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Top & Best RPG books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

RPG books: Which are the best to play or read in 2022?

In this article you will unravel the mysteries about RPG books. Such works are interesting to take readers and players to parallel realities.

An RPG game table almost always has a book that contains all the rules to be used in the development of the stories. Some old works are fascinating as they are still successful today.

The positive news is that there are thousands of RPG books with different systems and different scenarios. You cannot buy just because you thought the cover was beautiful, but because you were interested in certain criteria, revealed in this text.

First, the most important

  • RPG books serve to play in groups or read as a literary work.
  • Before buying RPG books, pay attention to the time of the game and the difficulty levels to play.
  • There are also RPG books in which you play individually the basis of reading.

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Buying Guide

Do you count the days for the weekend to arrive with the objective of picking up some RPG books from the shelf and playing with colleagues, transporting yourself from reality?

The experience is more pleasant when you know how to choose the best work for the complete fun of the staff. Learn how to make this choice in our shopping guide:

What are RPG books and how do they work?

Role Playing Game (RPG) books have rules that form a table game or reading system. In some versions to play it is also necessary to use dice from different faces.

In RPG books the term “system” means the universe in which the game and the rules take place.

In part of the RPG works there is a master who narrates the adventures of the books (or, creates according to his own mind) while other participants represent the characters. There are also other different methodologies.

The RPG book is divided into rules book, world book and supplements. They are all created with the purpose of tracing details and structures so that the reader is able to produce his own fiction – Edson Ribeiro Cupertino, specialist in RPG.


What are the best RPG books to play?

It is impossible to say which book or game system is better. This is because people can have different tastes in scenarios or gameplay.

Gurps’ books are leaders in several lists of best RPGs. This is a system with rules for different representations of different times.

The popular editions of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) have very specific rules. There are medieval and magical scenarios. This system is related to the “Cave of the Dragon” design.



What are the advantages of RPG books?

Few games are sociable like RPG books. In a match, colleagues get together to represent characters, which can generate animated, mysterious or even dramatic moments. The good player has to be a bit of an artist.

In some RPG books you can play without anyone, while there are also some editions that are more for reading, with no gameplay to reach the end of the adventure just by reading.

Some works have more than 1,000 pages with rules only. This can be tricky to decorate or make consultations in several rounds of matches.
Discover more benefits of RPG books:



  • Sociable game
  • Possible to play alone or with friends
  • Different types of systems
  • Various times
  • Healthy escape from reality
  • There are read-only versions


  • Expensive
  • Complicated rules
  • Difficult to find in ordinary retail

RPG books to read or play? Which one is the best?

Read an exciting RPG story or gather colleagues in the room on weekends to narrate the story of the book and play in the master style with players? Know the difference between these two styles:

RPG books to read

These works are only for reading normally. Certain editions allow you to play alone (see more in “table vs. reading”, a criterion revealed later in the text).

Some models are thriller books that are so successful that they become table games.

Some versions are so successful that they end up becoming award-winning films or series. With these books there is an excellent way to face a supernatural world, feeling several unique sensations.


RPG books to play

For players the advantage of the RPG book to play is that it is possible to represent the characters themselves, as if everyone were in the film. You can even play the role of sovereign when considering the presence of the master who tells the story and duels with players.

The books of the genre even have sections with adventures made, character sheets, monster characteristics and general rules for attacking, defending, carrying weights, moving, among other behaviors.

Before, RPG systems were more like follow the master. The characters just followed orders and made decisions. Today there are methods in which the set of players also participates in the construction of narratives together with the master.

How much do RPG books cost?

RPG books can cost from R $ 5 to up to R $ 1,000 or a little more. Versions to read that are a little old have low prices. Luxury and revised play works have higher values.

Editions of famous titles generally cost more, as do collectible publications that are not published or reviewed by publishers. Depending on the game, you spend R $ 70 to R $ 400 to have all the books in order to play a system.

Where to buy the best RPG books?

You can buy it at the specialized bookstores, which on the weekend are even open to teach people how to play or offer a free space for the staff’s games: Those who do not live near bookstores should buy online, without leaving home. Mainly on Amazon there are RPG books in Portuguese, Spanish, English or Japanese.

The first RPG game in the world appeared in 1967, developed by David Wesely, in the United States. This table game had its own system, playable on the giant board with the theme “war”.



Purchase criteria: How to compare the best RPG books

To avoid the risk of buying a bad piece of work or that few people in your group like, you should understand some basic secrets. They serve to help you compare headlines:

  • Thematization and time
  • Table x reading
  • Players or masters
  • Board

Below you find out more about each idea listed:

Thematization and time

Have you ever thought about being the king of a medieval village with a lot of gold? Or, who knows, an elite troop soldier? Any wish is achieved, as long as you choose the RPG book that portrays the theme and the time corresponding to your scenery wishes.

Table x reading

RPG books to play are divided into two categories. The first is in the table game, in which there may or may not be a board in games that have a group with the master creating or following the reading of the story.

There are also reading books to play with. With these works you read and go to a page or another as indicated in the book. For example: “When you open the door, go to session 7 on page 13, if you want to fight go on page 8 session 9”.

These individual game books may or may not require the use of dice from different faces:

Players or masters

In some systems, such as D&D, for example, players’ books are sold separately from the monster books and the master work, requiring the presence of the 3 works to play.

In systems like Gurps, Shadowrun, Werewolf The Apocalypse and Vampire The Mask in just one book there are already all the rules to the game.


Some RPG books come with boards and dolls that are used to represent each step of the adventure, usually works of the genre are indicated for young audiences.
RPG books without boards are ideal for audiences over 16 because they demand a little more imagination from each participant at the table.



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