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Top & Best Nintendo Switch Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Nintendo Switch: Is it worth it or not in 2022?

Welcome to you at to find out if it is worthwhile or not to buy the Nintendo Switch. Do not buy this product without first reading the following paragraphs. We go deeply into the investigation of the cost and benefit of this device.

The Nintendo Switch has impacted the portable controls market. Nowadays there are already several games available in this model, which for many people is also a great table console.

After reading this guide you will get to know the main variables of the console. Discover information about advantages, disadvantages, average prices and many other decisive things that reveal whether the Nintendo Switch is a good option to buy.

First, the most important

  • The price of a Nintendo Switch is equivalent to the value of consoles like PS4 and Xbox.
  • The 32 GB of memory is not enough to store many saves, but you can use SD cards and evolve the storage capacity.
  • The NS (Nintendo Switch) works on the console and portable video game versions. You can even connect to the television.
  • The graphics are better when you play with the console connected to the dock.

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The Switch and its best accessories

In addition to the console itself, on the market you will also find some accessories and certain game titles very attractive. Now let’s get to know the characteristics of the products coveted and related to the Nintendo Switch.

Buying Guide

It’s very comforting when you take a Nintendo Switch out of the bag and play while you’re in an endless line. You may be wanting this console for this or other situations that relax your mind in stressful moments.

In this section, discover important facts that help you decide whether or not to buy the Nintendo Switch.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

The hybrid game Switch is also known as a Nintendo tablet, for its format. This device works for portable use or in the form of a table console.

To be transformed into a desktop console, the device must be attached to the dock, which is also included in the original product packaging. Portable use requires the connection of the two wireless joysticks to the console. Their name: Joy-Con controls.

You can use the Joy-Con control connected to the device or individually.

In Nintendo’s history, the Switch plays an important role. It came to replace the Wii U, offering more modern design and flexible engineering. Several famous games were developed in a special way for this console. Some examples:

    • Mario
    • Zelda
    • Pokémon
    • Doom
    • Batman
    • Dragon Ball
    • Final Fantasy
    • FIFA


The format of Nintendo Switch games is cartridge.

In the first week on the market, the Nintendo Switch sold over 1.6 million units! Initial success was diminished by the lack of diversity in game titles and some problems with the Joy-Con control synchronization on certain console units.

In the first months, these problems were overcome and Nintendo to this day works with constant releases of games for the Switch. These investments have resulted in the success that this console has around the world today.


Satoru IwataFormer Nintendo President

“We don’t run away from risks. We go towards them. We are taking risks in trying to overcome the limits to reach new and old players.”

What are the parts of a Nintendo Switch?

The main parts of the Nintendo Switch are divided as follows: console, dock and Joly-Con controls. See how each of these components works that needs to be in perfect condition for the video game to work.

Nintendo Switch Console

The device has the technical characteristics necessary to play games with advanced graphics. The structure is similar to a 16 cm tablet.

The Nintendo Switch console works with a built-in battery and generates a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. It is in this device that there are the inputs for game cartridges, USB-C, auxiliaries, among other resources.

The retractable stand on the console cannot be ignored either. Thanks to it it is possible to use the supported device even when it is out of the dock.

Nintendo Switch Dock

Using Joy-Con joysticks or not, it is possible to place the console in the dock without problems.

When connected to the dock, the Nintendo Switch becomes a desktop console.

In the dock, the device has a higher processor frequency (clock), something that does not happen in portable mode to decrease energy consumption and the chances of overcharging the battery.

With more processor frequency it is possible to see superior graphic details in the game scenarios.

There are also other additional advantages in the dock. One is to charge the controls while you play connected via USB. Another is the feasibility of connecting the device to broadband internet via LAN, using the adapter, to play in multiplayer.

Dragon Quest, Minecraft and Dragon Ball are just some of the games that have much more graphics potential when played with the Switch on the dock.

Joy-Con: Nintendo Switch Controls

There are two controls (Joy-Con R and Joy-Con L). The most interesting thing about these accessories is that they can be used in up to 4 different ways. Are they:

  • 2 players: Removed and used individually;
  • 1 player: They work in a similar way to a gamepad and to use you need to fit the Joy-Con Grip accessory;
  • 1 player: Used separately from the console, with each in one of the player’s hands;
  • 1 player: Used together and docked on the console.

There is also the R Controller, which is a wireless joystick for playing Nintendo Switch games without the need for Joy-Con.

Does the Nintendo Switch support Amiibo?

If you like this interaction of small physical dolls with certain specific games, the Nintendo Switch may be worth it. The device is compatible with Amiibo technology, which started in the Mario franchises and is now part of other titles.

