Top & Best Celular Multilaser Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Celular Multilaser: How to choose the best for you in 2022


we are going to talk about a device that has been conquering the Multilaser cell phone. Known as an input device, it has evolved and today has more modern configurations.

The great attraction of this cell phone, however, remains the competitive price. In this article we will show the advantages of this device, for whom it is recommended and what you should consider to choose the ideal model.

First, the most important

  • The Multilaser cell phone is still considered an entry device due to the simpler configurations and the affordable price, when compared to the top of the line.
  • But the brand has advanced and launched more modern models, with configurations and functions that are functional for those who do not need a very robust cell phone, but still efficient.
  • Today it is possible to choose from the simplest smartphones to the most complete, with contemporary designs.

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The best Multilaser phones: The newsroom favorites

The Multilaser cell phone is versatile, since it can serve people who need to perform only basic tasks, such as calling and sending messages, even the most demanding, but who do not want to pay a lot for a smartphone.

  • Audience favorite
  • The model with differentiated design
  • The Multilaser phone with the most powerful camera
  • The low price model

Buying Guide

If you are looking for a basic and cheap cell phone, but efficient, beautiful, and modern, you should consider the Multilaser cell phone. But with so many different models you need to analyze your need for use in conjunction with the device settings.

To help you understand everything about the Multilaser phone, we have created this Purchase Guide with the most important information you will need to make the right purchase.

What do you need to know about the Multilaser phone?

To understand the characteristics of the Multilaser cell phone, it is necessary to start with the history of the manufacturer brand. In the beginning, Multilaser imported copiers from Xerox and sold recycled cartridges to printers.

In 2004, the company started investing in the computer market and, in 2011, it entered the mobile phones, smartphones and tablets segment .

But Multilaser’s great differential was investing, from the beginning, in equipment and devices known as input.

The main features of entry devices are the low price and simpler configurations, compared to cell phones of top brands like Apple and Samsung.


However, in recent years, the brand has risked and launched smartphones that, although not as robust, are already more sophisticated and efficient than the simplest entry models, and can be classified as intermediate smartphones.

Nowadays, it is possible to find from the Multilaser cell phone that only serves to call and send messages, to smartphones with different types of connections, and the capacity for memories and storage.

Some models even have advanced technologies such as a sensor for quick unlock.

Did you know that Multilaser started operating in the market in 1987? This happened under the command of a Polish businessman.


Who is the Multilaser cell phone recommended for?

If you want a beautiful, modern and affordable phone, the Multilaser is probably a great option for you.

In addition, depending on the model, the Multilaser cell phone is recommended for people who do not want or do not need a lot of capacity and functionality.

But if you need an efficient cell phone, but it doesn’t have to be top of the line, you will also find a Multilaser cell model that will suit you. That is, the Multilaser cell phone is versatile and can meet different needs.

And all this without counting on the design of the Multilaser cell phone, which is more sophisticated, with thin-edged models, and without neglecting the low price.

However, it is worth mentioning another special target audience of Multilaser: the elderly. This is because the brand offers cell phones specially designed for the elderly.

An example is the Multilaser Flip Vita cell phone with 2.4 ”screen, large and precise numeric keypad to facilitate typing.

In addition, this device speaks the numbers as the user types. Another feature of this Multilaser phone is the SOS button

The Multilaser cell phone is recommended both for performing simple tasks and for those that demand more efficiency. In addition, there are models aimed specifically at the elderly.

But this is not the only model of Multilaser cell phone specifically aimed at facilitating the routine of the elderly.

The brand also offers a more modern option for more connected users. This is the smartphone for Seniors that has a 3G connection, a 5.5-inch screen and 1GB of 1GB RAM, among others.

Celular Multilaser x Positivo: What are the differences?

Both Multilaser and Positivo have input devices. And, although both brands offer models with varied configurations, it is possible to draw a brief comparison between them.

In general, Multilaser has taken the lead in recent years by investing in intermediary phones, with improvements in cameras, design and functional technologies.

For example, when dealing with RAM, the Multilaser cell phone offers models that have up to 4G. The Positivo mobile phone does not exceed 1GB.

The camera quality of the Multilaser phone is also superior. Some devices have a camera up to 13 megapixels (MP). While the Positivo cell phone has a maximum of 8MP.

The screen size is also another differential. In the case of Multilaser you can find options up to 6 inches. Positivo models with a larger screen are 5.7 ”.

Because of all these factors, the prices of the Positivo cell phone end up being much cheaper. See a comparative chart below:

What are the most modern Multilaser cell lines?

As we have seen, in recent years Multilaser has invested in improvements in the internal and external configurations of the devices.

To give you an idea of ​​the capacity of the Multilaser cellphone, see below some of the most advanced models of the brand:

    • Ms80X


This Multilaser phone has a 4G connection, in addition to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, being expandable up to 128GB.

In addition, this device has a 6.2 inch screen and three cameras: two 12MP + 5MP rear and 16MP front. The battery is also powerful, being 3,500 mAh.

