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Top & Best Toilet paper Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Toilet paper: How to choose the best in 2022

your internet review site. To maintain your hygiene without irritating your skin, it is important to choose a good toilet paper.

A true ally of cleaning, this product was developed to help with intimate hygiene, especially in those moments when you cannot take a bath or perform hygiene with water.

It is undeniable, choosing a good toilet paper helps to maintain your health and can even leave your skin perfumed without causing irritations or allergies. To understand a little more about them, check out the following article.

First, the most important

  • Today it is possible to find paper with single, double or triple sheets on the market, which increases the softness of the product.
  • You will also find neutral or specific fragrance toilet papers.
  • If you have problems such as irritations or allergies, consult a dermatologist so that he can indicate the best toilet paper for you.

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Best toilet paper models: Our recommendations

It can be difficult for us to imagine that there was a time when toilet paper did not exist. Today you can find a variety of models available. But before you get anyone on the shelf, check out our ranking with the best types.


Buying Guide

Since it was invented, toilet paper has advanced with new technologies, becoming increasingly softer and offering more effective cleaning.

But with so many brands and different specifications, you can be a little lost at the time of purchase. Check out our buying guide to find out how to buy the toilet paper that is really right for you.

What is toilet paper?

Toilet paper is a type of absorbent paper, thin and soft, which is used to clean the private parts after physiological needs. The most common is that they are sold in rolls or in the form of detachable scarves, to facilitate the transport.

The first patent for toilet paper belongs to Joseph Gayetty, an American inventor who resided in New York. It was commercialized from 1857 and has since become popular to the point that, today, it is almost impossible to think about our lives without them.

If before it was a simple product, today you can find papers with single, double or triple sheets. Or papers with fragrance, which leave a pleasant smell after cleaning.



Did you know that, although it was patented in the 19th century, there are quotes that the Chinese have used a rudimentary form of toilet paper since the 7th century?


Toilet paper or cleaning wipes: Which is better?

Although toilet paper is the most common item of intimate cleaning, costing less and offering less environmental impact, there are also wet wipes.

Wipes may be softer and easier to take wherever you need them, but they are not biodegradable, so it is important to consider how to dispose of them. To understand which is best for you, check out our comparative table.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of toilet paper?

It can be almost impossible for us to consider our routine without toilet paper. They are practical and facilitate intimate hygiene after our physiological needs. In addition, they are increasingly soft and fragrant.

But there are not only advantages. Made from cellulose, they have an impact on the environment, either for production or during disposal. To understand it a little better, see the table below.



  • Offer convenience and avoid direct contact during cleaning
  • They are soft and fragrant, leaving the skin cleaner and free from irritation
  • Can be used for other types of cleaning besides intimate


  • They are made from cellulose, which impacts the environment
  • If there is no proper disposal, they can cause contamination
  • They do not completely replace the need for water hygiene

How much?

The price of toilet paper will vary according to the size, the number of layers and rolls available per package. You can find them costing between R $ 2 and R $ 50.

All models shown in this article can be found in a price range between R $ 10 and R $ 30.

Where to buy?

Because it is a personal hygiene item, it can be found available in small markets, in large supermarket chains and in pharmacies and drugstores.

But if you need to buy in bulk or just want to take advantage of a good deal, you can also find them available over the internet. All models in this review can be found on Amazon.





Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing toilet paper types

Today, toilet paper has become indispensable in our lives. Practical, they help in those moments of everyday life when you can’t just stop and take a good shower.

Therefore, it is important to observe some criteria before making the purchase, such as footage, material, number of layers and even the fragrance. For more details, check out the topics below:

  • Footage
  • Material
  • Fragrance
  • Layers

After evaluating each of these points in detail, you will no longer need to be full of doubts when you are in front of the supermarket shelf trying to choose the best toilet paper for you and your family.


One of the important factors to consider when buying toilet paper is the length of the product, or more specifically, how much paper is present in the roll.

Today, the most common rolls for residential use have an average of 30 meters of paper, but it is possible to find larger footage, especially in the case of those used in public bathrooms.


The material most used today in production is cellulose-based paper. The main difference between the products is the way in which this material is treated, so that it is possible to find rougher or softer papers.

The quality and thickness of the material also determine its strength and how much it protects it from accidents, such as fingers tearing the paper during use.


In recent years it has become common to incorporate fragrances into toilet paper, so that it keeps your skin scented after use, as well as providing a more pleasant smell to the bathroom.

The most common fragrances are floral, like the smell of roses, for example. Aloe vera is also one of the most found perfumes in products. However, if you have problems with allergies, it is also possible to find neutral papers, without any smell.


The first toilet papers to be developed were made from a simple sheet of paper. They are still very common models, but it is already possible to find rolls that have several layers.

Overlapping different layers of paper, the product becomes softer and softer. This also increases its resistance, preventing unwanted tears during use.


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