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Top & Best Spanish Deck Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Spanish Deck: Which is the best in 2022?

Today we will talk all about the Spanish deck, a classic, elegant and multifaceted card game, which goes from truco to escopa, and also passes by the tarot.

In the Guide below, we will show your suits, your cards, your modalities, your packs, and, of course, the best models, in short, everything to find the best deck for you and your game.

First, the most important

  • The deck of the Spanish deck can consist of 40 or 48 cards.
  • There are few “common” card games that can be played in the Spanish deck, such as truco.
  • You can find quality packs for no more than R $ 20.

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The best Spanish decks: Our team’s favorites

You will now see our selection of the best Spanish deck packs. Card material, suit design, packaging, in short, everything was used as a criterion for assembling the list below.

  • The Spanish deck to carry in your backpack
  • The Spanish deck for your gambling

Buying Guide

With more than five centuries (!) Of tradition, the Spanish deck has withstood the times of modern entertainment, and continues today as a great alternative to have fun with friends.

In this Shopping Guide, we’ll show you why. We will present your suits, we will list your games, we will analyze your varieties, in short, everything for you to find your favorite pack.

How is the Spanish deck?

With reports of the first packs appearing between the 14th and 15th centuries, the Spanish deck as we know it today was built from the combination of elements of the rich Spanish culture and even of Latin culture.

Today, the standard of the Spanish deck is that your deck has between 40 and 48 cards, excluding wild cards. Their cards are numbered from 1 to 12, and in packs of 40 cards there are no numbers 8 and 9.

Learn more about the Spanish deck and its cards in the video below:


From 1 to 9, the cards are identified by the illustrations of their suits – diamonds, spades, hearts and sticks, which is like the suit of clubs in the “traditional” deck in the amount corresponding to their number. Gold card number two, for example, has two gold coins drawn.

Cards 10, 11 and 12 are identified by figures, respectively the accent (or jack), the horse (or rider) and the king. They are analogous, in a way, to the jack, queen and king, respectively, of the French deck, the most used in the world.

To distinguish the suit of these cards, “dots” are used, which are lines that surround the figure. The amount of interruptions in the horizontal direction indicates the suit. An interruption is the heart suit; two swords; three is enough, and when there is none, it is the diamond suit.


Did you know? It is from the pint of the Spanish deck that expressions like “I recognized by pint” or “pint of famous” came out.


What to play with the Spanish deck?

As the Spanish deck is very specific in its suits and numbers, many of its games are equally specific, exclusive, even, to its deck, suits and cards.

The most common are Mus , a bicentenary game of Basque origin, Escopa de Quinze, of Italian origin, Bisca, also Italian, truco and truco gaudério, a more common modality in southern.


The Spanish deck is widely used for tarot card reading.

In addition to games, the Spanish deck is widely used for tarot card readings. Each card has a specific meaning, and each suit grouping a certain reading bias, such as the heart suit, which indicates many issues of interpersonal relationships.

How is Copag’s Spanish deck?

Copag is the market leader in playing cards and cards. Its Spanish deck receives the brand’s attention, with the same quality of paper, and respect for the traditions of the culture of the deck and, at the same time, an adapted visual language.

The packs come with fifty cards, one wild card and the traditional Copag guarantee card. The card designs have more modern features, with thinner faces and well-defined details.

The spots are kept, but are aided by small visual identifications of the suits, such as the knight of swords, who wields a sword  or the king of diamonds who holds a gold coin.



  • Quality Charter
  • Respected tradition
  • Thin and more detailed strokes


  • “Plain” paper

How much does it cost and where to buy the Spanish deck?

Spanish deck packs are not expensive, nor do they vary widely in price, nor are they hard to find. The common packs are around R $ 10 and R $ 20.

Most card shops and others specializing in games, have the Spanish suit. On the internet it is even easier, in online stores like Amazon, which provide you with the comfort of buying directly from home.


Purchasing Criteria: Choosing your Spanish deck

So let’s go to our final list, this time of criteria for choosing your Spanish deck. Your items are features of the product and its use that are worth more detailed attention before you complete your purchase.

  • Material of the cards
  • Suit drawing
  • Pack box
  • Kit

We will talk, of course, about each of the items, so that your choice is the most aligned with you and your activities.

Material of the cards

The material of the cards is a point that ends up dictating the feeling of touch, handling during games, in short, interferes in much of your experience with the deck, as well as its durability.

So, look for packs with cards of coated card paper or other paper with plastic coating, to give flexibility and resistance to the letter.

Suit drawing

The design of the suits is also worth your attention. First, to ensure that it is in fact a correct Spanish deck, with the correct illustrations, especially in the pint, we remember those linear boxes that surround the card and define the suit.

Then, go after the model that looks the best. Notice the colors, the outlines, the dimensions of the drawings, the details, in short, whatever draws your attention the most. We’re happier with what we think is beautiful, aren’t we?

Pack box

In the pack box, the ideal is that you look for the model that is visually pleasing, practical and durable. Note, then, how the box is opened, its weight, and its material.

It is also worth thinking about how much you will use the deck, to weigh in your choice the ease of opening and the reinforcement of the structure.



Lastly, remember that there are games that need two or more packs. So, depending on the game (s) you are going to play, it is worth looking for a kit with at least two packs.

Preferably, opt for the kit that have packs of different colors, which usually have the backs of your cards with blue, red or black designs.


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