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Top & Best Adidas football boots Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Adidas football boots: Which is the best in 2022?

Today we will talk absolutely everything about the Adidas football boot, one of the most modern and popular footwear in the world of the ball , which wears ballets, professionals and amateurs with the same efficiency and quality.

In this Guide, we will look at the best models, their innovations, their designs and, of course, how it can all improve the game of its users, from dribbler to defender, from midfielder to attacker. And whether for grass, street or court: the important thing is to find your ideal Adidas boot.

First, the most important

  • Adidas works with lines of boots, which bring together specific technologies, aimed at enhancing certain attributes of the game, such as kick, pass, good control.
  • The main lines are Predator, X, Nemeziz and Copa.
  • Regardless of the lines, the models may have different characteristics in their design, such as the built-in ankle bracelet (the famous “bootie”), leather without lace, breathable fabric, etc.

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Buying Guide

Adidas boots are not among the market leaders for nothing. They carry an understanding of what football is today, a complex sport, calculated and diverse in its styles, ideas and practitioners.

In this Buying Guide, we will see how this understanding of Adidas translates into the models of their boots. We will therefore show the different lines, technologies, indications and adaptations of the models. Everything so that you can find the ideal boot.


Adidas futsal or society football boots?

If Adidas soccer shoes are the most famous, inspired by professional soccer players and with great advertising campaigns, futsal and society boots are the most sold.

The final, are more accessible modalities for ordinary practitioners, either for their size, for their practicality, or even for their physical demands. Even so, Adidas football boots suitable for their practices do not have their own line.



On the contrary, they are adaptations of the main lines, most of them with the sub-line Tango , which adapts the models for indoor environments . They are modified where they really matter – in these cases, the sole.

In society boots, small or large, fixed or mobile rubber locks are inserted. In indoor soccer shoes, the locks are replaced by various grooves, favoring ball control, stability or acceleration on the courts.


Which professional players wear the Adidas Nemeziz boot?

A traditional expedient among boot manufacturers is the contract with professional players to not only use their products, but specific models. Players are given custom shoes for their style of play and the brand gets excellent publicity.

In the case of the Adidas Nemeziz boot, perhaps the best advertising of all will happen. No less than Lionel Messi puts on the tread of the latest line from the German manufacturer, designed to facilitate ball control and especially the quick change of direction during the game, with and without the round on the foot.

But the Argentine star is not the only one privileged with Nemeziz’s attributes.  Roberto Firmino and German Timo Werner, both front players, also put on the boot.

Why is the Adidas X boot ideal for attackers?

An attacker can have many characteristics and attributes, but to be successful in the game, he needs his things: power, to beat defenders, and precision, to beat goalkeepers.

It is precisely these skills that are privileged in Adidas X. Its sole has Speedframe technology , with mixed latches (pointed at the front and round at the heel), that make the shoes ultra light and easy to accelerate.



Another attribute is the leather with a patented Skeletalweave coating, which is a layer of fine threads that facilitate not only speed in controlling the ball but also the accuracy of the kick.

Not for nothing, the boot is used by two main strikers in world football, the Egyptian Mohammed Salah and the Uruguayan Luis Suárez.


  • Lightness
  • Facilitates speed control
  • Potentialized startup


  • Less stability
  • Lower resistance

How is the new Adidas Copa boot?

In 1979, Adidas launched the World Cup boot, which would become one of the most classic of the German company, almost a symbol of the brand. The model eventually went out of line, as a result of the market’s eternal search for evolution.

Recently, however, the World Cup was relaunched, but this time only as a “Cup”, a new and adapted version. The look remained classic, without major changes in the shape of the leather or the tongue, but now with variable colors, in addition to black, which incidentally starts to combine with other colors, such as red.

The leather remained, but now softer, to facilitate the accuracy of passes and kicks. The sole is now made of TPU, with soft inner layers, which cushion the main points of impact of the foot.


Another novelty is the elastic collar in Primemesh , which circulates the air in the ankle area and still makes the shoes wear your foot like a sock . The lashing, however, remains classic, by lace, and symmetrical.

The more traditionalists can rest easy. In addition to the “Cup”, Adidas launched a replica of the World Cup, all black with white details, and leather with kangaroo leather, which marked the time of its launch.

