best models on the market, how much they cost and where to buy.

First, the most important

  • The handball can be of three different sizes: H1, H2 and H3. The characteristics that change are the circumference dimensions and the weight. Each model is indicated for certain categories, divided by sex and age group.
  • Most players use a resin or type of glue on their fingertips to ensure more firmness in shooting and receiving the ball. The best models do not require this technique, since the balls are coated with an adherent film.
  • In general, the handball ball models are very similar, varying only according to the quality of the material. Prices can vary between R $ 40 and R $ 240.

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Ranking: The 3 best handball balls

Although it does not seem very popular in our country, handball is the second most practiced sport in schools, behind only futsal. Check the descriptions of the 3 best models to understand the peculiarities of each handball mentioned here.



Buying Guide

Handball is a sport present in 185 countries and practiced by 33 million people worldwide. Brought by the German colonizers, it appeared in 1930. But only in 1992 did the team debut at an Olympics in Barcelona. Learn all about this sport in this shopping guide.



First: what is it and how do you play handball?

Before we talk about the handball, let’s talk a little about the sport itself. For a match two teams of seven players of the same sex and age group are required, one of whom is the goalkeeper.

Did you know that Handball is one of the oldest sports that is known? A match was described by Homer in The Odyssey, and this information is also engraved on a stone in the city of Athens in Greece that dates back to 600

With the exception of the goalkeeper, no other player should touch the ball with his feet, he can only be received and thrown with his hands. Speaking of which, the ball must have the appropriate size for the team’s profile. We’ll go into more detail ahead.

The match lasts for one hour, and is divided into two halves of 30 minutes each, with an interval of 10 minutes between them. The team that scores the most goals during the game wins.

In Handball, the player must move the ball by bouncing it on the floor, just like in a basketball game, this step is called dribbling. The player must not hold the ball for more than three seconds, nor take more than three steps with it in hand.

To prevent the opponent, the player must use the body, never the hands or arms. It is allowed to take the opponents’ ball with open hands, but it is against the rules to take it from the other’s hands.

Now that you know a little more about the game, it’s time to talk about the most coveted object during matches: the ball.



Handball: what is it and what are its advantages?

The Handball ball is made of natural or synthetic leather, or materials of plastic origin such as PVC or polyurethane. It must be spherical and its surface must not be smooth or shiny so as not to become slippery.

Some models of handball are covered with a cling film, which facilitates the receiving and throwing movements.

If the model you have chosen or does not have this feature, just apply a type of resin or glue to your fingertips to better hold the ball.

The air chamber of the ball must be resistant and suitable for any climatic situation, in addition to having a satisfactory level of air retention, so that it is not easily wilted.

Also opt for models with self-lubricated and removable core. Some brands guarantee that the core has a long service life, but if possible it is good to find a model in which it is easy to remove that part.

The Handball ball has 32 sections that together create a more anatomical and easy to handle set. The models are sewn by hand and can be of different colors, like all white, have two shades, be drawn or come with the brand name printed.

The ball’s measurements (weight and circumference) vary according to the type of ball, being H1, H2 and H3. We will further detail these differences in the next topic of the text.

We have prepared a table with the main advantages and disadvantages of the handball:



  • There are three sizes of handball balls, each suitable for a specific gender and age range
  • Some models are covered with a cling film to facilitate the movements of the game
  • Some models are more resistant and have a longer service life


  • There is no standard ball size that is ideal for anyone to play
  • Some models are slippery, so players need to apply resin or glue to their fingertips

What differentiates one handball from another?

To understand the different types of handball balls, you must know that this sport is divided into categories. Are they:

    • Mini : for children aged eight to ten
    • Mirim : for children 10 to 12 years old
    • Infant : for children aged 12 to 14 years
    • Cadet : for teenagers aged 14 to 16
    • Juvenile : for teenagers aged 16 to 18
    • Junior : for young people aged 19 to 21
    • Adult : for adults aged 22 and up


In addition to the categories, this sport is also divided between women’s and men’s teams.

The size of the hands makes all the difference when receiving the ball in the pass or shot, which is why each category has a different size of ball than the other.

For all these reasons, Handball balls are found in three different sizes: H1, H2 and H3.

H1L ball

The H1 ball is used in the male for the mini and child categories, and in the female in the mini, child and child categories. It is between 50 and 52 centimeters in circumference and weighs 290 to 330 grams.

H2L Ball

H2 is used in the cadet (female and male) to female adult categories. This model is 54 to 56 centimeters in circumference and weighs 325 to 375 grams.

H3L ball

The H3 ball model, on the other hand, is used from juvenile to adult, only male. A ball in this pattern is 58 to 60 centimeters in circumference and weighs 425 to 475 grams.

How much?

In general, handball balls are made from very similar materials, and there is not much difference other than size. The price of a handball varies by brand. The cheapest models cost over R $ 40, while the most expensive reaches R $ 240.

Where to buy?

You can buy a handball at sporting goods stores. Some virtual stores also sell this type of ball.

Another e-commerce that we recommend is the Amazon website, where you can compare different models and brands and also refine your search by brand, price range, best products or news.





Purchasing criteria: factors for comparing handball ball models

Handball balls are very similar, but some characteristics change from one model to another and they can make all the difference between making an excellent investment or regretting a purchase. The main criteria that must be taken into account are:

  • External coating
  • Core
  • Air chamber
  • Size

Below, we will highlight each of these items so that you can make the best decision when buying your handball.

External coating

As we mentioned earlier, a handball should never be smooth and shiny. Models like that are very slippery and that gets in the way of playing.

Always opt for models that are rough or have a coating film with adhesion. To find out if a model has this feature or not, just read the product description given by the manufacturers.


The core is responsible for shaping the ball, so this piece must be resistant to different impacts, mechanical deformations and variable weather conditions.

The most modern models bring core with Slip System technology, that is, the core is lubricated and can be removed. Sometimes it is cheaper to change the core than buying a new ball.


Air chamber

You must fill the handball with an air pump to keep it steady even after many matches. But it is important that the ball has good sealing capacity and air retention, so as not to wither easily and quickly.

The models with Airbility technology are made with butyl rubber and balancing system, more resistant and with an excellent level of air retention.


As we mentioned earlier in this guide, the size of the handball is crucial. Divided into H1, H2 and H3, they are used by different teams according to age and gender.

So, before you go shopping for any ball, make sure that you are getting the ideal ball for the players. Remembering that:

  • The H1 ball is used in the male for the mini and child categories, and in the female in the mini, child and child categories;
  • The H2 ball is used in the cadet categories (female and male) to female adult;
  • And the H3 ball is used from juvenile to adult, only male.


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