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Best Galaxy S9 Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Galaxy S9: Is this the best Samsung in 2022?


Do you need to change your cell phone? Today we are going to talk about the Galaxy S9, a model that is part of Samsung’s top line and that brings a huge range of benefits to its users.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the version of the S line, the most advanced of the Korean brand, launched in 2018. It has several important advances in relation to the S8, which it succeeds. In terms of performance, camera, screen, among others, is one of the devices on the market that has more qualities.

If you have already decided on the Galaxy S9 or if you are still choosing from several models, this article will be very useful with information and analysis about this phone – both in its normal version, as in Plus, which delivers even more improvements. Stay with us on the next lines to find out all about these great phones!

First, the most important

  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 can be found in its common or Plus version. The second is a little superior on some technical issues, but the two phones are part of the top of the line for the South Korean brand.
  • The main advantage of the S9 (and the entire S line) is the extreme quality of its display. The resolution and the amount of colors displayed are well above what the competitors offer. If that’s your priority, the Galaxy S9 is the right model!
  • The values ​​of the Samsung Galaxy S9 can vary between approximately R $ 2,400 and R $ 3,400. It is important to remember that such prices are constantly changing.

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Ranking: The Samsung Galaxy S9 and its best accessories

We will now present both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its Plus version, as well as some of the most important accessories that you can purchase for it. After all, the protection and complementation of the cell phone are important factors after purchase. Check out:

Buying Guide

What are the main differences between the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus? What are the benefits and disadvantages of these phones? How do they compare to similar competitors from other brands?

Let’s dive into technical issues now, all to help you buy the right smartphone for your needs!

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus: What are they and what do they offer?

The S line is the flagship of Samsung cell phones. Started in 2010, when the South Korean brand was behind some competitors in the smartphone race, it took the manufacturer to a new level and put it back in the fray – even with a certain advantage.

Since then, every year a new S line cell phone is launched, always bringing the most technological in smartphones at the moment. The focus is different, for example, from the A line, which brings intermediate devices, targeting a more popular class.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the version launched in 2018 for the S line. And, as always, it brings features that put it on top of the Android phones of the moment. And, to improve, there is still the S9 Plus, an even more advanced version, with some features that do not exist in the common model.

What is the difference between Galaxy S9, Plus and S8?

Regarding the S8, the previous version, launched in 2017, there are some very clear improvements. The processor has evolved considerably, the memory capacity has doubled, video recording has become even more powerful. There are, however, some disadvantages that we need to mention.

The first is the battery, whose autonomy of conversation has fallen a little. The camera’s resolution has also gotten slightly lower, although this is offset by other factors.

It is worth saying that, since the Samsung Galaxy S8, the brand already boasts of offering the best screen on the market, with resolution and number of colors that are well above what the human eye can see. This continues to happen on the S9.

Check below a table comparing the three models (S8, S9 and S9 Plus), to analyze the evolution of the S9 in relation to the previous model and the differences between the common model and the Plus:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the version launched in 2018 for the S line. And, as always, it brings features that put it on top of the Android phones of the moment. And, to improve, there is still the S9 Plus, an even more advanced version, with some features that do not exist in the common model.

That is, the evolutions between models are punctual, but when we compare more widely, we see that they are quite similar.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy S9 over competitors?

Another important comparison that we need to make is the Samsung Galaxy S9 with similar models, that is, top of the line, from competing brands. We will see in this way some very clear advantages and disadvantages.

The first advantage is the screen. As we already said, there is nothing in the cell phone market that exceeds the resolution and the amount of colors offered by the S line. Samsung has a huge advantage when we look at this question.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is quite celebrated. The rounded edges provide greater use of space, allowing for a larger screen without the device itself having to be much larger. The beauty of the device also benefits from this.

If we analyze it simply for aesthetic reasons, in fact, we will also have a great positive point in this cell phone, which is one of the most beautiful available.

