Top & Best Monopoly Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Monopoly: How to choose the best board game in 2022

. Today we are going to talk about a board game that everyone has played or at least heard about: Banco Imobiliário da Estrela.

This game is an excellent option to gather friends or family and promote a game night, with lots of laughter and fun. There are options for children, adults and those with technology skills.

To help you choose the version of Monopoly that most has to do with you, we have prepared this article. In addition to addressing the characteristics of each model, we will give you some tips on how to become the best player in the group.

First, the most important

  • Among the objectives of Banco Imobiliário we can highlight: learn to manage money and make good investments in the purchase, sale or rental of properties.
  • Banco Imobiliário is a board game suitable for children from eight years of age. To play, you need to gather two to six players. An average round lasts two hours.
  • The game comes with a board, six pawns, two dice, 380 cards, title deeds, lucky cards or setbacks (the amount varies according to the model) and an instruction manual

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Best Monopoly Models: Our Favorites

If you are looking for a game for the whole family, how about buying a Monopoly? The game pleases people of different ages and is a great option to bring kids together at home. To help you choose the ideal model, we have put together the best options for sale.

  • Banco Imobiliário Estrela
  • Banco Imobiliário Estrela
  • Super Banco Imobiliário Estrela
  • Banco Imobiliário Júnior Estrela


Buying Guide

Playing the dice, buying properties, building houses and turning them into hotels and hoping not to go to prison are emotions that people of all ages experience when playing Monopoly.

If you are interested in investing in a Monopoly to play with your friends or family, read this Buying Guide. Here you will know a little more about the different versions of the game and some tips on which model to choose.

What is a board game?

Nowadays most people spend more and more time in front of the computer or smartphone screen, interacting less and less with friends and family around them.

One way to encourage interaction between your friends or family is to buy a board game . The coolest thing about a board game is the possibility to gather people of different ages to play.

Board games stimulate logical thinking, observation skills and the development of strategies, without having to stop talking and having a good laugh.

What are the characteristics of the game Monopoly?

Banco Imobiliário is a classic homes. Guaranteed fun for people of all ages, the game is an excellent option to spend time on a rainy afternoon with friends or family.

The success is so great that, over the years, the game has been reformulated and has gained new versions, an application to modernize business transactions and even a machine to swipe cards.



The game has the following proposal: the participants must buy, rent and sell properties until they get a monopoly on the properties of higher value and cause the opponents to go bankrupt.

Each game brings together two to six players and lasts approximately two hours. The flexibility of the rules regarding negotiations between players can prolong the game.

How to use the Monopoly in children’s learning?

Banco Imobiliário can be used as a financial education tool for children. During matches you can teach the importance of financial planning and how to invest correctly.

During negotiations, the child needs to listen and debate with other players, this encourages socialization. Another contribution is to stimulate analytical thinking, to identify the right round to invest, the best properties to buy etc.



How to play Monopoly?

To play Monopoly, first gather two to six players, each must choose a top and place it at the starting point. The “luck” and “setback” cards must be shuffled and each player must receive eight notes of each value.

The remaining banknotes must remain in the bank. To coordinate it, players must elect a banker, who will mediate financial transactions.

In turn, the player must roll the dice, scroll through the number of respective squares and follow the orders of the square on which he falls. If the dice fall with equal numbers, the participant can play again.

When falling on a company’s land, the player will be able to buy it from the banker, paying the amount indicated on the board. When buying a property, the player must pay taxes, can build real estate and collect rent from visitors.



How to get out of prison? You go to prison if you get the same numbers on the dice three times in a row or if you fall into the “go to prison” box. To get out, you must try to get equal numbers in the dice in up to three rounds. If you fail, you must post bail to the bank.


If you fall on another player’s land or property, you must pay corresponding fees. If you have no money, you can sell or exchange your properties, negotiate or redeem mortgages.

If you are unable to pay off debts you must declare bankruptcy and leave the game, leaving the money with the creditor. The game ends when almost all players declare bankruptcy, except the winner.

How to stand out playing Monopoly?

One of the secrets to a good game of Monopoly is to conquer a group of properties of the same color. In doing so, you will be able to build houses, buildings or hotels, upon payment of the prices indicated in the titles.

