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Best Cell phone for the elderly Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Cell phone for the elderly: How to choose the best in 2022


Elderly people need to work for much longer to get used to the possibilities brought about by advances in technology. With this audience in mind, some companies developed the cell phone for the elderly.

Companies have expanded the accessibility of more modern devices like some smartphone models.

Among the differentials of the mobile phone for the elderly are the physical keys, large numbers, intuitive interface and emergency button. In this article you can see what are the main benefits of this device. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • The mobile phone for the elderly has anatomical design, physical keys, large numbers, voice feature that reads the dialed numbers, external antenna and an emergency button that triggers five contacts registered by call and SMS.
  • If you prefer, some smartphone models are easier to use, as they have some features focused on accessibility such as larger letters and icons, higher volume, simplified and intuitive platform.
  • If the elderly wears a hearing aid, it is very important to buy a compatible cell phone, so that there is no interference, noise or excessive feedback in the hearing aid.

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The Best Mobile Phone Models for Seniors: Our Choices

Are you looking for a cell phone for an elderly person, but don’t know which is the best option? Then check out our selection with the best cell phone models for seniors.

In our list, you can see from the simplest models, developed especially for the elderly, to smartphones with accessibility features that facilitate the use of the device. Check out!

  • An option with a magnifying glass and large letters
  • An option with the possibility of attaching an antenna
  • An uncomplicated cell phone for the elderly
  • A very complete smartphone
  • Easy to use smartphone option

Buying Guide

Since most people no longer have a landline, mobile telephony has become essential for communication. Cell phones and smartphones are so popular that we hardly find anyone who doesn’t have one.

For this reason, manufacturers have been developing devices that also serve people with specific needs, such as the elderly. In this Buying Guide, you will find some tips on how to choose and handle a mobile phone for the elderly.

What is a cell phone for the elderly?

The mobile phone for the elderly is a simple device whose main function is to receive and make calls. This device has a large keyboard and physical buttons with very large numbers for easy viewing.

The dialed numbers are read by voice command, so the elderly person does not call the wrong person. The device also has a green button to make calls and a red button to hang up.

Some models also have shortcut buttons to record the most important contacts. Although the phone’s display is smaller (around 1.8 to 2.4 inches), the characters and icons are large and highlighted on the screen.

This type of cell phone can be found in two versions: with a single interface or flip (separate screen and keyboard), which makes the task of answering calls easier (just open the cover), but which is also more fragile.

What are the advantages of a mobile phone for the elderly?

The great advantage of a cell phone for the elderly is the simplified interface, but the benefits do not end there. The device is dual chip, serves to receive and send messages via SMS, has internet access and connection via Bluetooth.


Mobile phones for the elderly have a simplified interface.

Other features of the cell phone for the elderly are: phonebook for up to 500 records, resource “Photo Contact”, which associates the photograph with the phone number, to assist in the identification, and hands-free calling.

The device also has an FM radio without the need to connect the headset, MP3 player, flashlight that works even with the cell phone turned off, “magnifying glass” feature, which makes it easier to read magazines and newspapers and support for a memory card .

The rear camera has a very low resolution VGA sensor. A good tip is to record the images in well-lit environments in order to obtain a slightly more satisfactory result.

Another nice feature of the cell phone for the elderly is the long battery life, which doesn’t need to be charged as often as a smartphone.

But one of the most important features is the SOS button, which allows the registration of up to five people who can be activated by call or SMS so that they can provide due assistance or send the necessary help in cases of emergency.

But it is important to note that the SOS button only works in the coverage area of ​​the cellular operator and if the person has credit.

Is it worth buying a cell phone for the elderly?

The cell phone models for the elderly are very cheap, especially when compared to smartphones (prices range from R $ 75 to R $ 350), but is it worth buying such a device?

The cell phone for the elderly has an outdated standard, so it will not be possible to use the Wi-Fi internet, access social networks, download and use applications, play games or watch movies and series.

If the elderly person uses any of these entertainment channels or wants to use it, it is not worth buying the device.

However, if the elderly person only wants a device to communicate through calls or messages and is not able to handle a smartphone, the elderly cell phone is the ideal option.

The cell phone can be a good investment to ensure the safety of the elderly, as he can carry this device wherever he is, whether inside or outside the home, and communicate if needed.

Generally, the device is purchased by a child or grandchild, so it is up to that person to analyze whether buying a cell phone for the elderly pays off or whether it is worth investing a little more to buy a smartphone and help the elderly to use it.

Mobile phone or smartphone: What is the best option for the elderly?

A good alternative for the modern and attuned elderly is the smartphone with accessibility features, which simplify the use of the device. While these models require a greater affinity with the technology, some tips can make it easier to use.