The interesting thing about the feature is that you can use a Mario doll, for example, for games like Disney Infinity or other titles not related to Super Mario. Something positive in the story is that these dolls are flexible in compatibility. There are models that fit both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Wii U.

Does the Switch support Nintendo Labo?

Many people buy the Nintendo Switch just to enjoy the best of Nintendo Labo, a resource for building machines and robots with Joy-Con. For example, you can assemble a piano and play with the help of the console.

The use of the Labo Nintendo platform must be combined with the right use of the specific cartridge.

Are you passionate about robotics? Want to create custom joysticks to play some games?

So, the Nintendo Switch is worth it, although these special features are somewhat costly in assembly time and money. Even so, the kids love to play creatively with Labo.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Nintendo Switch?

A portable console and also a table at the same time. Without a doubt this is one of the main advantages of the device. With it you can play in the comfort of home, in the rows of banks or even when traffic is stopped.

The Nintendo Switch is as expensive as a PS4 or XBOX. In addition, there are a lot of costs for accessories and special features.

If you are a person who travels a lot and misses a video game to play on the routes and even in the hotel, it can be said that it is worth paying the high price of the Nintendo Switch.

The screen on the Nintendo Switch does not work with great quality in the graphic look if you play in places with a lot of lighting. Not to mention that in the portable version the device does not have the same graphic potential – main negative side.

In the video below, check out the graphic features of the Doom game for Nintendo Switch:

We cannot forget about a disadvantage that is much talked about in the news forums: the titles. Nintendo already offers some interesting games, but there is still a long way to go to reach the variety of options present in other current consoles.

Gradually Nintendo makes several adult titles available for the Switch, which represents something interesting if you don’t want to just play games with children’s themes. Some examples of adult productions: Wolfenstein 2, Skyrim and Doom.

How many times have you not arrived in your living room and noticed that the TV was busy? To alleviate anger, you can take the console out of the dock and play in portable mode – a good advantage.

The console has 32GB in storage capacity, which is little space for those who enjoy having different saves from their favorite games. The upside is that this hybrid video game accepts micro SD cards, allowing more capacity to store saves at less cost.

To use the headphones you need to connect to the device’s p2 output, that is, there is no bluetooth pairing to the headphones. This makes use less flexible. Keep in mind what you have read so far when analyzing the 5 main advantages and disadvantages of the Nintendo Switch:

Will Nintendo increase production of games for Switch?

It’s good news to know that Nintendo releases many game titles to the Switch console to some extent! This launch race, however, ends up generating some low quality games on the platform.

For many people the quality of some game production on the Switch is not such a negative fact. However, most players agree that Nintendo Switch cartridges are too expensive.

Some Nintendo Switch titles even cost much more than PS4 games!

The cool thing is that there are titles available without the need to pay anything, including some from NES (Nintendinho). But, most advanced graphics games even require paying space for saves on the internet.

If you like the typical Nintendo themed games, like Mario or Zelda, it is worth playing Switch. In some versions of these games there is a capacity for up to 4 different characters in online multiplayer mode.

What accessories can we find for Nintendo Switch?

Another point worth mentioning is the number of accessories available for the Nintendo Switch. For some people this is positive, as other players may not like the high prices of additional items such as:

    • Steering wheel;
    • R Wireless Controller;
    • Rubbers for directional controls;
    • Custom controls;
    • Stickers;
    • Protective film ;
    • Case;
    • Headset.


What colors can Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch have?

There are different colors of Nintendo Switch control. You can buy a version with your favorite shades or shades that match the game room decor. Some colors of Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch are:

    • Black;
    • Blue and red;
    • Rose;
    • Yellow;
    • Green.


You can even mix the colors. For example, it is possible to install one side with pink and the other using green. There is a choice of tones even on the strips that serve to connect the controls on the screen.

Nintendo Switch: Dock or laptop?

Play the Nintendo Switch in table or laptop mode? That is the question that does not want to shut up on the internet! There are differences between the two ways of playing with the tablet-sized console. Let’s comment on them now!

The first important point that you must take into account is the technical differential of the two game modes. There’s no way, anyone who wants to enjoy the best visuals in games should play with the console connected to the dock.

It turns out that on the portable Nintendo Switch the console system adapts to play games without spending excess energy. This is an important concern for avoiding overcharging the battery.

On the other hand, when connecting Nintendo Switch to the dock, you are even surprised by the details in the scenarios and because of the intense brightness in different games.

Only using the dock can you also use the Nintendo Switch’s wireless R Controller.

Another advantage of the Nintendo Switch is the possibility of connecting online via LAN using an adapter. You can play with several people who are connected on the same local connection.

The console’s Joy-Co duo is almost discharged and you don’t want to stop playing? Simple, plug in the dock and keep playing while the joysticks are charging!

