Top & Best X Games Watch Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

X Games Watch: What is the best model of 2022?

Today’s text was made with you in mind, who wants a beautiful, sturdy watch and associated with one of the biggest sporting events in the world. After all, let’s talk about the X Games watch!

There are several collections, designs and uses indicated for the X Games watch. Don’t find a model that’s right for you? Impossible. Even more with the guide below, full of useful information, buying tips and an exclusive selection with the best models in the catalog.

First, the most important

  • The X Games watch offer is divided into three main collections: Xport, Xteel and Xtyle.
  • There is a feminine niche of X Games watches, with more casual and sporty models.
  • The X Games watch has a very competitive price, ranging from R $ 150 to R $ 400.

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Shopping Guide

It was no accident that the X Games gained their current reputation. There were several very well organized and successful events that put it on the level it has today. Thus, you cannot expect less than the high quality of a watch with the brand X Games.

Despite the quality guarantee, you need to choose the right model, the most suitable for your use, your style and, of course, your pocket too. In this Shopping Guide, we’ll explore the brand’s catalog, explain the types, collections, differences, everything to help you find your X Games watch.

What is the difference between a men’s X Games watch and a women’s watch?

X Games watches follow the practice of most watchmakers and have a very clear distinction between male and female models. The offer of men’s watches is even greater, with more than two hundred models, while the female models are approximately forty.

The design difference is also traditional. Men’s watches have wider straps and more robust displays, even the most luxurious, as well as darker colors and even camouflaged looks.



Did you know? Since 2010, X Games has made an equal payment between prizes in the male and female categories.


The female models, in turn, count, even in the larger ones, with thinner bracelets and displays with smaller circumference, and with a cleaner look.

Because the offer of men’s watches is greater, there are also a greater number of watch styles, among casual, elegant and sporty. The women’s section even has a good variety of designs, but always alternating between casual and sports watches.


How do I set the time for an X Games watch?

In virtual communities, there were those who complained that the way to adjust the time of the digital X Games watch, and especially the instructions in the manual, were not very clear.

Although the process has details that change from model to model, there is a basic scheme for doing this:

    • Press the upper left button – The models vary between leaving it pressed once and pressing it three times. Regardless of the number, you must press until the seconds are flashing;
    • Press the lower left button – Press only once to select between the units (hour, minute, second, day and month), until the unit you want to change is flashing.
    • The upper right button will always add another unit to the number that flashes;
    • The lower right button will always subtract a unit from the number that flashes.


X Games Watch: Xport, Xteel or Xtyle?

Men’s X Games watches are divided into three main collections: Xport, Xteel and Xtyle. Each has a certain style, variety and even a different offer of models.

Xport has a sporty style, as the name implies. They are watches with visors or more robust or more practical, silicone bracelets and acrylic glasses.

Xteel, on the other hand, a joke between X Games and steel ( “steel”, in English), has casual models and more elegant models, not least because many have gold or ion treatment, which makes the models much brighter.

The watch straps in this collection are made of either steel or silicone, while the glass can be made of acrylic or mineral crystal.

Finally, Xtyle, which is the most diverse, most heterogeneous collection. Their models are more casual or sportier. The two styles are found in everyday watches, with bracelets or silicone, or polyurethane, and acrylic glasses.

How are X Games watches camouflaged?

The camouflaged look is very present in the catalog of X Games watches. The print is used in a very different way, providing several different styles.

There are models that are entirely camouflaged, and adopt a more robust design, with thick and bulky glasses and bracelets; others, with a sportier design, adopt a darker camouflage tone, present only on the plain bracelet.

There are those that combine these last two looks, with square glasses and a more robust style, but with the camouflage only on the bracelet.

The most creative, however, are the X Games watches that print the camouflage only on the edge of the glass circumference. With a smooth bracelet and negative display – black screen and white numbers – they are discreet, sporty and even elegant models.


Where can I find technical assistance for the X Games watch?

Finding technical assistance for your X Games watch is very simple. There is at least one assistance in all Brazilian states, usually in the capitals.

To find assistance from your state, simply go to the official website of X Games watches and click on your state.


How much does an X Games watch cost?

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for the success of X Games watches is their price. It is common to associate watches with exorbitant prices and jewelers and watchmakers, but these watches have very competitive values.

You can find older and more basic models from R $ 150, while the most elegant, robust models, in addition to launches, for up to R $ 400.


Purchase Criteria: How to choose your X Games watch

Anyone who has ever gone into a watch shop knows the difficulty of choosing only one watch. In the list below, we will show you what you need to notice in each model to leave a store, be it physical or online, with the best of the X Games line in hand.

  • Digital or analog
  • Functions
  • Collection
  • Material

Digital or analog

The starting point for choosing your X Games watch is the so-called clock movement, whether analog or digital. The choice is fundamentally a matter of taste, but it is possible to get more objective indications.

Analog watches, for example, tend to have a more luxurious, elegant design, more formal use, while digital watches take on more modern, casual, sporty looks.

If the indecision is too great, be sure to consider the “Anagiti” models, which have both movements. Their displays are a little more polluted, but they are more original.


A judicious way to compare and select the X Games watch models that appeal best is to look carefully at their functions.

Most models have standard functions, such as calendar, alarm, and chronograph, but other features such as time signal, dual time and lighting are restricted to certain models.

There are also cleaner models that do not have any extra functions.


The collections of X Games are not exactly homogeneous, but they help the future user to direct their preferences. Xport is perhaps the most cohesive collection, with sports models, with good durability for everyday life and even sporting functions.

Xteel focuses on models with metallic highlights, but not necessarily entirely metal, while Xtyle has elegant watches, other camouflages, other sports, in short, it is the most diverse collection.


The X Games watches, as we have said, always work with quality products and materials. But not necessarily the same materials.

To make the process of your choice more objective, there are two points regarding materials that are worth noting:

  • The “glass” , which is not always glass, and can be made of acrylic or mineral crystal;
  • The bracelet , which varies between steel, silicone and polyurethane.



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