You can build up to four houses on the same land, but you can only build the second, third and fourth houses after having at least one on each land. After building four houses on a plot, you can build a hotel.




What are the versions of Banco Imobiliário?

Currently, Estrela sells six versions of the game Banco Imobiliário: Original, Júnior, Super, APP and the launch of Mundo. Each model has its differentials, which completely change your experience with the game.

    • Banco Imobiliário (Original): In these versions, transactions must be made in the traditional way: with paper bills. For moderns, the conventional version allows some transactions to be made per application.
    • Banco Imobiliário Júnior: Despite having the same structure and objectives as the traditional version, this model is different in two aspects: the number of houses is smaller (only 50, while in the original version there are 80 houses) and the values ​​are more basic, for facilitate accounts.
    • Super Banco Imobiliário: The differential of this version is now the commercial transactions must be made in a card machine. Each player receives his card, which operates in the credit or debit functions.
    • Banco Imobiliário APP: In this version, bank transactions are made through the Banco Imobiliário application. Another difference of this model is that instead of the physical tops, you can use avatars designed by 3D graphics.


We have prepared a comparative table between the traditional Monopoly and the junior version. Our intention is not to discuss which model is better, but to compare the main characteristics:

Monopoly or Monopoly: Which is the best?

Many people are in doubt as to whether the board games Banco Imobiliário and Monopoly are the same thing, after all both represent the logic of the capitalist system.

Monopoly was created by the North American Charles B. Darrow in 1935, since then, the game has been released in more than 500 versions and has even had an online version called Monopoly City Streets, based on the Google Maps platform.


In 1944, Hasbro (holder of the rights to the Monopoly game) entered into a partnership with Estrela that allowed the brand to market the game in the country. The deal was short-lived, and Hasbro took over selling the product.

In search of an alternative, Estrela created its own version of the game, with some changes to the rules, board design, pieces and name: the Banco Imobiliário was born.

How much?

When buying a Monopoly, you will find a lot of variety regarding prices. The simplest model costs R $ 75, the traditional versions cost between R $ 80 and R $ 100 and the most expensive model reaches R $ 180.

Where to buy?

You can find Monopoly in toy stores like Ri-Happy, BPKids and B-Mart Brinquedos. This game can also be found in the children’s department of Lojas Americanas.

But with a complete Buying Guide like this, you won’t have to leave the house to buy the game. You can find all the models of Banco Imobiliário da Estrela on Amazon and the prices are better than the stores.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare Monopoly versions

If you have come this far, but have not yet decided which is the best version of the Monopoly for you and your friends, don’t worry, we will help you. We list below the features that you must analyze and compare at the time of purchase:

  • Recommended age
  • Theme
  • Play mode
  • Accessories
  • Price

We will explain each of the items throughout this section, check it out.

Recommended age

You can find two versions of the game Monopoly: the conventional one, which caters for people of all ages and the Junior version, which is suitable for younger children.


For players between 5 and 11 years old, buy Banco Imobiliário Júnior. For children over eight years old buy Banco Imobiliário,version or APP. Banco Imobiliário Super is indicated for older children, from 12 years old.


When buying a Monopoly watch the theme of the game. Most of the models are themed on buying, selling and renting commercial and residential properties, but some have other themes.

Banco Imobiliário, for example, deals with the negotiation of tourist spots. Another option is the World version, in which you must buy the capitals of countries all over the world.

Play mode

A very important purchase criterion is how to play Monopoly. Some models must be played in a conventional manner, that is, with a board, physical pieces and transactions made with paper bills.

However, other models rely on technology. This is the case of Banco Imobiliário APP, in which commercial transactions are made in a virtual way, through a game application.


If you want to make the games more fun, you can invest in the Super Banco Imobiliário version. This model has three special accessories: a card for each player, a machine for carrying out business transactions and metal markers that replace the tops.

The accessories are an extra to attract the attention of the children. Consider the profile of who will use the game and choose the model that best fits your style.


A feature that varies greatly from one model to the other of Monopoly is the price of the game. If this is a limiter, know that you can find models between R $ 75 and R $ 180.

  • Banco Imobiliário Júnior: R $ 75
  • Traditional Real Estate Bank: Between R $ 80 and R $ 120
  • Super Banco Imobiliário: R $ 180
  • Monopoly APP: R $ 165


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