Find out the main differences between playing Nintendo Switch on the dock or laptop, in the comparative table below:

Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Wii U?

Many people have doubts about whether it is worth exchanging the old Nintendo Wii U for the Nintendo Switch. The two versions have similar characteristics, but the differences are significant.

The first basic difference is in hardware power and performance. The Nintendo Wii approaches the potential of PS3, for example, although it is inferior compared to the Nintendo Switch in graphics processing.

The Nintendo Switch is equipped with the powerful modified Nvidia Tegra processor. This technology allows superior quality in the reproduction of graphics on TV screens that require higher resolutions.

There are also differences in battery life in portable games. The Nintendo Switch lasts for 3 hours. Nintendo Wii U lasts for a maximum of 2 hours.

The table below summarizes the differences between the two devices: Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U:

How much?

The average price of the Nintendo Switch can range from R $ 1,800 to R $ 2,500 or more. The price is expensive as there are additional accessories in the package.

To buy Nintendo Switch games at national retail you spend at least R $ 250. Buying game titles not available in Brazil, you must pay higher prices.

The Pro Controller, to play without Joy-Co controls, has a market value that goes from R $ 350 to R $ 500, as well as the average of the values ​​charged by the original steering wheel.

Where to buy?

There are many traditional physical stores that sell the original console. There are little price variations or kits that have additional games in the package.

The benefit of the best prices is in online shopping. On the internet there are several special packages that even come with some extra games. Amazon,   virtual stores that sell Nintendo Switch.

Gone are the days when it was necessary to spend a lot of money on importing games. On the Amazon website, for example, you can buy from foreign sellers and receive at your doorstep without difficulty.



Did you know that Joy-Con controls have an accessory for AA batteries? He is very important to those who play many hours in a row and do not want to stop playing to recharge the joysticks.



Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing Nintendo Switch offers

Buying video games today is a real art. There are some details that can define when it is worthwhile or not to opt for certain offers with low prices.

Yes, there is a possibility that you will find lower prices, but be careful that the cheap is not too expensive. When you are comparing offers in physical stores or online, consider the Nintendo Switch comparison criteria:

  • Packing
  • Additional
  • Originality
  • Color
  • Seller Reputation
  • Battery
  • Warranty

Let’s explain each of these factors below:


The original Nintendo Switch packaging comes with the following items:

  • 1 console;
  • Instruction manual;
  • 1 HDMI cable;
  • 1 power cable
  • Base for Joy-Con;
  • Base for TV.

If there are fewer items in the package than those shown in the list above, it may be a sign of a used product advertised as new. This is a detail that catches many people off guard!


Okay, you just want to buy a Nintendo Switch to play Zelda’s adventures. Or is it really your business to see the screen shine with every hit on Dragon Ball? Maybe you prefer that football game with dribbling of ball stars.

The fact is that many people buy Nintendo Switch just to play a specific game. And this can serve as an advantage, since the best games on the console are expensive.

Stay tuned in the market promotions that offer the console in packages that already come with specific games. For example: Nintendo Switch + Mario Deluxe or Nintendo Switch + Fifa.

Shopkeepers compete hard to sell and offer several different game choices with the aim of earning more customers. Look for offers with these extras that save you a little compared to the separate purchases of the console and your favorite game.


It is contraindicated to use any accessory not officially indicated by Nintendo.

Many people get excited about wireless replicas, these versions almost always have compatibility issues in games. This same rule does not change in the case of headsets or other accessories.


Unless you are a very caring person, it is worth buying the device in striking and vivid colors. Thus, the console can be viewed in an easier way, which helps to avoid accidents such as sitting on top of the controls, for example.

Is the sofa in your house white or light in color? If you play almost always sitting on it, it is worth buying the device in dark tones, thus generating more contrast and ease to identify the Nintendo Switch controls.

See a little more of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con colors by watching this short video below:


Seller Reputation

The Nintendo Switch is expensive and buying online can be an advantage for those looking to save money. However, be careful not to fall into blows.

When entering the shopping site you should give preference to offers from sellers who have already sold many consoles and (or) have an excellent reputation.

The shopping sites themselves demonstrate the reputation data of the sellers on the same page as the product description for sale. Keep an eye!


Nintendo Switch Joy-Co units have accessories for connecting batteries. Most of the offers on the market already offer batteries in the package. However, all rules have their exceptions and this case is no different.

Always check to see if the promotion also has batteries included. So you can use and test to see if the control works using the batteries as well. If the control does not work you must use the warranty to exchange.


It is not normal, but sometimes there can be problems like the malfunction of one of the Joy-Co, or other factory defects.

The warranty period is 3 months and some stores offer a few extra months of guaranteed term. This can be useful if you notice problems only after 90 days of use.



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