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Top & Best Magic cube Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Magic cube: Meet the best of 2022

Today we are going to talk about a toy created almost accidentally by an architect, and which quickly became a fever among children and adults around the world in the 1980s: the magic cube.

Used as a distraction, decoration item and even the target of competitions, today the magic cube has hundreds of versions on the market, from the most classic to the most elaborate, and at different levels of difficulty.

Even if you have no experience with the magic cube, follow us on this reading and check out the tips and information needed to choose the best product for your needs.

First, the most important

  • Despite being sold as a toy, the magic cube is no longer a child’s thing. There are several options of brands and models of magic cube on the market, professionals and amateurs. Defining which will be the main use of your magic cube is essential for choosing the ideal product.
  • In addition to the design and colors, it is always good to be aware of issues such as degree of difficulty, size, weight, material of manufacture when choosing your magic cube.
  • The price of magic cubes varies a lot according to the make, model and material, among other factors. It is possible to find the product in its most basic versions for less than R $ 10, while the more elaborate models can cost a few hundred reais.

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Best Magic Cubes: Our Favorites

One of the greatest advantages of the magic cube is to promote cognitive and motor development at all ages. With that in mind, we have selected the best in the market and we will introduce you to this section. Check the list:

  • 1st – Magic Cube Qi Yi Warrior W
  • 2nd – Rubiks Original Cube
  • 3rd – Cyclone Boys Professional Magic Cube


Buying Guide

You have probably seen a magic cube. He was – and still is – very popular. And now that you have checked our Ranking, let’s go to the Buying Guide. In this session you will have the most relevant information about the product, such as general characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, value, where to buy, etc.

In addition, we will help you with topics on the characteristics you should pay attention to when choosing your magic cube like a professional.

What is the magic cube?

One of the most popular toys in the world, the magic cube consists of a three-dimensional puzzle with colored faces, which are attached to a center piece and articulate with each other.

The aim of the game is, through rotational movements, to align the colors on each face of the cube. Created 45 years ago, and has sold over 900 million units.

Its most popular version is 3x3x3, consisting of 6 faces and 6 sections, each face in different colors. There are also 2x2x2, 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 versions, which are less well known. There are also other variants of the game with polyhedron shapes instead of cubes.



What are the advantages of the magic cube?

Pleasant for adults and children, assembling the magic cube in addition to a hobby can be an educational activity. So much so that some schools already use the cube as a tool to give students mathematical notions of probability, combinatorial analysis, spatial geometry, etc.

Despite having a high level of difficulty – there are more than 43 trillion possible combinations to reach the final result – with training and study of the correct tactics, the magic cube can be assembled by anyone. See dexterity – and cuteness! – of this little boy of 4 years assembling the magic cube:

The cube can also assist children in the development of motor skills, in addition to developing the capacity for analysis, logical reasoning and creativity. For the older ones, the game also helps to develop the capacity for analysis, in addition to being an excellent exercise of patience and concentration.

The fever around the toy is such that it has become a sport. There are magic cube championships all over the world, including, where assembling the object becomes a competition, with a series of rules and several categories.

In addition, thanks to its iconic look, it is a widely used item in funky and fun decorations, especially by those who lived through toy fever in the 80-90s.


  • Promotes cognitive and motor development at all ages
  • Ideal for all ages
  • May have recreational, educational, professional or decorative use


  • Degree of difficulty is high
  • Cheap versions can be fragile
  • Professional versions have a high price

Professional or amateur magic cube? Which to choose?

Before thinking about what the ideal magic cube model is for you, you need to define what the object’s primary use will be. If the idea is just to play, with no intention of becoming an expert, an amateur model will do the job.

If the cube is going to be used by children, check the indicative classification and the existence of small or pointed parts.

Even for amateur use, pay attention to the quality of the material of the chosen magic cube, as well as the ways of fixing the parts and colors. These items are essential for determining durability. Avoid models where colors are sticky and not painted, as they are more fragile.

If the intention is to acquire a cube to develop or improve your skills, it is worth investing in a professional model. Check that the hub has mechanisms that allow adjustments of pressure and turning tension. If the hub requires the use of lubricants, check the indicated type and availability in your region.



Some aesthetic details are also important for those who want to improve the practice. Prefer those with greater color contrast, which makes assimilation easier in quick movements.

Check the size of the cube and the shapes of the edges carefully. The size must be suitable for the user’s hand for better handling. Rounded edges facilitate quick movements.

Now if the intention is to raise the level of difficulty to the maximum, or even use the magic cube with a decorative element to compose rooms, studios, rooms and offices, one can dare freely in the forms and designs of the product.

The different models of magic cubes usually come with an indication of the degree of difficulty of their assembly. Pay attention to this factor and choose the one that best suits your needs.

How much?

An amateur magic cube can be found for sale for less than R $ 10. For professional models, the investment is greater, starting at R $ 30. However, more sophisticated models can cost up to hundreds of reais.

Do a lot of research before you buy, as the same product may fluctuate in value from one place to another.

For online shopping, consider the freight cost, which depending on the region may make the product more expensive. Finally, use the price comparison platforms, which can be combined in the search for the best offers.


Where to buy?

Amateur and professional magic cubes can be found in stores specializing in this type of article or in stores that sell toys.

However, it is on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare the Magic Cube Models

Some aspects are fundamental for you to make the best choice when buying a magic cube that perfectly suits your needs and use intentions. Pay attention to the features listed below and choose your product without fear of making a mistake:

  • Category
  • Model
  • Mechanisms
  • Material

Now, check each point in detail so you can understand the importance of each one.


Magic cubes are generally categorized between amateurs and professionals. Choose according to the intended use of the object. Younger children who will use the cube for educational purposes, for example, will be very well served by a basic amateur model.

Professional models are more suitable for those who are interested in improving or developing skills and want quality and speed in movements.


As already mentioned, the cube models can vary, the most traditional being the 3x3x3, with 6 faces and 6 sections. The 2x2x2, 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 versions are less well known, but also much appreciated by object enthusiasts.

There are also other variants of the toy, which are in non-cubic shapes. Usually with variations of polyhedra, these versions are the darlings of the game collectors.


Magic cubes, especially professionals, can have adjustment mechanisms, such as tension regulation and movement pressure.

These mechanisms help to adapt the toy to the user’s preferences, making the spin softer or harder, smoother or mechanical, etc. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to see if the adjustments meet your need.


The type and quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the magic cube are decisive for its good performance and durability.

Avoid models made of very fragile materials, as well as those where the colors are adhesive, and not painted directly on the product. The adhesive can scratch or peel off, impairing the look and functionality of the toy.

Also pay attention to the type of material of the central mechanism, which is decisive for the smooth functioning of the hub.


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