Top &  Best Gamepad Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top &  Best Gamepad: What are the best models of 2022?

Welcome to! Today the topic to be addressed is a gamepad. With several options on the market, this smartphone accessory gives players more control and precision in their games on their mobile phone. Since there are different brands and models, it is important to know them and choose the one that best fits your needs and pocket.

If you are unsure which to purchase, this article will help you. In it, you will find information about the best gamepads, how much they cost, where to buy them, how to use them, as well as tips and the main features of this accessory.

Today, gamepads are a fever among lovers of online shooting and multiplayer games, such as Fortnite, or racing, such as Asphalt 8: Airborne.

First, the most important

  • Before purchasing your gamepad, it is important to know which games you want to use it for, which system your phone is on and whether the accessory in question is compatible. This detail is essential for the control to work correctly.
  • Generally, the gadget is made of the same material (ABS plastic). Therefore, it is possible to choose it based on the brand (from the most famous to the least known), quality of the gamepad (observing the buttons, support and other details of the accessory) and compatibility with the smartphone.
  • Finally, prices are varied and this is due to the quality of the gamepad. Simpler controls cost less, and more complete ones are obviously more expensive. We list products from R $ 80 to over R $ 500.

Best gamepad models: Our favorites

If there’s one thing that the gaming market does, it’s thinking about constant improvements for the players on duty. The gamepad appeared to facilitate the control of games through the cell phone. Are you looking for the best on the market? Check out the selection we’ve made for you below.

Buying Guide

Today it is possible to play with a lot of quality through your smartphone. This is thanks to the gamepad, a control that just needs to be attached to the device, play and ready, the fun can be taken anywhere. But how to choose the best gamepad on the market?

Stay with us, in this Guide we want you to learn all the important details to be considered before finalizing your purchase.

What is a gamepad?

New video games and smartphones appear at every moment. With so many options available, it’s even difficult to keep up. But, for those who know and like this universe, the new possibilities are increasingly interesting.

One of them is the gamepad, a wireless control that, when having the cell phone connected, facilitates the operation of the game, giving more precision and control to the player. With it, the user starts to play more firmly and comfortably.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the gamepad?

The advantages of investing in a gamepad are many. His accuracy, firmness and control in the game are just a few of them.

Gelli, from the Gelli Cash channel – which has more than 4 million subscribers – shows how a gamepad works through the Free Fire game. Give play to check:

The touchscreen controls of a game do not work as well as those of a physical controller, for example. Thus, players with smaller screens end up being harmed.

The compatibility of gamepads to different devices is also an advantage. Being very comprehensive, gamers can use them on different devices, with different systems.

However, while it is compatible with several devices, most gamepads are also somewhat restricted, and it is not possible to use some of them on iPhones, for example.

The same goes for games. Many of them are restrictive, having different commands for the game on the screen or on the computer.

Is the gamepad compatible with my smartphone?

This type of control to be used in cell phone games has, in most cases, formats (with ergonomics similar to those of Xbox or PlayStation, for example) and similar functions.

The material for gamepads is usually ABS plastic – acrylonitrile butadiene styrene – and the weights are similar, ranging between 200 and 308 grams. For charging, accessories come with a USB cable, except for the SteelSeries model, which is charged via the Lightning connector.

It is important to note that not all work on Apple devices.

At the time of purchase, it is essential to read the specifications to find out if the controller you are considering purchasing is compatible with your smartphone.

How much?

Gamepad prices may vary according to brand, functionality and quality.

You can choose between the most expensive models, from the most famous brands, or choose a simpler one, without the support for the attached cell phone, for example.

The values ​​of the products in this guide are between R $ 80 and R $ 520, in order to provide options for all types of pockets.

In addition, gamepads for iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch are usually more expensive, due to the restrictions that Apple places.

Those compatible with Android systems usually have more interesting and competitive values.

The Adeh Channel, which has more than 870,000 subscribers, shows how this equipment works with the Fortnite game. Check out:

Where to buy?

To acquire control it is not extremely necessary to go to a physical store. On the internet it is possible to buy it on several sites  Amazon, If you prefer to see the product in person, check if the ergonomics are comfortable, if the material is of quality and receive tips from experienced salespeople, visit stores that specialize in games,


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different gamepad models

There are some important criteria for evaluating the different gamepad models. To make your choice, there are certain characteristics that must be taken into account and researched in each of the models you are interested in.

As there are several options and it is sometimes a little difficult to choose a particular control, due to similar functions, we have raised the details below that are essential to help in the selection. Are they:

  • Material quality
  • Functions
  • Battery life
  • Compatibility

Below, we explain exactly what must be observed in each of the factors to be considered at the time of purchase.

Material quality

Although the majority of gamepads on the market are made of ABS plastic, it is possible to notice, when handling it, if the control is of inferior or superior quality. A more robust product appears to have better quality. But the lighter, the more comfortable.

When it comes to keys and buttons, you can also see the quality. Some accessories feature more pressure-sensitive buttons, which increase the game’s control accuracy, for example.

If you decide to buy online and do not have the opportunity to handle the product, stay tuned for comments and reviews from those who have already purchased.


When configuring the gamepad for the mobile phone, you can select which function you want to play.

There are, for example, gamepad, app, keyboard and iCade modes (for use with iPhones). Each game is also recommended and compatible to be played in a certain role.

Keep an eye on the accessory’s settings to choose the one that best fits your needs and desire.

Battery life

All gamepads featured in this purchase guide have a built-in lithium battery. With durations between charges that vary from six to 40 hours, the time of use between one charge and another is important.

You should consider which one works best for you, within the other factors to be considered for the purchase.

The loading time for each of them is also essential so you don’t have to wait long before you can play again.


This criterion is very important when choosing your gamepad. If you have a smatphone with the Android system, there are more options on the market and with easy configuration.

If your phone is an iPhone, some models are restricted. However, some brands say it is possible to use it on a jailbroken phone – that is, unlocked – but are not responsible for any problems.

Before purchasing, check in detail whether the gamepad in question is compatible with your mobile device being used.





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