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Top & Best Xbox 360 Games Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Xbox 360 Games: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome, your most complete shopping guide on the internet! In today’s article we will talk a little more about the different games for Xbox 360. With almost 15 years of existence, even today the famous video game console conquers and pleases a legion of fans.

There are thousands of different games for the device in the most diverse modalities: race, journey, fight, RPG, challenges, FPS and many others. So choosing from the wide variety of games available can be a difficult task.

If you are unsure which game to buy, check out our guide. Here we indicate the five coolest options, plus advantages and disadvantages, prices, where to buy and what are the main purchase criteria. Stay tuned!


First, the most important

  • When deciding which Xbox 360 game to buy, it’s interesting to keep in mind what your favorite game styles and which ones you want to play at the moment.
  • Games for any type of device are sold on a wide variety of websites. So be sure to make the purchase from a trusted online store and always make sure the product is genuine.
  • The prices of Xbox 360 games can be considered quite affordable.

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Buying Guide

In doubt which game – among the thousands that have for sale – to choose? Check out our Buying Guide. Here we will show the main advantages and disadvantages, purchase criteria, prices and more. Be sure to check it out.

Xbox 360 games: what are they?

The question could actually be: Xbox 360, what is it? The Xbox 360 is nothing more than a video game console from Microsoft, more precisely the second version of the Xbox series.

Launched in 2005 in the United States and in 2006 in Brazil, the peripheral was discontinued and the production of new consoles ended on April 20, 2016, but until today the company supports the platform.

With a system more attractive to game developers, the Xbox 360 was for a long time the favorite video game for creating games, since it delivered more ease for creating games than the consoles of competing brands.

And it is for this reason that many games from that time ended up running better and performing better on the Microsoft peripheral, as was the case with Red Dead Redemption and Bayonetta, for example.

Games for Xbox 360 can be free, downloaded via the brand’s marketplace or found on physical media (CD). There are more than 1,500 games, of different modalities and types.

Age group, piracy … What to pay attention to?

As with any other video game, PC or mobile game, there are some details that need to be taken into account when purchasing.

A very pertinent information: the age group. At what age is each game indicated? It is very important to be aware of the indicative rating when purchasing for a child or teenager, for example, as the content may be inappropriate.

It can be a trivial detail, but it is always good to remember: when buying the game, make sure you are purchasing the right product for your video game (Xbox 360 and Xbox One, for example). Sometimes it may not run if it is the wrong version.

In addition, we must also be aware of the issue of piracy. Nowadays it is very easy to fake and distribute versions of almost any game. And, as they can end up damaging the console, always opt for the original products to avoid problems in the future.

How much?

Xbox 360 games do not have large price differences. The values ​​usually match the quality, size and fame of the game. However, prices are very reasonable.

In this Buying Guide we list games from R $ 30 to a maximum of R $ 177, varying greatly from one to the other.

Where to buy?

Currently it is very easy and simple to purchase Xbox 360 games. The most common practice is to buy physical media over the internet or download it from the Xbox marketplace. You can find them on the websites of Amazon, Lojas Americanas and Microsoft itself.

Do you prefer to check it out before taking the game home? Bookstores, such as Fnac and Saraiva, or supermarkets and stores that have an electronics section, such as Extra and Magazine Luiza, also sell the product. And always remember to check reviews and comments from online stores if you decide to buy the game over the internet.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing Xbox 360 games

To decide which game best fits your personal taste and needs of the moment you can take into account some criteria.

They will help you evaluate your options and make the right purchase. Check below the list of essential items that can help you in the ideal selection:

  • Game style
  • Age rating
  • Game completion time
  • Game size

Below, we explain exactly what should be observed in each of the factors to be considered when purchasing a game for your Xbox 360.

Game style

Certainly the style of the game will be a determining factor when it comes to acquiring it. You will find options for any type you want: action, race, journey, fight, championship … There are many products available.

The decision will really be up to your preference and personal taste or will at the moment. It may also be related to your game purpose: is it just for entertaining and spending time or would you like to make the hobby more professional?

Options for all tastes and pockets abound. Making the choice may even be a little difficult in the face of so much variety.

Although long, the video below the Bframe channel, with over 175 thousand views, shows all games for Xbox 360. Be sure to check it out!

Age rating

As we mentioned earlier, it is very important to pay attention to the indicative rating of each game. Some may have content that is inappropriate for children and adolescents because it contains themes of sex, drugs and violence, for example.

This factor will end up influencing your purchase, since it is interesting to follow the criterion. Even depending on the amount of inadequacy, certain games don’t even come to Brazil, due to government restrictions.

Game completion time

The time to complete a game is also a factor to be considered. There are games with shorter stories, which in a few hours you can finish and are interesting for those who want to have fun in a short period of time.

Others offer a long plot, with several challenges, obstacles, possibilities, alternatives and universes. In large games, the time spent will obviously be longer.

So, when buying a game, consider the time you want to spend on it and whether you want a simpler game to enjoy and dedicate a few hours or a long one that will take days to complete.

Game size

The Xbox 360 has different storage capacities: 4, 20, 60,120 250, 320 and 500 GB, depending on the console’s hard drive. In addition, it is also possible to increase memory through USB drives.

Although it is a good capacity, when buying a game, it is important to pay attention to its size, because, depending on how many games you already have stored, it may not have enough space.

However, this concern is only valid for digital games downloaded directly on the device itself. Being used in physical form of CD, the game does not occupy space on the peripheral, of course!


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