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Top & Best Deck Magic Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Deck Magic: How to choose the best to play in 2022?

Have you always wanted to build an excellent Magic deck to play with friends or in the championship? This dream can come true, as long as your mind is prepared to make the best choices.

Let’s explore the universe of Magic The Gathering in depth so that you understand the essence behind the most famous trading card market in RPG history. Before buying any deck color read the text completely.

First, the most important

  • The rarest Magic deck cards cost thousands of dollars.
  • Winning decks have balance in common, unusual and rare cards.
  • To be durable, the Magic deck must have plastic protectors and be stored in the protective box.

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Best Magic Deck Options: Our Recommendations

It is no use buying just because you like the packaging. It is important to understand what technical details are in the offerings. Here are some trendy options:

  • For more freedom
  • To battle at any time
  • More benefits and less costs


Buying Guide

It is not uncommon to see people of different ages playing on the Magic deck at a table, considering the interactive character of collectible cards. Now discover the secrets and mysteries to buy your cards as an expert:

Is copying the Magic deck worth it?

Copying the Magic deck list available on the internet (action known as netdecking) to build your deck can be an interesting tactic, especially if you do not yet have the necessary knowledge for assembling your own authorship.

In the most famous tournaments, netdecking is almost a rule. These deck recipes are tested and approved by several professional players, that is, they have a scientific, theoretical and practical basis.


“The standard deck for Magic the Gathering will look like many others. There are many variations, you can rebuild a purchased deck and even build your deck with your strategy. ( 1 ) ”

How to assemble the Magic deck from scratch?

If you have the knowledge to play with a professional Magic deck, you can do the assembly by purchasing each card separately. Land cards and other common cards are cheap.


Land cards and other common cards are cheap.

To have rare cards, with powerful attacks or super-powerful spells, more money is spent. Unusual low and medium price cards provide balance to the Magic deck.

Usually these individual cards are bought from other players, on the internet or in publishers.

What are the advantages of having a Magic deck?

Use several different strategies that exercise the brain’s logical ability with the collectible cards that make up the Magic deck. Play with different people at a long table and make new friends thanks to the cards.

There are world tournaments that award valuable prizes to the winning decks. It takes years of experience for you to become a professional player to the point of building your own professional Magic deck without copying from the internet. Analysis plus pros and cons:



  • Rising collector’s market
  • Multiple edition choices
  • Stimulates logical and strategic thinking
  • Possibility to trade cards in the used market
  • World Tournaments
  • For ages 13 and up


  • More complex rules
  • Rare cards are very expensive
  • You have to invest large amounts to have a winning Magic deck

Deck Magic or Spellfire: Which is better?

The discussion was fierce to know Spellfire was better than Magic. Over time, MTG (Magic The Gathering) proved to be more popular to the point of launching several editions and developing a powerful world market.

This is not to say that Spellfire is bad. This collectible card game portrays the worlds of AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons), presents simple rules and has pleasant gameplay for four people.

Read more differences:

How much does it cost and where to buy a Magic deck?

A Magic deck can cost from R $ 10 to up to R $ 500,000, depending on the quality of rare cards on the cheap. With R $ 50 you buy a standard edition. By disbursing R $ 500 it is possible to build a strong tournament deck.

You can buy decks from publishers. Some children’s stores in malls may sell certain basic versions.

Avoid purchasing the product in physical stores on commemorative dates such as Children’s Day, Christmas or other holidays that make prices more expensive. Online, at Amazon you have more choices at low prices with free delivery.


Did you know that Magic is the first collectible RPG card game produced and continued today? These cards appeared in 1993.

Purchasing Criteria: Commandments to Compare Magic Deck Offers

Buy Magic deck with markers or RPG data ? What are the best colors to put together a winning combination? These are some of the questions you should ask before purchasing your Magic cards.


Compare the types of Magic decks on the market considering some criteria:

  • Rarity
  • Colors
  • Standard
  • Strategy

Learn the information for each criterion later:


In addition to serving to enhance the Magic deck, the rarest cards also generate margins for good business because they quickly add value. Some examples:


Usually the 60-card Magic deck consists of one or two colors. The choice of tones in your deck is related to your strategies. Find out more below:


If you are a beginner and want to play just for sport, with no intention of entering formal tournaments, buy the standard packaged Magic deck model that is cheap.

So you learn by playing and gradually investing in more powerful cards purchased separately, as your player skills and your knowledge of the Magic market advance.


Magic decks to attack must have proactive cards, ready to perform attacks of different types in order to end the game fast.

The defense Magic deck should be ready to generate surprises that allow you to turn the tables. Assemble this deck with tough creatures and some rare fulminating cards in powerful attacks.


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