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Top & Best GPS Watch Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

GPS Watch: See the best models in 2022

your internet review site. Technology continues to innovate and incorporate new features into products that we already know and that are becoming more and more practical, such as the GPS watch.

By combining the accuracy of clocks to measure time and the ability to locate GPS, you are able to measure distance traveled, speed and other information that helps a lot when you are exercising.

If you are looking for a watch to accompany your physical activities, see our review to understand a little better about them and how to choose the ideal model to help maintain a healthier lifestyle

First, the most important

  • These watch models may require charging via a USB cable, so it’s important to check battery levels so that the watch doesn’t stop working when you need it.
  • GPS watches may require more complex configuration, so it is important to consult the instruction manual to take advantage of all their functionality.
  • Many models on the market offer compatibility with mobile devices. Check the specs to make sure it’s compatible with your tablet or phone.

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Ranking: The 4 best GPS watches on the market

With a multitude of features, modern watches are increasingly complex. If this is your first purchase or if you want to exchange your analog model for a GPS watch, check out our Ranking below.

1º – Clock with GPS M430 – Polar


Buying Guide

Watches continue to evolve constantly with the help of new technologies, and today with the help of GPS they are able to incorporate and group new features into a small accessory attached to their wrist.

If you are transitioning from a traditional watch to a model with GPS, check out our Shopping Guide to understand a little better everything that new technologies are offering you today.

What is a GPS watch?

A GPS watch is a combination of the traditional wristwatch with a global position monitoring system.

Because it has a series of sensors, which follow body and location functions, this type of device allows you to follow in real time the most varied information about physical activities.

So, using information from satellites and our bodies, they can accurately report a notion of speed, distance traveled, calorie expenditures, instant location and countless other information that allow us to have a better sense of our physical performance while we exercise, for example.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a GPS watch?

Although watches are advancing more and more and incorporating new technologies such as GPS, it is important to note that there are some advantages and disadvantages related to this advance.

A GPS watch allows you to have a wide overview of information about your bodily functions, essential when you want to exercise.

In addition to a stopwatch, they also offer other types of measurement, such as distance traveled and calorie expenditure. In addition, falling into the category of smartwatches, they are able to interact with other mobile devices, such as tablets and cell phones.



However, because it has extra features, the battery consumption of this type of device is much higher than that of a conventional watch. So if you are not aware, there is a risk of running out of battery over the course of a day.

Another important point is that because it has additional resources, it is common for this type of watch to cost more than analog models. To have a broader view, check our table below to assess if this is really the model of watch you need to accompany you in your day to day.


  • GPS watches are able to provide your location
  • Has stopwatch, distance measurement and calorie expenditure
  • Are able to interact with other mobile devices


  • Charge lasts less than traditional watch models
  • Require specialized maintenance
  • Watches with GPS function can be more expensive

What is the difference between a watch with GPS and smartband?

Now that you know the watch with GPS you may be wondering what the difference is between it and a smartband – that thin smart bracelet that turned into a fever.

Both are very similar in their functionality. The biggest difference is in the purpose for which they were developed.

The truth is that a smartband ends up being indicated for those looking for a device to monitor their bodily functions, such as heartbeat and sleep, calorie counting or other things more related to health, in general. In addition, of course, in a discreet way to see the time.



Although they can be used for physical exercise, it is the GPS watch that has precision and quality to follow the steps of runners.

Generally with other features, one of the main highlights is the cardiac monitor, essential for running. Check out the main differences through this comparative table:


How much?

When it comes to GPS watches, you should take into account the features, material, specifications and style. All of this can influence the price.

It is possible to find simpler models in the range of R $ 40 to R $ 300. The most complete models can be found from $ 300 to R $ 1,000. And when it comes to watches, you can find models over $ 1,500.

All models shown in this review can be found in a range of R $ 110 to R $ 2,200.



Where to buy?

In addition to traditional watchmaking, you can find models with GPS in technology stores specializing in mobile devices, and also in sporting goods.

You can also find them in the e-commerce stores of the main brands or in associates such as Amazon, and websites specialized in sporting goods.

All models shown in this review can be found on the website.


Purchasing criteria: What to consider before buying a GPS watch

With so many different features, interactions and options available, it’s easy to forget that we’re still choosing a watch.

Today they are small computers on our wrists, so it is important to check their specifications well before making a purchase. That’s why we’ve separated some purchase criteria that may be essential before you make your decision.

  • Case material
  • Glass
  • Bracelet
  • Drums
  • Additional features
  • Maintenance

Check each of these points carefully so that you can choose the best watch that combines time and all the GPS functions and that will allow you to make the most of your exercises and fitness.

Case material

Today most GPS watches are found with a stainless steel case, but it is also possible to find simpler and more practical models with a non-toxic plastic coating that prevents allergies in contact with sweat.

Although highly technological, watches are also an indication of personal style, so many companies focus on the aesthetic aspect, so that you can find silver and gold cases.



With the advancement of digital watches, especially in smartwatches with built-in GPS, where many options work through touchscreen technology, the concern with the resistance and sensitivity of glass has increased.

Today the main resistance technology is Gorila Glass, a glass made from a material known as alkali-aluminosilicate, designed to be light, thin and especially resistant to damage and scratches.

There are several generations of this type of glass, so it is important to check the product specifications to make sure the quality of the glass, its strength and durability.


Developed especially for physical activities, watches with integrated GPS must have a bracelet that does not irritate or disturb during long periods of training.

Check the product specifications and make sure that you are not allergic or that the material of the bracelet will not cause irritation with sweat contact.

If possible, opt for models with removable straps, so you can combine your watch with sporting moments and festive occasions where you can transform it just by changing the strap, exchanging a plastic sport model for a leather model to take advantage of the night, for example.


A very important factor in watches with integrated GPS is the battery issue. Unlike traditional models with gears, rope devices or traditional batteries, as they offer more functionality, GPS models require more of the batteries.

For this reason, today most models work with rechargeable lithium batteries via USB cables. It is important to consult the specifications for maximum and minimum battery usage to make sure that you do not end up without a load during exercise or even when using the watch in the traditional way.


Additional features

In addition to offering the traditional features of a watch, such as the exact time, stopwatch and date, GPS watches offer location and a multitude of extra measurements, such as distance traveled, heart rate and calories lost.

More than that, they allow you to integrate them with applications that can offer health programs and more detailed spreadsheets and graphics, as they have connectivity with tablets and cell phones. Check each feature before choosing yours and make sure it meets your needs.


GPS watches combine hardware and software, going far beyond what we used to know as traditional watches, capable only of showing us the time and offering a calendar.

Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to safety. Check not only how physically strong your watch is, but also how much it may be exposed to software-related risks.


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