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Top & Best MMA Glove Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

MMA Glove: Which is the best pair of 2022?

The MMA glove is different from other gloves. Light, agile and innovative, it is manufactured in varieties for different types of combat, from training to the main event. In this Guide, we will help you find the ideal model for your hits.

First, the most important

  • MMA gloves are closer to Kickboxing gloves, with partial finger coverage, than boxing and Muay Thai gloves.
  • MMA gloves focus their protection on the joints of the hands, where there is greater contact. In this region, there are large layers of high density foam.
  • There is a whole line of official UFC gloves, the largest MMA competition / brand in the world, but only one glove for fighting.

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Shopping Guide

MMA is also a successful business model, with a global presence and local impact. No wonder, more and more manufacturers have invested in products and segments for the sport, with emphasis, of course, on the MMA glove.

To help you navigate between brands, types and models, we have put together a Shopping Guide, which details the varieties, properties and uses of the wide range of MMA gloves. With all this information gathered, you will have everything you need to find your favorite model.

How is the UFC MMA glove?

As you would expect from a brand with a marketing as strong as that of the UFC, there is not only one glove, but a whole line of equipment, with models for all aspects of training, so many of its stages (sparring, gauntlet) , as for some martial arts involving MMA (Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing).

Still, there is only one official UFC MMA glove, Fighting Glove (“Glove for fighting”, in English). They are literally the gloves that fighters wear in competitions, the only ones even approved by the institution.



The shape is classic, covering four fingers halfway and releasing the thumb. The UFC logo is present on the back of the gloves, that is, the place of greatest contact of the blows, and on the wrist support strip, this is in a stitched print, accompanied by the ” Official Fight Glove” license .

Among the main characteristics of these gloves are the composition in genuine leather, the protection of the hand joints made of high density foam, the slightly curved design to avoid hand fatigue and the opening in the palm for grappling , an essential technique for MMA .

What is the difference between the MMA glove and the boxing glove?

Since MMA became popular, there have been debates, discussions and comparisons with boxing, its closest relative – and in several spheres, popular, scientific, sports … One of the most common clashes between the two sports is in relation to gloves, of course.

The differences between the two are noticeable from afar. The boxing glove design, for example, features full hand coverage, while MMA has only partial coverage. This makes the MMA glove weigh less, approximately 113 grams, against about 283 g of the boxing glove.

However, the most heated debate between the two equipment is the interference (or not) that they have in the blows. The discussion is extensive, involving numbers, situations, cases, and it seems to have no end.

What is closest to a consensus is that the MMA glove, due to the lower coverage, has a greater superficial impact (cuts, scratches, bumps, etc.).

Boxing, in turn, would have a greater trauma, that is, it leaves the person who receives the blow more disoriented, more dizzy.


What is a trimmer glove?

Who has never been to a fighting academy and seen a student striking “freely” an instructor, who prevented strokes with what looked like big pads in each hand? These pads are trimmer gloves, which, as the name suggests, trim blows and punches.

They are essential for training in any fight, mainly for rehearsing strokes, conditioning agility and footwork. Finally, they make it possible to simulate situations of struggle in a safe and focused manner.

In MMA, there are two types of trimmer gloves, punch gloves and kick gloves. The punching gloves are rounded, and the kicking gloves are rectangular, with a greater protection area.



What is the best MMA glove for training?

Any fighting athlete spends much more time in training than in the combat for which he trains, which is perfectly normal.

Training equipment therefore needs to be much more resistant and durable and, in the case of gloves, more comfortable as well.

Speaking specifically of MMA gloves, they also need to be adapted to the various stages of training in this sport, such as sparring, gauntlet, among others, which we will see in more detail in the next section.

We still recommend the Everlast and UFC models, as they have higher levels of specificity.


Where to find a cheap MMA glove?

The bad news is that, at least among big brands like Everlast and Adidas, you won’t find exactly cheap models. With an excellent cost-benefit, yes, but between R $ 200 and R $ 400.

The good news is that these brands do not concentrate all quality models. Models from Venum, from MKS, among other manufacturers, can be found for between R $ 70 and R $ 200, on shopping sites like Amazon and Mercado Livre.


Purchasing Criteria: Comparing MMA gloves

To help you compare and select your ideal MMA glove, we have made this list of purchase criteria, composed of the most important elements, the essential ones, that every quality model has.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Fight type


The glove is not the only one, but it is one of the main points of impact of MMA. Its material, therefore, is an essential point for comparing models, starting with the coating. Ideally, the glove should be made of leather, or high-quality synthetic material, for greater durability and especially greater safety for your opponent.

But don’t just stick to the coating. The filling, or padding, which is the next layer, is just as important as, preferably, high quality foams, this time for the safety of your hand.

Finally, the lining, the material that comes in direct contact with your hand, will be much more beneficial if it is made of comfortable and anti-odor material.


Size is of paramount importance.

Gloves are limb accessories, as are shoes, and therefore their size is of paramount importance. Like shoes, they cannot be too tight or too loose. Ideally, you should try the model of your choice.

If it is not possible to experiment, you should use the circumference of the palm of your hand, but measured from the joints. The basic reference is:

  • 20cm or less: medium or small size
  • 20cm or more: large size or GG


In sport, as well as performance is your well-being during your practice, especially if it is not competitive. In MMA, that means comfortable gloves. This does not mean, however, that your glove needs to be lined with silk or filled with goose feathers.

The point here is to choose a model that does not over-tighten your fingers, does not bring discomfort to the palm of your hand, does not threaten any other aspect that is dear to your well-being, or at least that it does so at a “negotiable” level of according to its efficiency, like those shoes that are very good, although a little tight, you know?

Fight type

Finally, but certainly not least, remember to adapt the glove to the type of fight in which it will be used. Yes, we are talking about a mixed martial arts glove, but we are actually talking about the various necessary clashes that involve the “final” fight.

The point is to choose the appropriate model for the activity, mainly between training, sparring and the actual fight. Each has specific characteristics that make them ideal for their respective purpose. Sparring gloves , for example, are the safest, most padded.


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