Top & Best Checkers Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Checkers: What are the best models in 2022?

Board games have always been considered a fun classic. There are several types, but today we will talk about one of the most beloved ones: the game of checkers.

It is very likely that you learned to play at an early age. Adored by people of all ages, the game of checkers goes from one generation to the next and pleases everyone.

If you haven’t learned it yet, rest assured that it is not difficult – although there are a number of rules – and you will get the hang of it fast. Check out our Buying Guide and know which one to choose. Here we list some models, prices, features and where to buy them. Good fun!

First, the most important

  • The checkers game is a great classic of board games. With unknown origin, it has several derivative and inspired games. It can be manufactured in various materials, such as plastic, MDF, marble and wood.
  • It is a great tool for the mental development of children and also for increasing the reasoning, logic and concentration skills of adults.
  • You can find checkers in a wide range of prices, but this is a product that usually doesn’t cost much. This Guide contains options of a minimum of R $ 23 and a maximum of R $ 120.

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Best checkers games: Our favorites

Wanting to resume the habit of playing on a board and not just online or in applications on your phone? How about betting on a game of checkers? Below are some options, stay tuned.

  • Checkers, Chess and Backgammon
  • King Carlu Checkers and Chess Game Toys
  • Checkers and School Chess Game Parents and Children
  • Checkers and Junges Track White
  • Checkers and Chess


Buying Guide

Who doesn’t like to have fun with playful and classic games? We are always surrounded by technology and online options, but sometimes all we want is a board challenge, like checkers.

See our tips and know which option to buy. Despite having the same function, each model has its peculiarities and surely one of them will please you!

What exactly is checkers?

There is hardly any person who does not know – or at least has never seen – a game of checkers. It is difficult to determine when this board game came about and where it came from, as there are a number of records of similar games used thousands of years ago.

A checkerboard very similar to that of checkers, for example, was found 3,000 years BC. Egyptian checkers have also been discovered and, in 1535, the game became known as Jeu Force, when introduced in France.

The checkers game is a board of 64 squares (8 by 8), and Portugal, and the version best known worldwide is one of 100 squares (10 by 10). Played by two people, it usually features two sets of pieces: 12 white and 12 black (but they can be found in other colors too).

The objective is to eliminate or immobilize all the pieces of the opposing player, through diagonal moves. Whoever manages to capture his opponent’s chips first wins.

Saw? It’s simple! In this video, from the Learn Damas channel, which has more than 20 thousand subscribers, you learn how to attack and defend in the game. Check out!

How do you play and what are the rules of checkers?

However, despite being an apparently simple game, it has a number of rules that must be followed. Learn the basic rules in 8 steps!


  • To start, the position of the board must be with the large diagonal (the largest line formed diagonally by the dark colored squares) starting on the left side of each player. Therefore, the first square to the left of both opponents will be black.
  • From there, twelve pieces of the same color are distributed to each person and must be positioned in the dark houses, occupying the three lines closest to each one.
  • The rule is that the person with the white pieces starts the game , making the first move (moving from one square to another).
  • The players alternated to finish the game.
  • In addition, each type of part has different rules . Common pieces (that is, formed by just one plug) can only move forward, to a black colored square in the next row or diagonally to the square in which it is located. In capture, they can only capture opponent pieces back and forth, which are in an adjacent position.
  • The checkers (one chip on top of the other, won when the piece reaches the bottom line of the board) can move diagonally both forward and backward to any free space. But, for that, the path cannot have other pieces, it must be free.
  • To capture a piece , she can take the opponent’s most distant diagonally, but the path between the lady and her must be clear. The direction between the captured piece and the final square cannot contain pieces either.
  • The game is over when all of the players’ pieces are captured . Remember that it is also possible to tie. It happens when there are 20 moves followed by checkers without any capture or movement of common pieces.

Check out the explanation of a checkers game from the beginning:

What are the benefits of checkers?

The game of checkers, in addition to entertaining and entertaining, also brings several benefits to those who play it. The game is great for the mental development of children, increasing their skills of logic, concentration, calculation and reasoning.

So it is very important to introduce it to schools. The game ends up being an excellent exercise for the mind and brain, training the memory, creativity and imagination of the little ones and reflecting the gains in school performance.

