Top & Best CPU Gamer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best CPU Gamer: What are the best options for 2022?

The Gamer CPU is certainly one of the most coveted objects today. This is because it is an accessory designed for games, a market that continues to gain more and more fans.

You should certainly be fascinated by the range of options and different specifications available on the market. You may also be wondering what the best option would be or which model is sufficient for you to have the best experience in your favorite game.

We at will analyze this universe full of options, detailing specifications and models, to help you make the best choice of gamer CPU

First, the most important

  • There is a huge variety of gamer CPU models, as this is a rapidly growing market. This means that prices also vary greatly, and can cost between R $ 1,700 and R $ 8,000.
  • Before you even start choosing your Gamer CPU, you need to consider some components like: motherboard, processor, video card, memory, power supply, cooler and case.
  • The Gamer CPU is the best option for those looking for higher graphics quality.

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Ranking: The 3 best CPU Gamer models

If you like games you already know the importance that a CPU Gamer has. But perhaps you are in doubt as to how to choose the best model on the market. The variety is so great that making that choice can be a complicated task.

Thinking about it, we selected 3 of them so that you have quality options, of the most varied prices. Check out our ranking below:

Buying Guide

There is no doubt that the games market is expanding. Our country ranks third in the ranking with the largest number of players, around 60 million. This explains the growth of the sector.

If you are looking to learn more about the CPU Gamer, you have come to the right place. In this article you will find all the data you need to buy yours safely. Keep reading until the end to know how to choose the best model.


What is a Gamer CPU?

The definition of CPU is Central Processing Unit, in Portuguese, Central Processing Unit, which corresponds to a computer’s processor.

However, the term CPU Gamer is widely used to refer to the case and all the processing parts of a computer: memory, hard disk, video card, the processor itself, among others.

In the beginning, games were more popular on consoles, because computers were large, expensive and dedicated to office tasks mainly.

With the beginning of the popularization of personal computers from the 80’s and 90’s, this scenario began to change, with this, computers also became synonymous with games.

Since then, there has been a great increase in the games market, with new technologies, better graphics and new features, such as the possibility of playing online.

With the need for ever greater evolution and new functionality, computers began to stand out in relation to consoles due to the fact that they can evolve more quickly.

In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore gave rise to Moore’s Law. He said the computer’s processor would be 2x more powerful every 18 months.

This is one of the reasons why the CPU gamer has increasingly become an object of desire, and the community of gamers on computers is growing every day.

What are its advantages?

Among the advantages of having such equipment at home, we can highlight that it is designed for this purpose: to play. Therefore, its performance ends up being much better compared to other computers.

The Gamer CPU is the perfect option for those looking for higher graphics quality, something fundamental to run most games. The response time of the machine is also very fast.

Below we have separated a table of advantages and disadvantages in relation to the main competitor, video game consoles:

How much?

The gamer CPU is an item that has a wide price range, where the most basic models start from R $ 1,700, while the more advanced options can cost up to R $ 8,000.

This variation occurs due to the equipment’s potential, that is, its technical specifications. In this guide, you will find options for all pockets




A survey by NPD Group and published by MeioBit showed that young people and adults, between 13 and 59 years old, play some type of game, whether on PCs, console or even through a tablet or smartphone.

The survey also found that a teenager plays 19 hours a week.

Where to buy?

This product can be found in physical and digital stores. At specialized computer stores in your city or department stores.

However, on the internet you will find a wider range of products and generally with better offers. Some examples of e-commerce are:


    • Amazon;



Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Gamer CPU Models

Although you have already learned many important details regarding the product, we would like to add new information that may be decisive in your purchase. These are the main aspects to observe when making your choice:

  • Games
  • Motherboard
  • Processor, video card and memory
  • Fountain, cooler and cabinet

Next, we will understand the importance of observing four factors in detail.


What games do you usually play? The first factor you should consider is the types of games you plan to play.

This will directly influence your choice and may help you not to waste money buying a Gamer CPU far above your need, or do the opposite, by purchasing an option that does not meet your expectations, which will certainly be frustrating.

We can start by giving the example of the genres race and FPS (in Portuguese, shooting in first person), which are generally the types of games that require greater processing due to the dynamic action and also for trying to reproduce scenarios with great graphic precision.

However, there are exceptions, such as the game FPS Counter Strike, which remains one of the most popular after years, and which does not require such a powerful Gamer CPU. Check out a video about this game published by the Throneful channel, which currently has more than 1 million subscribers:

The opposite occurs in MMO and strategy games, which despite often presenting incredible graphics, do not require as much of the CPU Gamer, and basic or intermediate models can be more than enough to guarantee your enjoyment.


The motherboard is the part that usually receives less prominence than processors and video cards, however, it is the foundation of any computer or CPU gamer, where all the other components connect.

Therefore, any problem or incompatibility of this, will certainly have a very considerable effect on your entire gamer CPU. Differential factors for motherboard are compatibility with newer technologies, such as DDR4 and DDR5 memories and SSD memory cards.

More advanced models have greater electrical protection and also guarantee even more extra slots (spaces) so that you can add more memory sticks and even other video cards.

Processor, video card and memory

The most famous triad of pieces are mainly responsible for the performance we expect. They are the ones that will determine the full power of the Gamer CPU, so we don’t even need to stress how important it is to analyze the technical specifications.

  • Processor : literally, it is responsible for processing your programs. The greater their capacity, the faster and better their performance.
    The main specifications of this are the number of cores and the clock speed. For both, the bigger the better. However you need to be aware that the bigger, the more energy is used and the hotter it gets.
    This you will need to compensate with other components that we will talk about later.
  • Video card : responsible for sending images to the monitor, it can be presented as integrated (on-board) or dedicated (off-board), this second being the most recommended for a Gamer CPU because it uses only its own memory, instead of “Pull” the system.
  • Memory : is the part that allows access to the files stored on the computer. Measured in Ghz (giga-hertz), it is one of the main factors that will determine how many tasks at the same time your CPU Gamer will be able to perform and how well it will do it.
    It is one of the cheapest parts and depending on the motherboard, multiple “combs” can be used. Together with the processor and the video card it is largely responsible for running your games with higher quality.

Learn more details about the video card:

Fountain, cooler and cabinet

In this second group of pieces we present the “piano chargers” of your gamer CPU, because while the previous ones do the heavy work of bringing processing speed and video and image quality, these are responsible for ensuring that everything continues to work properly.

As we mentioned earlier, more powerful parts require and use more energy, which also corresponds to greater heat generation. Therefore, the more power you want from your gaming CPU, the more attention you will also have to pay for these items.

  • Source : a model with higher voltage and better quality, will allow the power to be provided more adequately and will protect your entire Gamer CPU better in case of power fluctuations.
  • Cooler and case : they act to compensate for all this energy, since the first is responsible for providing ventilation and “expelling” the heat from inside your CPU.
    And a well-designed and proportional cabinet to the rest of the parts allows for a better ventilation of the cooler, guaranteeing lower temperatures, which is ideal to give greater longevity to your Gamer CPU.


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