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Top & Best Dog toys Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dog toys: What is the best for your pet in 2020?

Today, ReviewBox Brasil welcomes you and your pet, to present the best dog toy options available on the market today. We will show you alternatives for all budgets and tastes, which, for sure, will make your puppy happy.

We always want the best for our best friends, who are always by our side. For this reason, it is important to choose toys that are beneficial for animals, either for health reasons or for canine behavior.

So, whether it is a catching toy, a pulling rope or any other toy for your dog, you need to choose well. To help you with this task, we have some tips for you to take into account when buying a toy for your pet.

First, the most important

  • Dog toys should be chosen according to the size, weight and age of the animal.
  • You don’t have to pay dearly to buy a good toy for your pet. There are dog toys with great cost and benefit.
  • Always look for non-toxic toys and resistant materials. Always cherish the health of your pet!

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Best Dog Toys: Our Favorites

Choosing the perfect toy for your dog is not a simple task, both because of the amount of products on the market and the factors that must be taken into account. Therefore, we have separated in this list the best dog toys on the market.

Super Resistant Dog Toy

This is a toy that has a tire shape for dogs and large breed. It is super resistant, perfect for the dog to safely reduce stress, since it is produced with non-toxic materials.

It measures 25.5 cm in diameter and is ideal for very active dogs, as it can entertain the animal even for hours, making the dog more cheerful and happy. You can even play with your best friend by launching and encouraging him to bring the toy to you.

Plush Dog Toy Purple Elk

This is a great toy for puppies. That’s because they can bite, grab and chew as much as they want, thus releasing all the energy they need to stay active and healthy. To complete, he has an internal whistle that makes the game even more cheerful.

Despite being plush, the toy is super resistant, in addition to being made with non-toxic and safe quality material, which ensures great games for your pet. In addition, it is half a meter long, suitable even for larger dogs.

Snack launcher toy

A snack launcher is something that can keep your puppy entertained for hours, not to mention it’s a great way to exercise and spend more time with him. You introduce the pestico and throw, but always try to point the toy tilted upwards.

It is made of ABS plastic and measures 16.5 cm in length, weighing only 150 grams. For sure you will have fun times together.

Buying Guide

When we think about choosing dog toys, the first thing that comes to mind is the fun of the pets. However, the task is serious, as this is an object that will always be in contact with your pet.

To help you choose the best option, ReviewBox Brasil has prepared a complete Purchase Guide.

Woman and dog lying on the floor looking at each other.

Playing with your pet is even more fun with the ideal dog toy. (Source: Tranmautritam / Pixabay)

Dog toys: What are they for?

Playing is a natural behavior of all dogs. Therefore, although some animals are more active and play more than others, dog toys are indispensable for the healthy life of any pet.

In the past, dog toys were few, with only a few basic variations. Today, however, we have an immense range of products of this type, which made choosing a toy for the pet a complicated mission.

Whatever the weight, size or age of your pet, there is certainly an ideal toy for him. But remember: some characteristics must be observed when choosing a toy. For example, if the dog has a strong bite, a good option is to choose a rope toy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dog toys?

Play is important, even, so that they do not have behavior problems, becoming destructive and losing control of their impulses.

In addition, it is positive that dogs play at home to feel less alone during the day, especially if they do not have other animals and people to play with for a few hours.

There are toys for dogs of all types, sizes and also for all owners’ budgets. So, don’t worry, you can buy a toy for your buddy.


Two dogs playing pulling with a rope toy on the green grass.

It is important for dogs to play during the day so they don’t feel sad and alone. (Source: Congerdesign / Pixabay)

It is important to distract and relax your best friend. If he gets bored, he may start to behave in ways that do not contribute to his health, such as biting his own paws. Therefore, this is a habit that every dog ​​must have in order to be healthier.

The negative point of the toys is that of some that have inferior quality because they are produced from very cheap materials. It can be broken and the animal swallows small pieces, being dangerous for your pet.

  • Plenty of variety for all sizes and races
  • Options for all pockets
  • Relax the dog
  • Improves your health
  • The dog can destroy and swallow parts of bad quality toys
  • Few cheap options for large animals

What are the types and functions of dog toys?

At first glance, it may seem that dog toys only serve to entertain dogs. But they are much more than that!

Toys can help animals to develop skills, not to feel alone and even to go through the process of changing teeth.

Check out some types of toys and their functions:

Biting toys

Biting toys are a favorite of dogs, especially those that are getting their first teeth. That’s because they exercise and stimulate correct growth.

In addition, they are perfect for dogs that love to bite everything, as they spend energy on toys and leave furniture intact.

Catching toys

This type of dog toy helps to create a greater bond with your pet, in addition to assisting in training. In this case, it is a more advanced type of training, since it is necessary for the animal to pick up the toy and then be able to bring it to you. This makes your pet even smarter!


Pull toys

Pull toys are usually rope toys, where the dog pulls on one side and you on the other. This type of toy should be used with care, as strength is required. They are great to breed to bond with the animal, in addition, they are a good way to teach the dog limits.