For adults the gains are also many! The reasoning capacity is increased, creativity is trained, as well as benefits for discipline, concentration and memorization

According to a survey by Assomensana (Association for the Development and Potentiality of Mental Skills – in the acronym in Italian), traditional board games shape new mental forms and produce very positive effects on the brain of those who play them.

The association’s president, Professor Giuseppe Alfredo Iannoccari, stressed that whatever the game, it is an important mental training, providing a true gymnastic of the mind to people.

This is because they require the brain to stay focused for a long time. And our head, together with intuition, helps us to pursue the best possible result when we play.

This video, with almost 390,000 views, teaches you how to calculate combinations to train your calculus skills! See below.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of checkers?

One of the great advantages of this product is, of course, entertaining! You can spend hours and hours playing and the fun will not end.

The checkers game is also a great tool for the mental development of children, being indicated to be introduced in schools and teaching methods.

It is also very beneficial for adults, stimulating creativity, reasoning, concentration and discipline. In addition, the checkers game is a very nice tool for socializing among people and a healthy form of competition.


Another advantage is that it is a relatively easy game. As soon as you learn the rules, it flows and you can play it smoothly, but, of course, without losing the air of challenge.

As a disadvantage is the fact that some models are quite simple, made of low quality materials. They may cost cheaper, but be aware that they will not last long.

Do you want to see the advantages and disadvantages of checkers in a simplified way? Check the table below with the positive and negative points placed comparatively.


  • Entertain and entertain
  • Great for children’s mental development
  • Stimulates adult creativity, reasoning and concentration
  • Instrument of socialization and healthy competition
  • After learning the rules, it is relatively easy to play


  • Simpler models are cheaper, but last less

How much?

Made in different materials – plastic, MDF, wood, leather, stones etc. – checkers can be found in a variety of prices, but this is a product that does not usually cost a fortune, with the exception of very few options.

Here in this Guide we list very different models and, to be democratic, prices also vary. The cheapest costs R $ 23 and the most expensive, R $ 120.

Where to buy?

The game of checkers is easily found. On the internet, when searching for the product, you find a lot of websites Amazon.

If you want to check in person and receive tips from a salesperson who understands the subject, you can find it in toy stores, such as Ri Happy, in sporting goods, such as Centauro, and even in large supermarket chains, such as Extra.

And if you choose to buy on the internet, don’t forget to check the reviews of the product in question. It is always important to see the opinion of those who have already bought the same model.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different models of checkers

If you are looking for a game of checkers to call your own, know that, of course, they are all the same, but differ by some criteria.

See in the list that we elaborated below the main points and characteristics of the different checkers games that will help you when buying. Are they:

  • Material
  • Board version
  • Size
  • Content
  • Price

Next, we will explain in detail what each purchase criterion means. This will definitely help you buy the checkers game you are looking for.


As we have already mentioned here, the checkers game is found manufactured in different materials. The most common are MDF, wood and plastic. There are some models made of metals, for example, with the magnetic base to adhere to the board.

Even made of stones, like marble, and leather you can buy. It is worth mentioning that the higher the quality of the pieces and the board, the higher the game price will also be.

Board version

The board can be found in two versions: in Portugal it usually consists of 64 squares, arranged in the 8 by 8 configuration.

However, the version best known worldwide is the one with 100 squares, distributed in the format 10 by 10. To play in the different board configurations, it is necessary to know the rules very well, as they differ from each other.


The size of your checkers will also be a criterion to influence the purchase. Are you looking for a more compact tray, ideal to be taken to various places?

Or are you looking for a large board, with flashy and flashy pieces? These options exist and are easy to find. You can also find some versions in “giant” size, where the pieces are moved with the body.


As content we mean what the board in question will contain. Some options come not only with checkers, but also with others, such as backgammon chess and even playing cards, for example.

If you want to buy a model that is three games in one, there are a wide variety of options. The cool thing is that you will be taking not only the checkers you want, but also others for your enjoyment.


This is a criterion that does not influence much, but it is still an important factor to be considered.

The checkers game is not a very expensive product, but it is found in a wide range of prices. We can say that there are even a few very expensive options, which are designer sets, made of leather and noble materials, for example.

You can buy a more affordable board, made of cardboard and plastic parts, but it will not last long. Or, if you want to invest in a wooden one that will last for a good few years, the choice may be worth more in the long run. The important thing is to know that there will be no lack of options for you!


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