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Best Old video games Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

 Best Old video games: what are the best models in 2022?

Hello! Welcome to the most complete guide on the internet! we are going to talk about some products that can bring back the nostalgia of other times: old video games!

Anyone who has played since childhood must have already played on consoles that are now considered classics. Each with their characteristics, they can be found today.

In the mood to return to playing an old video game? Or having that feeling that you had to reset that game years ago? Check out our guide and remember some models, see how much they cost, what are their advantages and disadvantages and where can you buy them.


First, the most important

  • Old video games are incredible to remind us of childhood games.
    Classics, you can find some models both in its original version and in special reissue editions.
  • They are also a very cool option to collect, creating a true relic museum.
  • Finding the original versions can be a little challenging, but there are specific stores, such as game stores (both physical and online), that sell some options.
  • You can find old video games and different prices and they may vary according to the model. In this guide, we list consoles ranging from R $ 265 to R $ 630.

The best old video games: Our favorites

Nothing more nostalgic than playing a game in that video game that marked your childhood! Here are some old consoles and find out if one is worth investing in.

  • toy Mega Drive Console
  • Atari Flashback 8 Gold Edition Console
  • Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console
  • Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Buying Guide

Nothing like having fun playing your favorite video game, right? Although there are some very modern options today, with the best in videos and graphics, old video games end up bringing a delicious and nostalgic feeling from the past.

If you thought you would never play on a console in the past, rest assured! Some versions have been relaunched and are now on the market – and you can still find originals for sale. Find out more about what they offer.


What was the first video game in history?

Did you know that the first home console in history was the Magnavox Odyssey? Created in 1972, it was developed by Ralph Baer from a prototype that started in 1966.

This video game was a digital console, which used an analog video output circuit, due to the fact that televisions at the time were analog, and had an analog joystick.

Adding Odyssey and its updates, the console had a total of 33 games.

To learn how to connect old video games to a modern TV, watch this video, with over 110 thousand views, which teaches you how to do it.

Curiosities of old video games

Each console has its particularities and characteristics. Do you know what are the main curiosities of the old video games listed in this guide? Check out some of them in the table below!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of old video games?

The coolest advantage of playing in an old video game is to resume nostalgia and remember games from the past.

Another positive point is the fact that the versions relaunched today are practically the same as the old ones, but with updated technologies.

It is also very interesting to collect old video games, creating a real relic museum.
However, the original versions of yesteryear can be found at considerably steep prices, compared to the values ​​of current video games.

Another disadvantage is that if the console or any accessory breaks, the search for a repair or part will be more complicated.

See in the table below these advantages and disadvantages in a comparative way and know if it is worth investing in this product.

How much does an old video game cost?

Video game prices vary by make and model. The value may also depend on whether the console is original, from the time, or whether it is a revamped and relaunched edition.

In this guide, we list various options that cost between R $ 265 and R $ 630.

Where to buy old video games?

As with most electronics, finding them online is very easy. You can purchase your old video game on the websites of Amazon, among others.

In physical stores, the search is a little more difficult, but you can find the classic consoles in specific locations of games and old accessories, such as some game bookstores.

The most important thing, when shopping on the internet, is to always read all the comments and reviews of buyers who have purchased the video game you are looking for. Since you won’t be seeing it in person, trusting those who have already purchased is important.

Purchase criteria: how to compare old video games

There are some criteria that are essential for you to choose between one console and another. To help you with this task, we have raised some points for you to take into account.

See below what they are:

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Design
  • Year of manufacture
  • Price

Now, see in detail each of the factors that can influence your purchase.


The brand is a factor that always ends up influencing the purchase and many people choose the video game by this criterion.

There are Nintendo fans, Sega fans, and those of the classic Atari. Each brand has its models and each console has its characteristics. If you are used to a specific one, it is common to end up choosing a company console, for example.


Like the brand, the model is also a very important point to be taken into account when buying. Do you prefer a video game with a joystick? Go from Atari.

Or do you like the games available on Sega? The alternative is to choose by Mega Drive. Each video game has its peculiarities and each model will deliver something specific.


Design can also be a factor of influence, as it is linked to the shape of the console, its size, accessories, inputs, and connectors,

More compact models or large options. CD, cartridge, tape. Ergonomic control, with several buttons, or classic joystick with only one button.

All of these details are related to the design of the old video game and end up, whether you like it or not, is a decisive criterion for its acquisition.

Year of manufacture

As we are talking about old video games, the year it was released is a feature that counts a lot.
You may be looking for a console from the 1970s, or something more “recent”, manufactured in 1990. Each generation had its most popular models and they have some detail that, at the time, was considered new.

Although all video games on this list are considered old, they are from different decades and this opens up a little more the range of options for you to choose from.

The Nerd Show, a channel with 1.2 million subscribers, showed in a video what old video games were like. Check out!


The price is also, of course, a decisive factor. You may be in good financial time, able to invest in the coolest edition of an old video game.

You can be sure that you will find options with higher prices, but that are in great condition (if it is an original console at the time) or super-special editions re-launched.

But if you are looking for an old video game just to play from time to time, have a little fun or even have it in the collection, you will also find old consoles much more affordable in bookstores, for example.

The important thing is to know that this is a vintage product and the values ​​can have a number of implications. But for sure you will find the ideal, which is within your pocket and your expectations.



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