The World Cup was launched in 1979, but it was planned to be launched only in 1982, during the World Cup – hence the name – of Spain, won by Italy, one of the most present in the popular imagination.


What are the technologies of the Adidas Predator boot?

More than for any specific position, Adidas Predator boots are made for those who want to control the game. And it is only possible to have such a performance with the ball in the foot, and with certain passes.

For this, Predator has two patented technologies, Controlskin and Primeknit . Both are positioned in the textile upper of the boot. The Controlskin increases traction between footwear and ball, making driving, and embossed patterns that “guide” the ball during a pass.

The Primeknit , in turn, gives superior support in leather, giving firmness during last ball control. There is also the Controlframe , a frame in the forefoot that facilitates the control of the ball and the final contact before passes and kicks.

In addition, the innovations are geared to the player’s comfort, with anatomically designed and padded heel. After all, you need to be comfortable with your equipment to be comfortable on the field.



What is the best Adidas children’s boot?

As you can imagine, Adidas children’s boots also have the same lines as adult and professional boots. They also have a good part of the technologies of control, stability, etc., but adapted to the feet and bodies in development.

This point, incidentally, is very important in determining the best Adidas football boots for children. The ideal is that the models have technologies in the upper, heel and upper that mold to the feet of the small players.

“Botinha”, mesh upper , anatomical heel, all this is valid so that children’s feet have comfort and have their growth and development rhythm respected.


How much does an Adidas boot cost?

With various models and technologies, the Adidas football boot has a wide price range. You can find models starting at R $ 80, mainly children’s, futsal and offline models.

As the versions become more current, the more advanced technologies, the models can reach up to R $ 800, sometimes even more, if the boot is professional, that is, exactly the same used by professional players.


Purchasing Criteria: Choosing your Adidas boot

Let’s go now with our exclusive list of purchase criteria. They are characteristic elements of the boots that, if noticed carefully, can help you when choosing the ideal model.

  • Play style
  • Surface
  • Feature
  • Lock
  • Visual

We will, of course, talk about each one of these items, so that you go very well prepared and informed to buy your boot.

Play style

As we have seen throughout this Guide, Adidas football boots have a high level of specialization, with technologies and adaptations designed to enhance certain attributes of its users, such as the pass, the ball handling, even the kick.

So, a good way to start your search is to think about the ideal one for your style of play, that is, if you pass the ball more, if you risk more dribbling, if you like to accelerate with the round on the foot, and then find the line and / or the model with the appropriate adaptations to your specialties.



Adidas boots have reached a level that allows you to differentiate between firm surfaces and flexible terrain.

There is no use for a specialized boot for your position if it is not suitable for the surface – natural grass, synthetic grass, concrete, wooden stick, and so on – that you will be playing.

Note that it is not just a matter of modality, between field, society or court. Adidas football boots have reached a level of specificity that allows to differentiate between firmer surfaces (synthetic grass, for example) and flexible terrains (tall grass).


Another point that can help in your selection of boots are the striking elements of the models, which Adidas calls on its website “characteristics”. These are design innovations that change the dynamics and ergonomics of models.

Among the most important features are: socks, which are the anklets embedded in the shoe upper; the lace-up uppers, which secure the foot with an elastic material; the so-called breathable ones, with uppers and / or side panels in mesh or other hollow weave; and the lightweight models, which also have mesh in their composition.


For obvious reasons, this criterion is aimed at football boots for field and society. In this case, the locks are essential elements for the type of performance that the models will have during the game.

There are two points to note and choose, the size and material of the locks. Without going into the merit of which lock is better for which field, in general terms the large locks provide greater support, but decrease the speed, and the small locks do the reverse.

The same is true with flexible and rigid locks. The former give greater agility and less support, while the rigid ones give firmness in the step but slow in the stride.



In recent years, Adidas football boots have become increasingly important in terms of aesthetics. Combinations of colors and different designs have multiplied at the same pace as technical innovations.

So, having chosen the attributes that your Adidas boot needs to have, it’s worth taking a look at the look that most appeals to you. There are sober, classic, modern and extravagant models. Just choose.


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