The model’s durability and strength are also very good. Check out this video from the TechRax channel doing tests with a knife and hammer:

When we look at issues like battery, memory and processor, we see a variation in the classification of the models. The Galaxy is ahead of some, behind others, but always with models changing places as to which are the winners.

We can point out as a disadvantage that, for a phone of this size, the camera of the Galaxy S9 could be better. Not that it is not great, but it is a little behind competitors, and even inferior models of the South Korean brand itself.

One point that irritated consumers on the Galaxy S9 is the limitation of Bixby, the personal assistant. It is only available in the English version, that is, it is not possible to call it in our mother tongue. A flaw that could have been fixed.

See the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy S9:

How much?

The Samsung Galaxy S9, being a high-end model, is a relatively expensive phone. The common model is usually sold in a range that varies between R $ 2,400 and R $ 2,800, while the Plus can vary between R $ 3,000 and R $ 3,400.

We must remember that this price is always variable according to time. New models are launched and, with that, obsolescence is reaching values ​​and knocking them down.

And that it is always possible to find more affordable values ​​within the operators since discounts are given to loyal customers. The bigger the monthly plans, the more discounts on handsets are offered. If that is your case, it is possible to have the Galaxy S9 for a price below the market.

Where to buy?

Stores specializing in cell phones, especially inside large shopping centers, are sure to feature the Samsung Galaxy S9. There are supermarkets and department stores that also have cell phones on their lists of items sold.

As we already mentioned, if you are a loyal customer of an operator, you will probably get a discount if you buy directly from it. In this case, this is the recommended option.

If your option is to buy online, the best option is  Amazon. In addition to bringing great prices, it also has an excellent variety of accessories. The Free Market is not far behind. And, of course, there is also the option of the operators’ websites.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider when buying the Samsung Galaxy S9

Decided to buy the Galaxy S9? In addition to the doubt between the common model and the Plus, there are also a few more things that may be important at the time of purchase. We list some below:

  • Color
  • Memory
  • Warranty
  • Extra items
  • Block

We will explain more details about each item below:


A beautiful design phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9, even more being top of the line, needs to offer many colors as a complement. And in both versions, both the common and the Plus, this demand is very well fulfilled.

Currently, seven colors are available for these two devices. They are: Midnight Black (black), Titanium Gray (gray), Coral Blue (blue), Lilac Purple (purple), Burgundy Red (red), Sunrise Gold (gold) and Ice Blue (light blue). So, there will be plenty of options for you to take what you like best!


Unlike most cell phones available in the market, the Galaxy S9 does not offer memory variations. Both the common version and the Plus have a storage capacity of 128 GB.

Of course, in both cases this number is expandable with insertable cards. They can make the number reach up to 512 GB – let’s face it, a very high number for a cell phone device.


Different cell phone stores can offer guarantees of varying durations for the same model. So take note of that factor. If they are places with similar price ranges, it may be better to choose the one that offers the longest warranty period.

After all, being able to count on free technical assistance for factory problems for a longer time is something that increases the durability of the cell phone. The ideal is to always be as careful as possible!

Extra items

Usually, the phone is sold with basic items such as charger, headset and instruction manual. Check if this is offered by the store where you make the purchase. A very low price may indicate the presence of only the device.

Another possibility is the insertion of new items – covers, protective films and extra wires for loading, for example. Depending on the quality of the material, this can help a lot in the future, as you will not need to make purchases separately.

These extra items can make the offer even more attractive and generate great savings.


If you choose to purchase directly with an operator, there is no way: your device will be blocked and cannot be used with competitors. There are even sites that are supposed to teach you how to unlock, but they are unreliable.

But if your purchase is made independently, in a store specializing in cell phones, it is essential that the device comes unlocked. Having the freedom to choose the operator and eventually make changes gives more flexibility in the use of the cell phone. Do you remember the classic advertisement that said “who loves, blocks”? Well, that irony is still real.



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