Toys to challenge

Toys to challenge are those that seek to increase the dog’s ability to concentrate while stimulating the animal’s mind. They are great for dogs of all ages, but they need to always have a person present when playing.

That’s because this type of toy can stress animals, in case they get frustrated with failure.

What are the best toys for hyperactive dogs?

If your dog is always agitated or biting everything he sees ahead, rest assured, we want to help you. This may be because he is still a puppy – which is natural – or he may be stressed. In both cases, toys can help.

For hyperactive dogs the ideal is that you exercise it daily, starting there. If you have a space in the yard or garden, throw toys will not disappoint. Allow a few minutes for your friend and make him expend energy. If you don’t have space, try taking him for a walk every day – in fact, this is a piece of advice that should be put into practice with any pet.

Even though he expends energy, it is important that he has different options for playing and distracting throughout the day. If he spends many hours alone, leave different types of toys scattered around different rooms in the house.

For them to play alone, biting ones are excellent options, just buy the right toy for your dog’s bite. Another interesting option is the interactive toy, where you insert the snack and your four-legged friend needs to move it to get the snack. This challenge can keep you entertained for a long time.

How much?

The variety of dog toys is immense. You can find toys of all types, colors, materials and sizes, so prices can also vary enormously. Therefore, when looking for toys for your pet, always choose quality products.

The prices for simpler dog toys start at around R $ 20. However, if you are looking for toys that stimulate your pet’s senses and are more challenging, you can expect prices starting at R $ 40.

This price can be much higher, depending on the brand and the durability of the product offered.


Puppy dog ​​with a plush toy in its mouth.

Toy prices tend to depend on materials, plush toys, for example, tend to be cheaper. (Source: Howliecat / Pixabay)

Where to buy?

Finding dog toys is getting easier and easier. We can find them in supermarkets, Pet Shops and specialty stores. There are plenty of places to buy the ideal toy for your pet.

However, the best option is to always buy in specialized stores. This is because you will have the guarantee that those products will be specific to animals. Doing no harm to the pet’s health.

Another good alternative is online stores, such as Amazon or toy suppliers. Because in them, in addition to getting to know everything about the products, you get to have contact with other customers who bought the same as you. So, if the toy has a problem, you will already know beforehand.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing dog toys

Currently, the pet market is one of the fastest growing in Brazil and in the world. So, it is not surprising that there are toys of all types, colors and functions. This variety causes owners to get lost and buy several dog toys, which are often not interesting or suitable for our pets.

Whether a dog prefers a toy or another depends on several factors, both related to the dog itself and the toy. Therefore, the cool thing is to try different types and go analyzing what your dog prefers.

But always use suitable models for your dog. Check out some characteristics that you should take into account when choosing a toy:

  • Life stages
  • Durability and resistance
  • Sound
  • Size

Next, we will detail each of these factors so that you can make the best choice when buying the ideal dog toys.

Life stage

One of the most important characteristics to keep an eye on when buying a dog toy is the age range indicated. This is because each toy is made with a special material appropriate for the dog’s life stage.

In the market, you will find toys for the stages: puppy, adult and elderly.

In addition, buying dog toys according to age group still has the benefit of helping with age-related issues. This is the case with toys for puppies, for example, which help to keep the teeth of the little ones away from other objects.

Durability and resistance

Dogs love their toys and often do not let go of their hands even after being torn. So it is important to choose a dog toy that is durable and resistant. But remember: no toy can be so hard as to hurt the animal’s teeth.

The types of toys are diverse and can vary from the softest to the most resistant. However, most toys are suitable for light to moderate chewers.

So if your dog has a heavier bite, you may need to buy toys that are made to withstand tears and punctures.

Dog lying next to the plush toy.

Choose toys that cannot be easily torn or punctured, especially in the case of plush toys. (Source: Stocksnap / Pixabay)


Whistles, grunts, grunts, barks and even the owner’s voice. These are some of the sounds that you can find in dog toys and that amuse many animals. However, you need to be careful when buying toys with this feature.

Because they are noisy, these toys can cause irritation for both animals and guardians. Therefore, a good option is to choose toys that have the function of on and off, so the noise will not be tiring.

Also, keep an eye out if the device that emits a sound or whistle cannot be swallowed by the animal.


Did you know that not all types of dog toys are approved by vets? Some can even be harmful to your pet’s health, causing choking or choking. Therefore, always consult a veterinarian to find out the best toy options for your dog and supervise the animal during play.



Another important factor to note is the size of the toys. That’s because dog toys like stuffed animals, balls, strings or discs can be very dangerous for your pet if they are not the right size.

Dog looking to the side with a toy in front.

The toys must be of an ideal size so that your puppy cannot swallow. (Source: AlainAudet / Pixabay) They can cause the dog to choke or choke, even causing the animal to die.

If you are in doubt when choosing the correct size of the toy, a good tip is to look at the packaging. Usually, there is the weight indication of the dog for whom the toy is recommended. If you are still in doubt, always opt for bigger toys.

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