Top & Best  Notebook gamer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best  Notebook gamer: What are the best models of 2022?

Welcome to! Today’s topic is related to the world of games: the gamer notebook. Just as there are accessories, choosing the ideal machine to run the games is very important. With a more sophisticated cooling system, it can withstand heavy games and many hours of use.

Every day more brands are creating their own and, currently, there are interesting options on the market. To find out if it is worth buying this product and how to choose it, it is important to know some models. If you are thinking of purchasing one and need to identify the main information, our article can help you.

Here you will find tips, benefits, advantages and disadvantages, in addition to the main features of a gamer laptop. We also put together the most interesting options, how much they cost, where to buy them and what are the main purchase criteria.

First, the most important

  • Before buying your gamer notebook, it is important to assess whether you are really willing to make this investment, as this model is more expensive than a conventional one.
  • If you have a lifestyle to play on the computer, a gamer notebook will be able to withstand extreme and continuous use without having its performance reduced.
  • This product is found in several online stores, so it is important to research well and buy from a reliable one. Make sure it has all the advertised configurations and accessories included.
  • The notebook is a more expensive product, but the price range is varied. In this Buying Guide we list machines from at least R $ 3,650 to more than R $ 12,000.

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The best gamer notebook models: Our favorites

As the offer is large, it becomes a challenge to find the right gamer notebook for your needs. With that in mind, we want to make your search easier, so we’ve put together the best gamer laptop models in this ranking. Check out:

  • Our favorite among all
  • For those who like big screens
  • The most cost-effective gaming notebook

Buying Guide

For those who are part of the universe of online games, being able to play from anywhere – and with a powerful computer – is a dream come true. The gamer notebook came up with this proposal. With it, you can guarantee high performance wherever you are.

In this Buying Guide, you will find the main details about the gamer notebook, in addition to knowing the advantages and disadvantages, main functions, prices and where to buy it.

What is the difference between a gamer notebook and a conventional one?

Today thousands of people are switching from their old desktops and CPUs to notebooks. Lighter and more practical, this laptop has the same features and has advantages over the CPU.

Used for studying, working, checking social networks, among other everyday tasks, the notebook is now also a powerful tool for PC gaming gamers.

The Adrenaline channel explains this difference, if you want to see a video review:

But, basically a gamer notebook is more powerful. With increasingly advanced technology, laptops for this specific use have been created, capable of withstanding heavy games, responding to commands quickly and delivering incredible image resolutions.

They are heavier and larger than conventional ones and one reason is the more sophisticated cooling system, with a more advanced set of heatsinks and coolers, capable of insulating the heat from the rest of the motherboard.

Do you want to know a little bit more? Check the table below to see the main differences between a gamer laptop and a conventional one.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a gaming notebook?

But and now? Is it worth investing in a specific gaming notebook? To make this decision, knowing the main advantages and disadvantages is important.


The right machine makes all the difference to play with quality.

Games are heavy and, in order for them to work in perfect conditions, the computer needs to support it. A common machine can even run the game, but it will certainly be compromised in terms of utilization. For anyone who takes PC games as a lifestyle – in addition to a simple hobby – having the right machine will make all the difference for you to play with quality, competitiveness and precision.

Because it has a neat cooling system, with fans, sinks and coolers, it does not heat up, not compromising processors and video cards.

Portable, the gamer notebook – even though it is heavier – can be taken anywhere and is easy to store. Thus, the player always has his main tool at hand.

This product also has a keyboard suitable for gaming, with LED backlight, more resistance and shortcut keys to facilitate commands and movements of the game.

The screen of a gamer laptot is also very high quality, and can even compete with the image of a TV, for example. With Full HD images, the user feels immersed in the game.

It also tends to be more practical when buying: unlike a desktop, for example, there is no need to configure it, it already comes with basic configurations that suit players well.

However, this can be a disadvantage for anyone who wants to assemble it their way. In a ready-made gamer notebook this is not so easy to do.

Another disadvantage is the weight and size: because they have thicker processors, in addition to the structure for the machine not to heat up, they are heavier and larger than an ordinary one.

In addition, due to its high performance and game performance, it is necessary to be very aware of the risk of overheating. Even if they have this more sophisticated system, this problem can still happen.

And finally, what ends up being a disadvantage is the price, in relation to a conventional notebook. As already said here, the gamer has more neat settings to handle the job. With that, the value of the machine ends up being higher.

To make it easier, see the main advantages and disadvantages of the product comparatively in the following table:

How much?

The price of a gaming notebook can vary widely and this is due to the brand, processor, screen size and settings.

