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Top & Best Children’s swimming goggles Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s swimming goggles: How to choose the best model in 2022

Is your child going to start swimming lessons and were you responsible for buying swimwear, silicone caps and children’s swim goggles? So know that swimming goggles are the most important item on this list.

If you have doubts about which model is ideal for the little one, continue with us, as we have prepared an article with all the information on the subject and some tips on how to choose the ideal model.

First, the most important

  • The children’s swimming goggles serve to protect the eyes of the small swimmer and enable vision in the water.
  • It is important to buy swimming glasses suitable for children, as the accessory has a size and shape appropriate to the characteristics of the child’s face. The accessory should also have some adjustments.
  • The shade of the children’s swimming goggle lenses must be compatible with the environment in which the child will practice the sport. Transparent lenses are suitable for indoors and colored lenses are suitable for outdoors.

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Buying Guide

Children love to swim in the pool, especially during the summer. But in order for your child to be safe and comfortable during leisure time or in swimming lessons, you should invest in a good pair of children’s swimming goggles.

Versatile, the accessory can also be used in the ocean, in lakes or waterfalls. To choose the ideal swimming goggles for your child, check out all the information in this Buying Guide.



What is the importance of children’s swimming goggles?

Children’s swim goggles are a fundamental protective accessory for small swimmers. Because most pools are treated with chlorine, a chemical that can cause irritation, itching and redness in children’s sensitive eyes.

When diving in the ocean, children’s swimming goggles are also important, as they avoid contact of the eyeball with the high concentration of salt and the microorganisms present in this ecosystem – this goes for waterfalls and rivers.

Remember, when a person opens their eyes in the water, the tear film, the protective layer of the cornea is removed, leaving the eyeball vulnerable to the action of chemicals used in water treatment and microorganisms in the aquatic environment.




What are the benefits of child swimming?

Swimming has many benefits for children. So much so that the low impact sport can be practiced by babies from six months of life.

The activity strengthens the muscles, aids breathing, develops psychomotor skills and stimulates the development of cognitive, emotional and social aspects. Swimming also prevents the child from suffering from sedentary lifestyle, obesity and stress.

To make the most of the lessons and water games, the child needs good children’s swimming goggles.

The accessory protects the eyes, helps the little ones to see under the water, improves the sharpness and increases the field of vision, fundamental characteristics to avoid accidents during swimming and diving.



Should children’s swimming goggles be chosen according to the frequency of use?

The frequency at which the child takes swimming lessons during the week helps to identify what type of swimmer the little one is.

When classes are held only once a week, we can consider the little one an occasional swimmer who must wear comfortable children’s swimming goggles and with simple adjustment systems, that is, with adjustable straps and nose.

When swimming up to twice a week, the little one is considered a regular swimmer and must wear swimming goggles with a soft nose bridge and narrow field of vision. The goggles must be easily adjusted and offer stability during swimming.

When swimming three or more times a week, we can consider the child an intensive swimmer who must wear swimming goggles with a lot of grip on the face, a precise field of vision and a lot of stability.

How to preserve children’s swimming goggles?

To preserve swimming goggles it is important to wash the lenses with running water after use to remove any chlorine and fat residues from the body. It is not necessary to use detergent or to rub the lenses, as you can remove the UV and / or anti-fog film.

Allow it to dry in the shade and wait until it is completely dry to store it. Another important precaution is to keep it in a cover that prevents it from coming into contact with other objects and, consequently, is scratched, dirty or damaged.

How much does it cost and where to buy children’s swim goggles?

The variety of models of children’s swimming goggles reflects the variety of prices. You can find models for prices that vary between R $ 15 and R $ 60.

You can buy the accessory at children’s stores like Alô Bebê, BMart Brinquedos, PBKids, among others, or at sports stores like Centauro.



Purchasing criteria: Find the best children’s swim goggles

There are several options for children’s swimming goggles that your child can use to protect their eyes from contact with the pool water during swimming lessons or leisure time. Some tips can help you choose the perfect model for your child, check out:

  • Purpose of use
  • Size
  • Fixation
  • Visibility and shade of the lenses
  • Nose support
  • Design

We will detail each of these topics during the section. If you have any questions, please share some information that we did not mention during the text or record your experience, leave a comment below.

Purpose of use

Determining the purpose of using children’s swimming goggles is essential to find the ideal model. You find two types of swimming goggles:

  • Children’s swimming goggles for leisure offers more comfort and is indicated for swimming lessons, training and leisure moments. It is developed for those who are learning to swim.
  • Children’s swimming goggles for performance is designed to reduce friction with water and is aimed at children who practice swimming as a sport. As it is a semi-professional model, the value is high.


It is essential to buy swimming goggles for children, as the models suitable for children allow an appropriate and comfortable fit around the head, in the eyes and nose.

In addition, children’s swim goggles have an adjustable strap and nose piece that allow the accessory to be left in the perfect size and monitor the child’s growth over a long period.

It is important to mention that you find swimming goggles for babies and children, both of which inform age recommendations on the packaging.




Children’s swimming goggles must be firmly attached to the child’s face, otherwise it may allow water to enter or leave the head during swimming.

To find the ideal size, try the swimming goggles on your child’s face. Place the lenses over the eyes – still not fitting the elastic band behind the head – gently press and notice that the glasses are firm without the child having to hold it with his hands.

If your swimming goggles don’t fall off your face, this is the right size. If it falls, it is necessary to try another size of glasses. To choose the right size, consider:

  • Swimming goggles for babies can be used by children with small, delicate faces.
  • The size intended for children can be used by teenagers with small faces.
  • The single and adult sizes can also be used by children, as long as they are proportional to the face.

Remember that the manufacturer indicates the age group corresponding to that model of swimming goggles in the product packaging. If you decide to buy the accessory over the internet, seek this information.

Visibility and shade of the lenses

Visibility is very important in the water, so the lenses must be translucent and sharp, regardless of color.

Transparent lenses are ideal for indoor locations, while colored lenses – especially yellow or blue ones – are perfect for outdoor use – the condominium’s pool, beach, lake or waterfall.

For outdoor environments, you can choose swimming goggles with mirrored, smoked or photochromic lenses. Compare all lens color options in the table below:


Nose support

Children’s swimming goggles need to be comfortable on the child’s face so as not to disturb him during sports practice. In this sense, one of the characteristics that most influence the comfort or absence of it is the support for the nose.

You can find models with plastic and silicone support. We recommend the model with silicone support as this material is soft and malleable.

Avoid models with stiff rods.

Avoid models with rigid rods, as they can hurt the child’s face when used for prolonged periods or in case of impact.

Give preference to a swimming goggle with an adjustable nose piece, as models with this characteristic adapt to the shape of the child’s face.


You can find a wide variety of children’s swimming goggles on the market. For small children, we recommend the large, colorful models with drawings of popular characters in the children’s universe.

For older children, who already participate in open training and competitions, we recommend the most neutral models, with only one shade and without print. Such models are generally better and more expensive.


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