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Top & Best Litter box Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Litter box: Know how to choose the best one for your cat in 2022

Today’s topic will please kitten tutors, as we will talk about all the features of a hygienic litter box.

If you have a cat at home, you know that they love a clean environment, and that taking care is essential for the well being of the cat. And that is why the litter box can be the solution to your pet’s hygiene problems: it is practical, easy to use and guarantees a clean environment.

Next, we’ll explain everything you need to know about this very important article for a cat’s routine. We will also give you tips for choosing the ideal litter box.

First, the most important

  • The litter box is the place where your cat will do its physiological needs, so it is important that it is always clean.
  • There are different types of boxes, the most modern of which has a self-cleaning function.
  • You can also choose different types of sand, such as silica, biodegradable sand, and bamboo ecocatrix.

Best cat litter boxes: Our favorites

Ready to learn all about the ideal litter box for your kitten? Before you start, we are going to introduce you to some of the best sandboxes on the market, so that you have good references when choosing yours!

  • The best rated sand tray on the internet
  • Luxury, closed litter box
  • An excellent model with filter and paddle


Buying Guide

Having an animal at home is synonymous with having more responsibilities. It is necessary to take care of the pet as a family member, someone who will bring a lot of joy to the house, but will need a lot of care. In the case of cats, one of the main accessories for this care is the litter box.

Ready to better understand how a sandbox works? In this guide we will give you all the information you need about this article!

What is a sandbox and what are its advantages?

Having an animal at home, whatever it may be, requires some basic care both for the comfort of your pet, as for yours.

It is important to remember that animals have needs just like us humans, and that is why we must respect them and create a pleasant space for them in our homes.

It is no different with cats. They are a little more organized animals, and hygiene is fundamental to your well being. Cats insist on a clean environment, so having a litter box at home is very important.



The litter box is the place where your pussy will do its physiological needs. You don’t have to worry about teaching them how to use the site, as most of them already know institutionally how it works.

In this box you can place sand or other materials, such as silica and bamboo ecocatrix. You should always use a shovel, or your box system, to keep the space clean.

If your feline finds the dirty box, he will do your needs outside, on the floor.

Ideally, the box should have enough space for your cat to go around himself, until he finds a comfortable position to pee or poop. So it is interesting that you always choose larger sizes.


  • Keeps the environment clean
  • Some models inhibit bad smell
  • They are practical


  • Depends on someone to collect the dirt
  • Some models do not inhibit bad smell

What is the best type of sandbox?

Currently, there are numerous models of sandboxes: some are covered, others open and some even automatic. It is important that you evaluate values, and also which will be most useful in your day to day before choosing yours.


Automatic sandbox

If you have a busy day to day, it may be interesting to opt for an automatic sandbox. They are designed to not require the use of a shovel and are always clean.

Most of them have a system that collects cat waste and leaves the space clean. Some clean three or four times a day, others every time the cat urinates or defecates.

Despite being the most practical, hygienic and modern, the automatic sandbox is also the most expensive.



Closed litter box

The closed litter box is ideal if you don’t mind cleaning, but don’t like to keep dirt in sight. In this model, the cat enters a kind of little house to make his needs, and leaves when he finishes.

It is very practical, and usually comes with a shovel, but it has the disadvantage of not always being comfortable for your kitten. It is important that you buy a size that it can move around quite loosely.

Open sandbox

The open sandbox is the most common, and also the cheapest. It is a space where you spread the sand, and clean when necessary. Some models have a sieve, which makes the process even easier.

In the sieve model, the place where the cat urinates turns to dust, and falls into the lower compartment, making it much easier when cleaning.

Where should I leave the litter box?

The location where your cat’s crate will be should be chosen by your cat. When you buy such an item, try placing it in different places in the house, and note where it will be most comfortable.

The chosen environment must be easily accessible and away from very loud noises, so that your pet does not associate the place with a bad time.



Did you know that it’s not just the bad smell caused by urine and feces that bothers cats? One study concluded that one of the reasons that cats make their needs out of the box is the presence of visual dirt.

In a test, random objects were placed inside the box, and it was noted that even though they did not contain urine or feces, the animals refused to use it.

How much does it cost and where to buy a litter box?

The price of an open or closed litter box is between R $ 40 and R $ 100. However, if you choose a self-cleaning model, the value exceeds R $ 300, and can reach up to R $ 1000.

If you like to buy in physical stores, we can recommend you some chains of stores specialized in animal accessories.

Department stores, and the supermarket chain also have some options.

But if you choose to buy online, you should find good options on Amazon.




Purchasing criteria: factors for comparing sandbox models

When choosing the perfect box for your pussy, it is important that you pay attention to some details:

  • Box type
  • Size
  • Types of sand

See, below, what should be observed in each of these points:

Box type

As we explained extensively in the Buying Guide, there are three types of sandbox common on the market today:

  • Automatic. More practical, but more expensive.
  • Closed. Simpler, but still preserves the aesthetics of the place.
  • Open. The simplest type, but also the most economical.

We recommend that you return to the section “What is the best type of sandbox?” for details on each of these types.


As we’ve talked about here, it’s important that you pay close attention to the size of your kitten’s litter box.

It is necessary that there is enough space for them to get around and find the ideal place to do their needs.

Experts advise buying a box 1.5 times the size of the cat (from snout to tail).

If you have adopted or bought an animal as a puppy, it is interesting that you already buy the very large box, otherwise, when he is an adult, you will have to purchase a new one.

Types of sand

If you are new to this world, you may be having difficulty choosing which type of sand is ideal for your routine and for your pet. The main ones are: Common sand, bamboo ecocatrix, biodegradable sand (cassava flour) and silica.

  • Common sand. It has more affordable value, but it also has the least durability. Because the beans come in different sizes, it has less potential for absorption, and you will need to change it daily.
  • Bamboo ecocatrix. It is a good idea, because when the grains get dirty, they become clumps that make cleaning much easier. They are 100% ecological and biodegradable, and also inhibit odors.
  • Biodegradable sand. Made of manioc flour. It also has the advantage of forming clods where your pet peed and make cleaning easier, but it does not inhibit the bad smell.
  • Silica. The most durable and practical to use. You change it only once a month, since all the urine enters the grains, it is only necessary to remove the feces. It reduces unpleasant odors, and changes color when it’s time to change.


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