Top & Best TCL Phone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best TCL Phone: How to choose the best of 2022


home to the best product reviews. Today we are going to talk about the TCL phone.

Although little known in the market, TCL is considered the Chinese “Samsung”. Its quality and technology in the manufacture of is known worldwide. And now she arrived in a partnership with Semp.

You have certainly heard of the brand, which has invested well in advertising to show itself, and they need to look good in the products. New here, it is still considered a gamble. And we’ll explain everything about the TCL smartphone models to give you the edge!

First, the most important

  • TCL smartphones are new. Available from 2018, even the entry-level version will have a good dose of technology. Not to mention the updated operating system.
  • TCL doesn’t just manufacture entry-level smartphones. Despite few options, they vary widely in terms of performance and characteristics. The TCL cell phone came to house with big brands.
  • TCL designs, develops and manufactures products of the most varied types. A hardware specialist, she even produces for Amazon and Google.

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Ranking: The 3 best TCL cell models

The novelty can leave you confused. A new brand among so many others that are already on the market. Even comparatives are hard to find. We’ll save you some work and show you the best product options.

Buying Guide

It is difficult to find information when dealing with something new. What you read is not always accurate or says what you want to know. We will save you the trouble of looking for more, and show you what you need to know about the product.

Stay with us until the end of this Guide to learn more about the TCL phone and know how to make the best choice.

What are the advantages of choosing a TCL phone?

Let’s start with an impact phrase: TCL is not small. It does not have its market made up of smaller products and accessories. The brand operates with high-level televisions, and produces screens for TVs and smartphones.

In addition, it also produces small appliances, refrigerators, among others. This is so you don’t get scared if you start to see that red and white slogan everywhere.

As for technical assistance, it operates together with Semp (formerly Semp Toshiba). So, the brand did not come “raw” to our market. In addition to manufacturing smartphones, they have already structured Semp’s network.

Want to know if TCL is worth it? We will help you with a comparison of advantages and disadvantages.

What models of TCL cell phones are available?

For you to please someone, you must first understand what they like or need, right? With this in mind, TCL started producing four smartphone models for the market.

Something interesting about TCL is that all smartphones manufactured here have an 18: 9 aspect ratio, with the aim of making the edges as thin as possible. With that, it gets the same display as a similar inch smartphone, with up to 15% less size.

Just to show the distance between the models (and the audience that they can reach with this difference), we will show you two of them: the entry model and the top of the line. Especially because, you have a good description of the main ones in the Ranking.

TCL L9 : The brand entry model. Although initial, it comes with a good front and distal camera. With a smaller processing and storage memory, it is suitable for those looking for a smartphone for very discreet use.

TCL T7 : A smartphone that already comes with dual front camera and HD + screen resolution. It has a high processing memory and works with Android Nougat, it is perfect for use by anyone, without crashes. To give you an idea, the TCL T7 accompanies the Moto G6, from a brand that has been in the segment fo

In addition, the company intends to present totally innovative concepts in terms of screens in the coming years, increasingly seeking the absence of borders and new systems that allow folding and rolling up the smartphone screen.

Focused on developing the components themselves (mainly screens), TCL has brought a lot of novelty to the market. A difference, in a world where most of the manufacturers let themselves go for more of the same, and wait and copy.

How much?

Smartphones are not exactly cheap. They add a lot of technology and practicality in portable sizes, and for that reason they charge a price equal to the convenience they bring.

Speaking of TCL, you will find the entry device from R $ 600 and it will reach up to more or less than R $ 1,000, depending on where to buy.

Of course, we are talking about the versions currently produced. With the focus on increasing its margin in the market, it is likely that new launches will come. You can expect a lot from this brand in the future.

Where to buy?

many operators have some versions in their physical stores, to choose with the best plan.

Thinking of practicality, you can also search and purchase over the internet. Online stores like Amazon offer good buying options, with the confidence of delivery.

Not to mention that you can compare and research at will, without needing large displacements for that.

Purchasing criteria: What to compare on TCL cell models

Now that you know enough about the TCL brand, and also about the smartphones they are making, it’s time to know how to buy.

Choosing a new smartphone involves a chain of decisions, as they are very versatile in our lives. The image quality, the use of games with perfect graphics, the need to view videos.

These are some of the possibilities of a smartphone, and you need to understand what the settings of the TCL smartphone influence. Pay attention to these five specifications, and your choice will be the best possible:

  • Processor
  • RAM memory
  • Camera
  • Screen

Check now the information in detail to know how to make the best decision when purchasing your TCL phone.


Just like a tablet, notebook, or similar, the processor is “the heart” of the machine. Over the years, smartphone processors have evolved considerably, and have become real powers.

They can be divided into dualcore (two cores), quadcore (four cores), octatore (eight cores).

TCL is already ahead, presenting models only from Quad to top. And this is great, because more than speed, in itself, the number of cores matters a lot.

Making a comparison, a DUAL core will have two processors, with 1.5 Ghz speed each (plus or minus 3 Ghz in sum). Now a QUAD core will have four processors, with 1 Ghz speed each, that means about 4 Ghz in sum.

RAM memory

Another hardware (component) essential for the good speed of a smartphone is RAM. In theory, the more RAM memory, the greater the performance of the equipment.

Of course, as long as you use applications that demand this much. Overall, smartphones tend to work well from 2 Gb of RAM in traditional operating systems.

The TCL smartphone is very concerned with this, offering from the second model, at least 2 Gb of RAM. And, in the first model with 1 Gb of RAM, it brings an operating system made to run light.

If you are a more “hardcore” user, with heavy games and using applications in the background, choose from 3 Gb of RAM. The TCL T7 smartphone will do the job.


Here is a truth: except for professional use, it is very unusual for you to see cameras on the streets today. The smartphone brought a replacement to this equipment in a fast and very technological way.

It is difficult to measure how much minimum resolution you need for a good photo, so the advice is: the more the better. If you love taking pictures and taking selfies, devices with more than one camera will help you a lot.

Two photos taken at the same time and merged into one with the best features of each. And you can even use filter and enhancement apps.

Be careful also with the acronym “F”, which usually comes close to the camera’s resolution. It means the angle of the lens opening (the larger, the more light enters and the sharper the image is). The proportion is the opposite, the lower the “F”, the better.


Of course, the screen should be configured as something you should pay attention to. The main uses of the TCL smartphone, the size of your fingers, everything is a reason to pay attention to them.

Larger screens usually come with a higher image resolution. This guarantees a good size for series and films, mainly.

Opt for a device with at least 5 inches of screen, so touch and typing are easy to do. Coincidentally, all smartphones in the TCL line exceed this value.


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