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Image and action: How to choose the best in 2022

Today’s topic is: Image and Action, the classic guessing game that brings together people of different ages and is guaranteed fun.

If you want to buy an Image and Action game then you’ve come to the right place. In this Buying Guide we will teach you how to play, what are the different models of the game, what you should take into account when buying yours and give some buying suggestions.

First, the most important

  • The Image and Action game can be played by children, teenagers and adults. Most games are rated for people aged 10 and over, but there is a junior version for children aged 5 to 10.
  • Imagem e Ação is ideal for those who like dynamic games with lots of movement, fun and laughter. It is also very good for those who like to play as a team.
  • There are five versions of the game: classic editions 1 and 2, limit, special edition, junior and junior special blackboard. The toy is produced by Grow and costs between R $ 55 and R $ 140.

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Best Image and Action games: Our favorites

The Image and Action game has numerous advantages in children’s learning, such as teaching the value of rules, the importance of planning and strategy, what it is like to work as a team and also encourage logical reasoning.

The cool thing is that you find versions for all age groups, with different degrees of difficulty. Want to know which are the best models of the game Image and Action, check the list below.

  • Game Image and Action 1 Grow
  • Image and Action at the Grow limit
  • Junior Image and Action Magic Whiteboard Grow
  • Game Image & Action Special Edition Grow

Buying Guide

Board games are enjoyed by children, youth and adults, gather family and friends and are a good choice for an afternoon of fun. It is not for nothing that games like Image and Action span generations.

The most interesting thing is that these games help to stimulate the children’s creativity, teach that it is necessary to follow the rules, to make plans and learn to work as a team.

How to play Image and Action?

Image and Action is a board game in which four or more players form two to four teams and each round a team must match the words drawn on a letter to advance on the board and win the game.

When it is a team’s turn, the player who will make the drawing selects a card from the deck and rolls a dice with different letters, the letter that comes out corresponds to a category of words or expressions described on the card. Are they:

    • P of person, place or animal
    • The object
    • The action
    • D hard
    • Leisure l (movies, books, games, sports, artists)
    • M of mix (words of any category)


The player has five seconds to analyze the word he received and about a minute and a half (time marked by an hourglass or timer) to draw, scribble and sketch tips of which word or phrase was drawn.

He cannot speak, gesture, mimic, write words or numbers. The player can continue to draw and the team proposes several words until someone gets it right or time runs out.

If the team gets the word right, it advances houses and continues to play. If the word is not guessed, the move passes to the opposing team (in the case of two), or to the one on the left.

The team that advances all the spaces on the board first is the winner.

All versions of the game have a deck of 120 to 198 cards with 480, 800, 2400, 3000 or 4000 words or expressions divided into six categories. It also comes with a board, four pawns (each represents a team) and a dice.

To consult the game rules you can use the instruction manual that came with the game. To time each move, the toy comes with an hourglass or timer.

Drawings, sketches and doodles must be done with paper and pen. Some versions come with one or two slates and pens and there is a junior line version that comes with a magic blackboard.

What are the advantages of playing Image and Action?

First we can highlight that it is a game for the whole family and very easy to play. There are different versions for all ages, including children, youth and adults.

It is a great game to encourage teamwork and encourages logical reasoning and quick thinking.

In addition, this is a time of relaxation and fun, whether for children or adults. It is even an excellent opportunity to integrate the whole family in a single activity. It is also a way to get children out of electronics.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of this game:


  • Encourages teamwork
  • Stimulates logical reasoning and agility of thought
  • There are six models
  • Children, youth and adults can play
  • Integrates family and takes children out of electronics


  • Need at least four players
  • Some models come without a blackboard and pen to draw

What are the different versions of Image and Action?

The classic versions of the game are Image and Action 1 and 2 which have 2400 words divided into six categories and 198 letters (different in each model). A board, four pawns and an hourglass come to time each move.

There are two models of Image and Action dedicated for children aged 5 to 10 years: the Image and Action junior and the junior magic blackboard.

The Image and Junior Action comes with two decks, a blue that has more simple words and is suitable for children 5-7 years and the other red with more difficult words and suitable for children 8-10 years.

Each deck has 60 cards (with four words each) and, in all, there are 480 words to guess. It also comes with two laminated slates, three colors of crayons and a flannel to erase the design.


Each team has the time measured by an hourglass to guess the four words in the letter. The player can only change from the first word to the second word when the team gets it right.

The Image and Action Junior magic board must be played in the same way, the difference is that this model comes with a magic board, 200 cards, an hourglass to time and eight chips.

For teenagers and adults the game Image and Action at the limit comes with a special timer that, in addition to timing the play time, has a support for placing three cards chosen by the team that is playing.

After choosing three cards, the player must roll the dice to see which words he will need to draw for the team and pass these three expressions in a very short time.

The timer drops one card at a time, so the player must choose the easiest words to draw first, before the corresponding card falls. The game comes with 4000 words or phrases different from the previous games.

The Image and Action special edition has the differential of having a timer and two slates for players from two teams to draw and the respective teams to guess the puzzle. In addition there are 3000 words in six different categories.

How much?

You can find the game Image and Action in different versions and price ranges. The simple junior model costs R $ 55 and the magic blackboard version R $ 75. The classic models cost between R $ 80 and R $ 100. The limit version costs R $ 100 and the special edition is the most expensive and reaches R $ 140.

Where to buy?

You can buy an Image and Action game at toy stores like bookstores also sell the toy.

If you prefer to buy over the internet you can buy through Grow’s own website or on Amazon, which has all models at discounted prices. Buying online you don’t even need to leave home and find the model you want.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different models of Image and Action

The Image and Action game is certainly fun for children, young people and adults. To buy the ideal model you must take into account some characteristics, which change from one version to another, they are:

  • Age of players
  • Difficulty level
  • Parts
  • Quality

We detail each of these items below, check it out.

Age of players

Image and Action is a guessing game recommended for children and teenagers over ten years old. For players in this age group, you can choose between Image and Action 1 and 2, on the limit and the special edition.

There is a dedicated line for children as well. Junior Image and Action comes with two decks, one with simple words for children aged 5 to 7 years and the other with a higher level of difficulty, for children aged 8 to 10 years.

Difficulty level

You can find the game Image and Action at different levels of difficulty:

  • Easy level : Image and Action junior and junior magic blackboard
  • Intermediate level : Image and Action 1 and 2 and special edition
  • Difficult level : Image and Action at the limit

The degree of difficulty needs to be analyzed carefully. The interesting thing here is to consider who will use the game.

This criterion is related to the previous one. Try to follow the indicated age range, because if you present a child with a more complex game, he may be discouraged and leave the toy played, which would be a bad investment.


All Image and Action games come with some basic pieces such as board, pawns, cards, instructi

on manual and an accessory to mark the time of each game, which can be an hourglass or a timer.

In most models it does not come with paper and pen to make the drawings, but some models have two laminated slates, pens and eraser they are: Image and Action junior and junior magic blackboard, special edition and at the limit.


Beware of the originality of the game. Be wary of much lower prices and take care of the place of purchase. The original game is from the Grow brand.

Some forgeries can have a very thin and inferior quality board, which can tear. Always buy original products.



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