Top & Best Games for two Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Games for two: What are the best titles in 2022

Hello, this article is for you who love video games and like to play, mainly, with one more person! Today’s theme on, your most complete Buying Guide on the internet, is games for two.

Whether for PlayStation, Xbox and even Nintendo Switch, games with the possibility of playing together are always more fun. In the titles that we will present here, you can make journeys, build things, compete and more.

Want some tips to know which game to buy? Check out our article and see some options, as well as prices, features, advantages and where to buy them.


First, the most important

  • Games for two are ideal for those who want to share the sofa and have fun playing together. Like solo games, they exist in several types: journey, puzzle, competitions, racing and much more.
  • They are great for improving teamwork, collaborative spirit and even healthy competition.
  • As is the case with video games, prices are a little high. Here we list games for two that cost between R $ 100 and R $ 240.

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Ranking: The 6 games for two coolest

Playing video games is always fun and even better if it’s in two people! Check out our Ranking, know some of the coolest titles and make your choice.

Buying Guide

Playing with two people is always more dynamic and fun. And there are many options and several game styles for two, right? But, how to choose? Which title will be the coolest to play with two people? To help answer these questions, don’t miss our next tips.

Our Buying Guide will try to clarify your doubts about games for two coolest ones on the market. Check out!

What is the purpose of games for two?

Those who like and usually play video games, know that there are thousands and thousands of games. You even get lost among so many options, ranging from journeys and stories, to shooting games, running, championships, fighting and more.

There are those games that are only funny when played by a single player, who ends up being involved in the story, facing challenges alone. And you can confess: in some cases it is even better.

But there are also titles that have been specially developed to be played in two. It is always a lot of fun to share the couch with one more person and complete complex levels, solve missions and defeat villains.

In addition to the cooperation between the two people being strengthened, games for two also enable greater team spirit. Of course, in some titles players will be rivals, competing with each other, but in many of them they will really need to help each other to complete the game.

Fun, enthusiasm, collaboration, construction and camaraderie are just some of the elements that games for two people (and even more) will bring. They are different from solo games, providing another experience, another style of play.

If you are tired of playing alone, of not sharing your tasks in a game with someone, bet on a game for two players or more. You will have a more elaborate, more dynamic, more interesting and, certainly, more lively game.


Did you know that cooperative games were not invented recently? They are an essence of tribal demonstrations, where members gathered to celebrate life. And in this type of game, usually, who lost or made mistakes is not excluded. The objective is precisely to bring people together.


Games for two: How can they be played?

In this article, we wanted to prioritize games that can be played by two on the couch, that is, not only online.

And there are some options for playing with two or more people. Of course, the most common thing is to do this through a wi-fi network, being able to connect with people from all over the world, including.

But it is also possible to play for two in split screen mode, with each having their own game vision, or also on the same screen. The important thing to note is that, in this mode, two controls (or more, if applicable) are used.

And how is this gameplay for two in a game? It can be in different ways. You can:

    • Share the story with a friend, with each one playing their own way;
    • Cooperatively, where both need to collaborate together to achieve the goal;
    • Competing with each other, with each acting separately, but in search of the outcome of the game;
    • Each player with a specific mission, and more.


Malena is a very famous game youtuber, with 5.7 million subscribers, and is always experimenting with games. In this video she tests Just Dance with someone else. Check out!

How to choose the right games for two?

When buying a video game for two people, always pay attention to whether the product is really original. Nowadays we find almost anything fake and a pirate game will damage your console.

Another factor that must be considered is the game’s age rating. Always check from what age each game is indicated. It is very important to be aware of the indicative rating when playing with a child or teenager, for example, as the content may be inappropriate.

And finally, check all the features of the game in question to see if it is played with someone else sharing the screen and the couch, or just online. Some games allow multiplayer, but only by remote mode.

The purpose of games for two in this Guide is really to engage both people, to make them have fun together in the same environment, cooperating in pursuit of the same goal in the game.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of games for two?

One of the main points of playing with two people is that it is always a lot of fun, lively and guaranteed to have a good laugh. Games for two also enable teamwork, increasing the spirit of cooperation, collaboration and solidarity.

Playing with two people can be a little easier too, as one player will help the other when he is unsure how to act.

In addition, many of the games for two also allow you to play with more people, even reaching six players.

Another positive point is that, in addition to working in split screen mode, with players on the same couch, they can also be played via online, with each player in a different place.

Watch this vlog from the Brancoala channel, which has more than 5 million subscribers, and see how fun it is to play with two people.

As a disadvantage is the fact that, depending on the game, there may be some kind of rivalry and negative competition between players. Make sure that the game is always fun and does not get to that point.

To facilitate the understanding of the main positive and negative points, see the table below for comparative advantages and disadvantages.

What are the differences between games for two and solo games?

It is obvious that games to play alone are different from games for two or more people. But what are the main differences? Have you ever thought about what they might look like?

The table below that we have elaborated shows in a more clear and simplified way how these two types of game are distinguished in two questions. See the main points below:

How much?

Video games have varying prices and are not very cheap. The value of each one will depend on the manufacturer, the platform to be played, the franchise etc.

This guide contains titles that cost at least R $ 100 and a maximum of R $ 240. Remember that the physical version ends up costing a little more than the virtual one, but you always find games in the promotion.

Where to buy?

You can either buy the physical media, on CD to be inserted in the console, or in virtual format, purchased at your video game’s game store. The CD versions can be found in physical stores and also online.

If you prefer to buy games for two without leaving your home, search the Brazilian Amazon, Lojas Americanas, Mercado Livre and game store websites, such as Rocketz Store and Game Store.

If you choose the internet, be aware that the product is original, always buy from trusted stores and check the comments and reviews of those who have already purchased the game in question.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare different games for two

The number of games available for sale on the market is immense! From different manufacturers and for different video game platforms, the options are practically endless.

Despite this, some criteria can help you and make this choice for two ideals easier. Check below the list of points to be taken into account when purchasing.

  • Game style
  • Game completion time
  • Platform
  • Gameplay

Below we explain in detail what each purchase criterion means. Remember that they can be a guide in your quest for games for two.

Game style

This is probably the most important purchase criterion. The type of game is a determining factor and it influences a lot when buying a game for two people.

Action games, racing, journey, fighting, championship, shooting, puzzles … The decision will be up to your preference and personal taste (and the other player’s) or even according to your wishes at the moment.

The game style can also be related to your game purpose. If you are looking to just have fun and spend time playing games, or if you intend to take it to another level, training to become professionals, for example.

Game completion time

A game’s completion time can also be a factor to take into account. After all, there are quick titles, with shorter stories, and other very long ones, such as journeys, that can last for months.

Games for two can be found of both types, both longer and simpler. However, when playing with two people, the interesting thing is to have dynamics, speed and agility.

Of course, a journey full of stories and possibilities can also be very interesting to be played together, but be careful that the plot is not tiring and one of the two ends up getting bored.


Surely your video game platform will be important when buying games for two.

Each console has its own specifics and games. The Xbox One or 360 is different from the PlayStation 4, which is different from the Wii and so on.

The same is true with games: not all are available for different video game platforms. Be aware of your choice of game, as it will only work if it is compatible with your console.


The gameplay criterion is related to the way the two people are going to play. Will it be through a split screen? On a single screen? Or else through sharing control?

In addition to the possibility of playing with other people online, where each one plays from different places.

However, the most fun of games for two is just that: sharing the couch, building the game together, facing the possibilities in a cooperative way, sharing the reactions among themselves.

Whether it’s a collaborative or competitive game, there are different gameplay options. The important thing is that they promote teamwork and, of course, fun.




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