On phones with Android operating system, you can go to the “settings” and “accessibility” menu to increase the size of fonts, icons, add volume to the keys, increase the volume of notifications, etc.

Although any device has settings geared towards accessibility, some brands offer these settings in the initial settings of the device, while others have the “easy for seniors” mode, which adjusts all of these settings automatically.

These same settings can also be customized according to needs (difficulties with vision or hearing). You can also program the system to read the texts on the screen, you can even adjust the reading speed.

Teaching an elderly person to use a digital device can have positive impacts on the mental health and well-being of the older person, as it helps to improve cognitive ability and increase the sense of competence.

In addition, learning to use a smartphone and accessing the internet can give the elderly the feeling of being active in society and encourage contact with family, friends and people in the life cycle.

In addition to technological learning, the elderly can use the internet to learn new things, either by reading news, consulting recipes or even taking an online course.

If the elderly person has no person who can teach them how to handle the device, they can use an application called iDosos that teaches them how to use a smartphone.

How much does a cell phone cost for the elderly?

If you want to buy a cell phone for the elderly know that this device has a very affordable cost. The cheapest models cost from R $ 75, there are several options between R $ 100 and R $ 130 and more expensive models, which can cost up to R $ 350.

If you prefer to buy an easier-to-use smartphone, you’ll need to invest a little more. These devices cost between R $ 950 and R $ 1,200.

Whatever type of cell phone you buy for the elderly, also purchase a protective cover made of silicone and a film for the screen. These accessories serve to increase the grip of the hands on the device and the safety in case of falls.


Where to buy a cell phone for the elderly?

You can buy the cell phone for seniors at electronics stores, department stores, bookstores, stationery stores and even clothing and shoe stores.

If you prefer, you can buy the product online. We suggest that you take a look at the following sites: Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare cell phone models for the elderly

Nowadays, everyone needs to be connected, especially older people. For this, it is essential to find a device that fits the needs and preferences of these people.

With that in mind, we have prepared some tips to help you choose the best mobile phone for the elderly, whether it is a device developed especially for this audience or a smartphone with a simpler interface to handle.

  • Ease of handling
  • Screen size
  • Audio quality
  • Storage capacity
  • SOS function

We will explain each of the items throughout this section.

Ease of handling

With advancing age, cognitive functions, reflexes and dexterity are no longer the same. For this reason, the first characteristic to analyze when buying a cell phone or smartphone for an elderly person is to verify the ease of use.

With ease of handling we refer to a device with a design aimed at the elderly, that is, an anatomical device, with a wider keyboard, larger and more spaced keys.

It is also important that the interface is as simple as possible, as many functions, small icons or that need a lot of touches can represent an enormous difficulty for the elderly.

In a cell phone for the elderly, the features need to be simpler and the functions efficient. This device should help an elderly person’s daily life, not represent a challenge beyond their ability to understand.

Screen size

A large screen is essential in a mobile phone for the elderly. The larger size helps in viewing icons, text messages and images. Thus, even the elderly who wear prescription glasses will be able to see what is on screen.

If the device is a touchscreen smartphone, the big screen is even more important, as the elderly will type directly into it. Usually these devices are at least 4 inches, but it is worth buying one with 5.5 inches

Audio quality

It is also important to analyze the audio quality of the cell phone. As cell phones do not have the same sound quality as landlines, a weak signal may not be perceived by the elderly who are not used to using the device.

If that person wears a hearing aid, it is essential that the cell phone is compatible with the device. In this case, look for a device with an M4 / T4 rating or higher, so that there is no excessive feedback when the device is close to the ear / hearing aid.

You can find this information in the technical specifications of mobile phones, or by searching for them on the internet.


Also check the quality of the voice, volume and reception of the signal in the elderly person’s home and places he frequents with certain frequency. The volume control must also be easy to find and to handle.

If buying a cell phone suitable for the elderly, a model with a flip design is preferable, as the elderly person can press his ear on the phone while communicating with the person on the other end of the call.

Storage capacity

When choosing a cell phone for an elderly person, take into account the gadget’s internal memory and whether the device has a memory card slot (microSD card).

Storage space is important because the elderly person may want to photograph or save photos, music, videos or any other file that needs space. In some cases it is also necessary to download some applications.

SOS function

One of the most important functions in a mobile phone for the elderly is the SOS key, which with just one touch calls and sends a message via SMS to some emergency numbers in case of unforeseen circumstances or accidents.

With just one touch, the elderly man can activate the closest people in this role.

The elderly person can register up to five contacts in order of preference. After pressing the button, the cell phone automatically calls each one of them until contact with someone is reached.

If the person does not answer, an automatic message is sent and must be pre-programmed by the elderly person.

Some smartphones also have this feature, but you need to adjust certain settings, as the power button will be adapted to function as the SOS command.


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