  • Ms80

The Ms80 has almost the same settings as the previous one. The difference is up to the cameras. The dual selfie has 20Mp + 8Mp and a 120 degree wide angle lens.

In addition, the selfie camera features Smile Shot technology, which activates the click with each smile. The rear digital sensor also allows quick release.

But the brand did not stop there. In 2019 Multilaser launched a new line of cell phones, all compatible with the Android system. Look:

  • Multilaser G

The Multilaser G cell line innovates with sensors for facial unlocking. In addition, this line of devices has 1 GB and 16 GB RAM for internal storage.

  • Multilaser G PRO

This Multilaser phone is considered the company’s top of the line, with compatibility for the 4G network, 2 GB RAM and storage extended to 32 GB.

The cameras have a resolution of 13 MP and the battery is very robust with 4000 mAh.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Multilaser cell phone?

The great advantage of the Multilaser cell phone is in fact the great cost-benefit ratio. This is because this is a device that caters to users who need to perform only basic tasks to those who need more efficiency, but without spending a lot.


Most modern cell phones have 3G and 4G connection

Another advantage is that there are several models of the Multilaser cell phone. You can opt for the simplest and even the most modern cell phones that have 3G and 4G connection, large storage capacity and functional technologies.

Combining a variety of models, for all tastes and needs, at a highly affordable price, the Multilaser cell phone has a great cost-benefit ratio.

Not to mention that, in general, the most modern models come with silicone cover, protective film in addition to, of course, the charger, yes key and USB cable.

On the other hand, the major disadvantage is that, as an entry device, the Multilaser cell phone does not have as many technologies and the cameras of some models still have low quality.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Multilaser cell phone:

How much does it cost and where to buy a Multilaser phone?

Depending on the model and the internal configurations of the device, the Multilaser cell phone can have a wide variation in price.

For you to have an idea, if we consider the smartphone type models you will find options that cost between R $ 329 and R $ 1,400. The most basic cell phones can cost between R $ 200 and R $ 300.

In addition, the Multilaser cell phone is an easy device to find in many different stores, including department stores and hypermarkets such as Magazine.

But if you want to buy your phone from the comfort of home and still enjoy discounts, the ideal is to make your purchase over the internet, on sites like Amazon.

Purchase Criteria: What to consider when choosing the Multilaser cell phone

If you made it this far, it is because the Multilaser cell phone is the best option for you. But, at this time, you may ask yourself: how to choose the best model among so many options?

For this, you need to understand a little about the internal settings of the device and, of course, consider your needs for day-to-day use.

To save your time, we’ve listed below the main factors you should consider before finalizing your purchase. Look:

  • Inches of screen
  • Connection
  • RAM
  • Megapixels
  • internal HD

Next, we’ll explain each of these topics to you.

Inches of screen

The first factor that you should consider before making your purchase is the screen size of the Multilaser phone, which is measured in inches.

And to choose the best size you need to analyze how you will use the device in your day to day.

The larger the screen, the better the display.

That’s because the bigger the screen the better the way you will view text, images and videos. But some prefer to use smaller cell phones.

For example, if you need to use the phone with just one hand, the phone with the smaller screen will probably be more practical and functional for you.

With that in mind, you can then choose the best size. Among the Multilaser cell phone models, you can choose between screens that are between 4 and 6 inches.


Another factor that we recommend that you observe is the types of connections available on the Multilaser cell phone. This factor will vary a lot depending on the cell phone model you choose.

For example, the simplest models, such as the Multilaser Up cell phone, serve only to make calls and send and receive SMS.

Still, with the Multilaser Up cell phone it is possible to use the Bluetooth connection, which allows file sharing with other nearby cell phones.

But if you want to use the internet, you can opt for Multilaser smartphones that have different connections, including: 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.


Another factor that you should check is the RAM memory. The bigger the RAM memory, the more efficient the Multilaser cell phone will be to perform multiple tasks more quickly.

Here you can choose models that have between 512MB and 4GB of RAM. For satisfactory efficiency, experts recommend that the smartphone should be at least 2GB.


Be sure to also take into account the quality of the cameras, which varies greatly from one Multilaser cell phone model to another.

One way to assess the quality of the camera is by the amount of megapixels (MP). But it is not enough that the number of megapixels is high.

This is because, according to experts, the greater the amount of megapixels, the greater the internal space of your cell phone should be to ensure correct storage and image quality.

That is, the higher the MP of the cameras, the greater the internal HD of the Multilaser cell phone must also be.

With that in mind, you will be able to choose Multilaser phone models that have cameras with 2MP, 5MP, 8MP, 13 MP and up to 20MP.

internal HD

Therefore, it is important that you also check the internal HD of the Multilaser phone.

In this regard, the greater the internal storage capacity, the less chance your device will have to lock up.

Therefore, you can choose models of Multilaser cell phone with up to 64G, expandable with Micro SD card for up to 128GB.


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