Top & Best Adidas goalkeeper glove Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Adidas goalkeeper glove: Which is the best pair of 2022?

In today’s text, we will analyze a unique football outfit, used by one of the most important characters in the game and produced by one of the biggest sports brands in the world. We are talking, of course, about the Adidas goalkeeper glove.

With innovations in materials and designs, the catalog of Adidas goalkeeper gloves owes nothing to the boots, which are the flagship of the German company. The choice of the ideal glove model, then, must be as judicious as that of the shoes, taking into account the user’s characteristics and the type of actions that will be performed. This choice is not only possible, it is much easier with the information in the complete Guide that we set up below.

First, the most important

  • Adidas goalkeeper gloves are divided into lines, such as Ace and Predator, and types of use, that is, between training and play.
  • Adidas gloves have innovations and technologies that can enhance the goalkeeper’s performance, such as Fingersave technology  .
  • The price of Adidas goalkeeper gloves varies between R $ 150, for the most basic and older models, and R $ 700, for launches and professional models.

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Shopping Guide

The goalkeeper is a player of extremes, who is always a defense of being a hero, and a failure to be the great villain. For many, a lonely position. For us, vital function. That is why the choice of a glove is so important, even in pairs with Adidas quality assurance.

In the Shopping Guide below, we have gathered all the necessary information – in addition to curiosities and buying tips – so that you can identify the best model. The lines, the characteristics, the technologies, in short, everything that involves the glove, the equipment that differentiates goalkeepers from other players.

How is the professional Adidas goalkeeper glove?

With all its sports products and equipment, Adidas gives itself the right to reserve if not the best, the most innovative for professional models. In goalkeeper gloves, this means materials with more specific properties, such as the higher density latex in the palm, but mainly a different design.

If regular gloves are flatter and more square, like, keeping the proper proportions, a kitchen glove of the type catcher, professional models are closer to leather gloves, with the fingers well apart, for a fairer fit and at the same time. more comfortable time.

But there is innovation too. The Predator Pro line, for example, is made of flexible mesh, for more efficient handling, and the back has silicon reinforcements, which assist in deflecting the ball in punches in situations of aerial balls.




Adidas goalkeeper glove: Ace or Predator?

The two main lines in the Adidas goalkeeper gloves catalog are Ace and Predator. Both, obviously, have the seal and quality of Adidas, but have some differences, mainly in design and market positioning.

Did you know? The first goalkeeper to wear gloves, Heiner Stuhlfauth, was, like Adidas, German

The Ace line is older. It is the line with bold designs, especially in colors, brighter, more vibrant and very striking. The model that leads to Ace is the Replique, which is suitable for amateur and semi-professional use.

Predator is Adidas’s glove. It is the line that dominates the official website of the brand, and has the greatest variety of models, both in name, such as the Predator Pro and Predator TOP, and in the uses, that is, between training and game, and between amateur, semi use -professional and professional.


Which professional goalkeepers wear Adidas gloves?

The best-known marketing strategy for sports brands – sponsoring athletes and providing materials and equipment for them – is not only valid but widely used in Adidas goalkeeper gloves, which does not prevent many other athletes from choosing the German brand gloves for their quality, of course.

Either way, Adidas gloves wear some of the most skillful and saving hands in world football. Among the most famous archers, we can mention:

    • Neuer , German goalkeeper for Bayern Munich;
    • De Gea , Spaniard at Manchester United;
    • Ter Stegen , another German, the Barcelona holder;
    • Keylor Navas , the Costa Rican three-time Champions League champion with Real Madrid, who defends PSG;
    • Diego Alves , the representative on the list, who plays for Flamengo.


How much does an Adidas goalkeeper glove cost?

The combination of innovative designs, quality materials and a complete but not extensive catalog makes the price of Adidas gloves relatively high. You can find cheaper and older models from R $ 150.

The variation, however, is not so great, since with up to R $ 700 you acquire launches and professional models.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Adidas Goalkeeper Gloves

If choosing a product with Adidas quality is already a easy task, with this list, it is also very easy. In the following items, we show which points and characteristics are most important to note in the goalkeeper gloves of the German brand.

  • Training or game
  • Size
  • Color
  • Technology

Training or game

The first thing you should think about when choosing your Adidas gloves is the type of activity they will be used on, that is, whether they will be training or game gloves. This category difference changes the gloves in certain aspects, between design and mainly price.

Game gloves combine a greater number of technologies, mainly in the back of the hand, to enhance flexibility and adhesion. They also have palms with reinforced padding, to better cushion kicks that are naturally stronger than from training.

The training gloves, in turn, have a more resistant finish, since they are, as a rule, more used, both on days of the week, as in actions and defenses.



Choosing the right size goalkeeper glove guarantees not only comfort, but better performance. Have you ever thought of a ball passing through your hand because the glove fabric is left over at your fingertips? The issue, in fact, goes further, with the correct fitting of the glove dictating all the efficiency of handling the ball.

Adidas has nine sizes of gloves.

The size of Adidas gloves is measured by the distance from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. The brand has nine sizes. The smallest (number 4) is 13.7 cm long, and the largest (number 12) is between 29.2 and 31.8 cm.


A very practical way to select an Adidas goalkeeper glove is by color, not least because, despite the differences, all models are of high quality, in addition to the great diversity of colors between pairs of the same line.

Most gloves are or work in red, varying patterns with black and gray. You can also find pairs with emphasis on yellow, blue and even green, also mixed with gray and / or black. The colors, it is good to say, are mostly worked on the back of the gloves.


Adidas has a variety of designs and colors in its catalog of goalkeeper gloves, but there is also a very interesting offer of technologies. The logic is similar to the boot technologies, which have innovations in the composition of the pieces in order to potentiate the actions made with the gloves.

We highlight here the Fingersave technology , which positions “spines” in the main contact areas of the glove, which become more rigid when pushed back, resisting greater pressure and increasing the effectiveness of defenses.



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