Top & Best Lycopene Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Lycopene: How to choose the best supplement in 2022

Do you know lycopene? This carotenoid is the substance responsible for the red color of fruits, vegetables and other foods. Due to its antioxidant action, lycopene has numerous health benefits.

Among these benefits we can mention the strengthening of the cardiovascular and immune system, prevention of some types of cancers and numerous benefits for male health. Want to know more? Continue reading this article.

First, the most important

  • Lycopene is not produced by the body, so it is essential to eat foods that provide this substance and supplement when necessary.
  • You find the lycopene supplement in capsules. The recommended daily dose is 10mg of lycopene which can correspond to one to four capsules, depending on the product.
  • The raw material for lycopene is extracted from tomatoes. The lycopene content depends on the ripeness of the fruit, growing conditions, soil type, climate and storage conditions.

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What are the health benefits of lycopene for men?

Lycopene has many health benefits for men. The main thing is to act in the prevention of prostate cancer and inhibit the reproduction of cancer cells, regressing the development of the disease.

Another benefit associated with the consumption of lycopene is to combat hair loss by reducing excess DHT hormone.

Finally, lycopene improves sperm quality by increasing the concentration of sperm and fighting infertility.



Is it true that lycopene prevents the development of cancer?

By combating the action of free radicals and decreasing the oxidative stress process, lycopene helps in the prevention and treatment of several types of cancers – prostate, breasts, lung, bladder, ovaries, colon, pancreas and mouth.

Some studies have found significant improvements in cases of precancerous patients. It has also been found that lycopene serves to prevent disease progression. However, further supporting studies are still needed.

How effective is the lycopene supplement?

In drugstores and handling pharmacies, bottles with lycopene capsules are found that promise a series of benefits for the health and aesthetics of men and women.


Lycopene alone is not as effective.

However, according to some recent research, the ingestion of lycopene alone does not show such effective results, unless it is associated with other substances such as phytotene, phytofluene and beta-carotene.

What is the recommended daily dose of lycopene?

Although a daily dose for the lycopene supplement is not established, it is estimated that consumption of 5 to 15mg per day is sufficient. The dosage depends on some factors such as age, sex, health status and other conditions.

We recommend that you consult an endocrinologist, nutritionist or nutritionist to make sure you need supplementation and the recommended dosage for your body.

Can I have lycopene manipulated?

You can buy one of the lycopene bottles available on the pharmacy shelves or have the product handled.

The advantages of having the supplement manipulated are the possibility of adding other nutrients such as beta-carotene, flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, Coenzyme Q10 and selenium – some products sold in pharmacies are enriched with these substances.

However, in order to have lycopene or any other supplement handled, you must have a prescription, so you will need to visit a health professional.


Is there any contraindication to the consumption of lycopene?

Like any other nutritional supplement, lycopene should only be taken after medical advice. People who are allergic or sensitive to tomatoes may have allergic skin reactions – tomatoes are the main raw material for the supplement.

Those who have stomach problems should also take the supplement with caution. This is true for people who use medication for continuous use, especially anticoagulants.

Antioxidant supplements in general, including lycopene, should not be taken by people undergoing cancer treatment – radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

In addition, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not consume any supplement without medical advice, as there is no indication or proof of the effectiveness and safety of lycopene consumption for this audience.


Purchasing criteria: How to choose a lycopene supplement

After knowing so many benefits of lycopene, for sure, you should want to include this supplement in your health care, right? To find the ideal product, evaluate the following characteristics:

  • Lycopene concentration
  • Number of capsules
  • Other substances
  • Brand

We will detail these criteria throughout the section. If you like this content, share it with your friends.

Lycopene concentration

The recommended daily dose of lycopene is 10mg a day – according to most supplements.

The concentration of lycopene per capsule varies.

However, the concentration of lycopene provided per capsule varies widely. Some products offer 10 mg per capsule, others provide 5 mg per capsule, some products even supply only 2.5 mg per capsule.

The concentration of lycopene per capsule influences the amount of capsules you should take per day – varies from one to four capsules – and the durability of the product.

Number of capsules

At the time of purchase, evaluate the quantity of capsules that each bottle provides – you can find options with 40, 60 or 100 capsules – and calculate how many capsules should be consumed per serving.

Be wary of very cheap products. Generally, the number of pills per dose is much higher, so the product will last less time and the cost will end up being equal to or greater than that of a concentrated supplement.


Other substances

The lycopene supplement can be enriched with other substances – vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – to enhance its benefits. Check out what these substances are in the table below:



When purchasing a lycopene supplement, consider the product brand and make sure that the manufacturer uses raw materials of good origin and meets quality standards.

Although most imported supplements offer a higher concentration of lycopene per capsule, these products do not offer additional nutrients. We observe a more complete formula in national products – which are less concentrated.

The best national brands are Maxinutri, Katigua, Naturalis and Fitoway. The most relevant international brands are Puritan’s Pride, Sundown Naturals and Vitgold.

We compare some characteristics of the brands mentioned so that you can choose the best option:


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