Top & Best Acetone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Acetone: How to choose the best nail polish remover in 2022?

Today, let’s talk a little about the faithful companion of women when it comes to taking care of the beauty of nails: acetone. It is a fact that removing nail polish is not the most interesting part of your beauty routine, but it is certainly very important.

The quality of your acetone has a direct impact on the health and appearance of your nails. It is essential to use a formula that works for your type of nail. So it can be a little difficult to choose the perfect nail polish remover.

So, to help you with this task, we have separated all the important information when choosing an ideal acetone. Like the advantages, disadvantages and comparisons between products, as well as some quality acetone options. Keep reading and check out everything about this product.

First, the most important

  • Acetone should be chosen carefully and according to each type of nail.
  • Acetone is a flammable chemical, so it should be handled with care and away from sources of fire. Nor should it be inhaled for burning the airways.
  • The average cost of an acetone is R $ 3, however, it is possible to find more elaborate versions or with more volume that reach more than R $ 20.

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Ranking: The 3 best acetones

The perfect acetone can be hard to find, but if you want the best for your nails, you need to look carefully and choose the ideal type to avoid damaging both your nails and your skin.

Therefore, we have separated the best acetones available on the market so that you can take care of your nails with the best that there is today. They will be perfect for removing even the darkest enamels, check out the models below.

Buying Guide

Many women love to make nails and paint them with the most different types of nail polish, with many colors and shine. However, this practice can become a real headache when trying to remove these pigments, especially the darker colored enamels.

At such times, acetone is the best ally. But it must be chosen wisely so that there is no damage to the nails. Therefore, we have prepared this detailed Buying Guide with all the essential information for you to choose the best acetone available.

What is acetone and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Acetone is a powerful solvent that can quickly remove enamel from nails, cuticles and surrounding skin. It is the best way to remove from your nails that dark enamel or the layer of glitter that is difficult to remove.

However, it has a disadvantage: it leaves the nails clearly dry after use. That’s because acetone is essentially a paint stripper. Therefore, it is necessary to take great care when choosing an acetone for your nails.

“Super-dry and damaged nails will become more dry and brittle with exposure to acetone.”

Now, if you use acetone on a regular basis and your nails don’t look super dry or brittle when your polish is removed, there’s no reason to change your routine, as acetone is actually more effective than other removers, as well as cheaper.

If you want to ensure the hydration of your nails and skin, mix some vegetable oil with your acetone to make it more subtle. In addition, another option is to slightly dissolve the product concentration.


  • Economy
  • Removes the enamel better
  • Easy to find


  • Dry the nail
  • May leave sensitive nails brittle

Acetone or nail polish remover?

There are two different types of products for removing nail polish: acetone and nail polish remover. Most brands have products of both types – it is usually indicated on the front label whether the product has acetone or not. Therefore, many consumers are unsure of which model to choose.

The acetone is one of the most sought after options because this compound is very powerful and makes a more complete removal of enamel. In addition, it costs less and can be found more easily. However, the downside is that it can remove many natural oils from your skin, leaving it a little dry.

The enamel remover uses less aggressive solvents, such as ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol and propylene carbonate. But remember: even removers labeled “organic” still use a solvent, they just don’t use acetone. They also add moisturizing agents like glycerin to minimize the drying effect.

However, these products are much less effective when removing enamel. In addition, they are much more expensive, which further undermines the fact that you have to use larger quantities to clean your nails.

Continue reading and see the comparison of these two products in the table below:

What precautions should I take when using acetone?

As acetone is a product that can dehydrate your skin when removing enamel, some precautions are needed to prevent this and ensure proper enamel removal. Therefore, we have separated some tips and precautions when using acetone. Check out:

    • Make sure you are in a well-ventilated room when removing the enamel because acetone is highly flammable. Eliminate any sources of flame or spark to prevent a fire.
    • It is not a good idea to inhale the smoke from acetone as it is very bad for your health.
    • Repeated exposure to acetone-based nail polish removers can cause irritation and excessive skin sensitivity, so use them with care.
    • Rub a little oil on the skin around your nail polish with an acetone-based remover.
    • After removing the enamel, wash your hands with water. Wait an hour before painting your nails again so that the water has time to completely evaporate.
    • After finishing your manicure, moisturize your skin and nails with a nourishing base and cuticle oil.

How much?

When buying an acetone, you will see that there are not many price variations, except when it comes to more elaborate models, like jars of acetones where you only need to put your finger to remove the nail polish.

The simplest acetones cost in the range of R $ 2 to R $ 5, depending on the place where you will make the purchase. However, these acetones do not have repair oils or different ways of application, they are common acetones that normally come in blue or green bottles.

Now, if you want to buy a more elaborate acetone, with oils or a special model that simplifies the removal of the enamel, they cost a little more. The values ​​of these models can vary between R $ 4 and R $ 10, depending on the volume, model and brand of acetone.

Where to buy?

Acetone is quite easy to find in any city. That’s because it can be purchased at any pharmacy or supermarket. So, you will always find options very close to you, in case you need to replace your acetone quickly.

However, another way to buy acetone can be very interesting, which is to use online sites, especially if you need acetone frequently and like to buy in larger quantities.

In such cases, you can find acetone in online pharmacy stores or e-commerce giants, such as Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors that allow you to compare acetones

Now that you know a little more about acetone, it’s time to start paying attention to the important questions when choosing the ideal product to make your purchase. This is because acetones must be chosen with care so as not to harm nails and remove nail polish with quality.

Here are some of the most important criteria to pay attention to when purchasing an ideal acetone for your everyday needs.

  • Concentration of acetone
  • Hydration
  • Format
  • Volume

Next, we’ll detail each of these items so you can choose the best acetone available on the market.

Concentration of acetone

Each acetone has a different concentration of the chemical in its product. So, to know if an acetone is stronger or weaker, and therefore suitable for you, you need to keep an eye on the amount of acetone concentrated in the formula of the product purchased.

The best option is to always choose products with a lower level and concentration to guarantee the quality of the removal without harming your nails.

If you buy concentrated acetone, you can also weaken it at home by adding a little water to the mixture.


The hydration that an acetone provides is one of the most essential points when choosing this product. That’s because it tends to dry your nails a lot. So, acetones that have compounds that diminish this effect are better to buy.

Therefore, always check if there is a way to mitigate the dryness caused by acetone in the product’s own formula.

Otherwise, you can still add vegetable oils or other types of moisturizers, but it will be extra work to do. However, it is very simple and only consists of mixing a little of this oil, either in the acetone or in the base that you will pass later.


When buying your acetone, it is necessary to consider which format you will use. This will affect how you store and load your acetone.

There are liquid acetones , which are the most common and can be used to remove nail polish with a cotton pad.

There are also other models that just consist of placing your finger in an opening and rotating and there are also the tissues with acetone , practical for those who do not want to carry a liquid in the bag.


Ordinary acetones are usually sold in small glasses of around 150 ml.

However, if you need acetone more often, it is important to purchase a greater amount of acetone, so look for bottles with a greater volume of acetone.

There are even 500ml options, perfect for manicurists, salon owners or people who do their nails frequently.


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