There are cheaper models, with a smaller screen and a lower generation processor, for example, but there are also those with the best settings, screen resolution, graphics card and the most modern processor available.

In our Buying Guide we offer the laptop of different brands in a price range that varies between R $ 3,650 and R $ 12,600. It is important to note that all its more reinforced characteristics make this product more expensive than a conventional one.

Therefore, when offering gamer notebooks of varying prices, we aim to present machines for all types of pockets and budgets.

Where to buy?

Unlike accessories for gamers, such as keyboard and mouse, for example, the sensation factor is not the most important when buying the notebook.

So it is perfectly possible to purchase it from an online store. Sites like Amazon, If you prefer to check the product in person, take a look at the settings, image quality and receive guidance from an experienced salesperson, you can go to your own computer store, such as Dell and HP.

If you decide to buy over the internet, the tip is to always search for reviews and comments from those who have already bought the gamer laptop you are interested in. The chances of you making a good purchase and meeting your expectations will be greater.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Gamer Notebook Models

To buy the gamer notebook that best fits your desire and expectation, it is possible to evaluate some important criteria that will help to compare the different computers for sale on the market.

Some characteristics are essential for a good purchase. When researching the different laptops, take them into account to purchase the notebook that most identifies you.

Since there are a good number of options available for sale, we raised the criteria below that can be of great help in making the decision – mainly because it is an expensive product and will be an investment. Are they:

  • Processor
  • Screen size
  • RAM memory
  • Storage
  • Drums
  • Weight and measurements
  • Video card
  • Price

Below, we explain in detail each of the purchase criteria. Check out the factors to make the best possible purchase of your gaming notebook.


As the goal of the gamer notebook is to support heavy games and run them without problems and complications, the processor is a very important factor.

There is a wide range of options, from the simplest to the most robust, and the latter will be that of the gaming computer.

Typically, gaming notebooks have an Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processor, with four cores, which allow you to work with a large number of applications, without compromising performance.

Screen size

With the emergence of new models, the screen size ends up being a characteristic that can be chosen. If you prefer a more compact notebook, 15-inch screens can work.

But to get a good view of the game and all the details, screens of at least 17 inches are very interesting.

RAM memory

The amount of RAM memory present in a notebook is directly linked to the functions to be performed and other machine configurations.

For gaming computers – as well as those for editing and storing photos, for example – the most suitable is a memory of at least 8GB and, even better, if it is 16GB.

It is also possible to expand your computer’s memory, reaching 32GB. In this case, the investment is higher, so it is important to consider whether it is really worth it.


Just like storing a huge amount of high-resolution photos, storing games also takes up space on a machine. In this case, it is interesting to take the hard disk into account.

A large hard drive, 500 GB or even 1T may be sufficient for most people. In this regard, one should also think about storage technology. Currently, there are two types: the hard disk (HD) and the solid state drive (SSD).

The second is focused on speed and will make a difference when loading the notebook system and applications.


A notebook with good hardware configuration is unlikely to deliver a good energy performance, since hardware is one of the main makers of battery autonomy.

In terms of autonomy, the ideal is to bet on products that have at least three hours of continuous use. However, games require high battery usage and it is often difficult to play continuously without the charger plugged into the outlet



Weight and measurements

It has already been said in this guide that a gamer notebook is bigger and heavier than a conventional one. This is due to its more complex and stubborn configurations, in addition to a more sophisticated cooling system.

Therefore, this is a product that is unlikely to be the easiest and lightest to carry, but you can compare the measurements and weight of the different options for sale.



Video card

Video cards serve to deliver the best possible performance in multimedia tasks and three-dimensional games. For games, this is an essential factor. And there’s no way: a gamer laptop needs to have a more powerful chip than a traditional notebook.

Like processors, there are parts with different levels of performance. Among them are the R9 M275, GTX 960M, R9 M290X, GTX 970M, R9 M390X, GTX 980M and the GTX 980.


Finally, price is a very important criterion for choosing the ideal gamer notebook. In this shopping guide we list products that range between R $ 3,650 and R $ 12,600.

Gaming computers are more robust, powerful and complete. Therefore, they inevitably cost more than conventional laptops. Analyzing whether the investment is worthwhile is crucial.

Even with a high price, it is a product that, among the options, offers a very variable price range. This is due to the processor type, memory, size, screen inches and other features.

Therefore, it is only up to you to look carefully at the settings of each one, what it offers, promises and supports to make the right choice.

You can opt for a more affordable notebook, which delivers what you need to be successful in games, but if you’re willing to extend your budget, there are incredible machines that can make you the king of the game.




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