Top & Best RPG data Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

RPG data: How to choose the best in 2022?

You in battle with a certain dragon. Only one result in the RPG data can define your future in the game. Emotions of the type are in the most different adventures of Role Playing Game.

Since the beginnings of D&D, RPG data has been a trend in many systems. From a distance these products look the same. But, before buying, you need to read this text to learn important points about the versions and choose the best choice.

First, the most important

  • RPG data can have 2 to up to 100 faces.
  • The best RPG dice are metal.
  • Personalized options sometimes get in the way of seeing the numbers.

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Best RPG data: Our recommendations

The ReviewBox team went deep in the research to create a special ranking. Read about the technical details of each popular choice for excellent quality:

  • Less costs and more benefits
  • To resell in droves
  • For professional players
  • The metal that makes the difference


Buying Guide

Some people always prefer something cheaper. Other profiles like RPG data full of customization. There is a model for each preference, as you can see in the shopping guide below:

What is RPG data?

Since the seventies of the twentieth century, the industry started to release different data from different sides, especially the role-playing games that started with the popularization at the time.

These productions are composed of several types of materials: Glass, pergola, plastic, metal, among other choices. It’s a great gift for the nerdy boyfriend .


“In order to be impartial, some RPG games are defined by a roll of the dice.”

What are the RPG data formats?

RPG data has several sides to make games more enjoyable, full of statistical variables and details that make the stories come alive.

These data are named with the number 1 followed by the letter “d” and the number of sides. Key examples:

    • 1d4 : In the shape of a tetrahedron (or pyramid), this version has 4 sides. The results should be read from below, unlike the other data that show the numbering drawn at the top.
    • 1d6 : In square form it is also common data in other games.
    • 1d8 : It has 8 sides and is in the shape of an octahedron. In practice there are two pyramids.
    • 1d10 : This is the trapezoid with 5 sides at the top and 5 sides at the bottom.
    • 1d12 : The 12-sided dodecahedron has been used by Egyptians since ancient times.
    • 1d20 : Popular as the D20 system. Production in the format of icosahedron, a reference to the term “Icosa” which in Greek means “20”.

How to play the RPG dice?

According to the action of each character, it is necessary to make a dice roll to take a number higher or lower than the number indicated by the master after performing a simple arithmetic.

For example: A warrior intends to attack the dragon Tiamath. For this, the master subtracts the warrior’s club (for example, 18) from the dragon’s armor class (example: 1).

Thus, it is necessary to take more than 17 or more on the d20 die to hit the attack.

Assuming you take an 18 on the die and hit the attack with your long sword that has 3d8 damage. So the d8 die is thrown 3 times, counts the result and then subtracts the dragon’s hit points.

Attacking, running, hiding, flying, casting spells, in short, any decision in the game involves throwing RPG dice to find out if the action was successful or not.

What are the advantages of playing with RPG dice?

Thanks to the RPG data with its different faces you can play a game closer to the real thing. Consider that the science of statistics and probability appears in the right measure so that the adventures are not too easy or too difficult.

But, be careful when buying productions with excessive customization. In editions of the genre it is sometimes difficult to see the numbers. Find out in the table more pros and cons of RPG data:



  • Different faces
  • Different materials
  • For various purchasing types
  • Make RPG games more real
  • Trains the mind with arithmetic reasoning
  • Decorative objects


  • Low price productions wear out fast
  • RPG data can get hooked quickly
  • Excessive customization hinders to see numbers

Metal or pergola RPG dice: Which should you choose?

Metal RPG dice have more aesthetic finish and are heavy. Excessive launches hardly spoil the ends of these products. Thus, even after long years of use the chances of results for each face remain the same.

On the other hand, RPG dice with pergola, plastic or other lightweight materials are less resistant. After a few months of use these models become addictive, that is, they almost always generate the same results in each bid.

Get a deeper understanding of the differences in RPG data:


How much do they cost and where to buy RPG data?

RPG data can cost from R $ 2 to up to R $ 50 or more per unit. It all depends on aspects like composition, customization and point of sale.

Devir Livraria and Wizards are physical stores that sell different versions. The lightest plastic productions are in the hypermarket. Buy top quality metal data online at Amazon without leaving your home. In the Free Market there are also offers.


Purchasing Criteria: How to compare RPG data offers

When launching your D20 the results are almost always 1, 7 and 19? So, you need to buy other RPG dice, with new sides, without wear, favorable not to harm the probability.

Only when buying a product with no quality you can end up taking RPG data that are even worse! Avoid this by following the commandments of model comparison:

  • Customization
  • Finishing
  • Weight
  • Internal

Discover the meaning of each point as you continue reading:


Is your goal to buy RPG dice just to decorate? So, there is no problem if the numbers are barely visible. On the other hand, buy items of very apparent numbering to play more easily.

Use the color of the product according to the search scenario. For example, white dice combine with adventures on the ice. Red models, on the other hand, serve in combination in caves or even in medieval searches.


A die is only perfect when it is well carved. This means that in addition to having the perfect tips, the models must have the same weight on each side.

When you buy a metal die, 1d20 is almost certain to have a 5% chance of generating each result.

Plastic or pergola models are often unbalanced, so it’s worth testing before you buy. To avoid wear and tear you can store these versions in appropriate cases.


One rule doesn’t really change: The heavier the better the RPG die. This means that the internal composition is resistant to the point of not generating easy wear when launching products on hard or soft structures.


The data cannot have internal malformation. Some plastic models have the bubble inside which causes weight balance problems, and therefore certain numbers appear more frequently.

Avoid dice with the bubble that tends to stay on top because gravity pulls the heavier side down.


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