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Best camera phone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Good camera phone: How to choose the best in 2022


Nowadays everyone wants a good camera phone to take photos to record the most important moments of everyday life and post on social networks.

For many people, the quality of the camera outweighs the importance of other configurations such as processor and operating system. For this reason, technology companies are increasingly investing in smartphone cameras.

If you also choose your phone by the camera, this article is for you! We have prepared some tips that will help you find out if the smartphone camera you want to buy is a good one or not. Enjoy reading!

First, the most important

  • What indicates the resolution of a camera’s photograph is the number of megapixels. The resolution of the videos is indicated by the acronyms HD, FHD or UHD / 4K.
  • A smartphone has a front and rear camera. The rear camera has the highest resolution, while the front camera has the smallest. In both cases, the cameras can be double or triple.
  • A good camera has a lens or a set of glass lenses, with long focal range and wide aperture.

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The best models of good camera phones: Our favorites

If you came to this Buying Guide it is because you are looking for a good camera phone. To help you choose a model, we have listed the best options. We include smartphones of different brands and price ranges.

  • Our favorite
  • The phone with the best dual camera
  • The option that adapts to external conditions
  • The most acclaimed model


Buying Guide

The best way to know if a cell phone camera is good is to test it. However, some technical specifications indicate how well the smartphone is performing.

But, more important than knowing these specifications is to understand how they influence the quality of the camera. You can check this and other information in this Buying Guide.

What are the features of a good camera phone?

When it comes to image quality, we need to let go of the idea that the amount of megapixels is synonymous with a good camera. This is just one of the factors that define image quality.

Megapixels have two functions: the first is the possibility to zoom the image without losing resolution, the other is to create an image with larger dimensions that adapt to different contexts.

The more megapixels, the higher the resolution, size and weight of a photo. A camera with one to five megapixels has enough quality to make photos to post on social networks and set up family albums, just print the images on photo paper .


The sensor has the task of transforming light into electrical signals that translate into pixels. Cameras with many megapixels tend to have small pixels, little sensitive to light, but with a greater ability to capture details.

While a larger sensor can generate larger pixels, more sensitive to light, better images in dark environments, but with less detail because of the low amount of pixels.

What determines the degree of sensitivity to light is the ISO standard. The lower the ISO index, the less light is captured, for this reason, in dark environments, it must be increased (but the higher, the greater the grain).

The f-aperture is responsible for defining how much light enters the sensor and has two effects: improving the camera’s performance in poor lighting and increasing the speed of capturing photos.

In addition to the aperture, you need to adjust the shutter speed, which defines how long the camera will keep the lens open to record the photo. The longer the shutter remains open, the greater the amount of light that enters the lens.

This can cause your photo to be blurred or blurred. However, in night shots, increasing exposure to ambient light is essential to make these records.

What are the other functions of a camera?

There are two commands related to focus: autofocus, as the name implies, automatically focuses the image and touch focus is when the user chooses where to focus, personalizing the photograph.

The white balance has the function of correcting the color of the photos. With this feature you can choose whether your photo will have a warmer style (like candlelight or sunshine) or a cooler tone (pulled in gray and blue, as in cloudy days).

The image stabilizer prevents your photos from coming out blurry. There are two types of stabilization: optical and electronic. We prepared a table to talk about the differences.

Another important feature is the zoom, which serves to enlarge landscapes, people or distant objects when taking the photo. It is important to analyze the power and resolution of the image when using it.

Optical zoom uses the camera lens to zoom in on the image, so it causes minimal blur. The digital zoom distorts the image, as it is done after the photo has already been taken.

The smile detector automatically takes the picture when it identifies a smile. If you are going to take a group photo, be aware, because at the first smile you give the photo will be taken.

What is the ideal format for saving photos?

Most smartphones save photos in JPEG format, but some already support the RAW format.


RAW format photos are more complete, but larger in size.

The JPEG format compresses photos to take up less space in the phone’s memory.

The RAW format records everything the sensor sees, so it takes up more space in the smartphone’s memory. It is ideal for professional photographers and people working with social networks, as it gives more treatment and optimization options.

How much does a good camera phone cost?

If you want a good camera phone you will need to invest a little more. The cheapest models cost around R $ 800, some cost over R $ 1,500, and the most expensive cost between R $ 2,200 and R $ 5,500.

Where to buy a good camera phone?

You can find these smartphones in electronics stores like Fast Shop. If you prefer, you can buy the product over the internet, in the manufacturers’ virtual stores or on sites such as Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the phone with a good camera

Whether shooting landscapes, people or selfies, choosing a good camera phone involves understanding the subject. In order not to make mistakes when purchasing, review the following specifications:

  • Lenses)
  • Opening
  • HDR function
  • Video resolution

We will explain each of the items throughout this section.


It is through the lenses that the camera sensor sees the scene you want to record, so they are a vital part of the camera.

Give preference to buy a smartphone with glass lenses. Also analyze whether the camera has only one or a set of lenses built into the sensor. Another important factor is the focal length of the lenses (28 mm is ideal).


The aperture of the lens also influences the image quality. This information is represented by the letter f and a number in sequence (ranges from f / 1 to f / 16). The lower the value in f, the greater the aperture of the camera and vice versa.

Generally, the lower the number in f, the better the picture quality in low light environments. Aperture standards f / 1.7 and f1.8 already produce beautiful photos.

HDR function

HDR (High Dynamic Range, in Portuguese) is a very important lighting feature in a smartphone camera, as it records images with different light intensities.

With this feature, the camera captures three images of the same scene with different exposures, then combines these three photographs, makes the necessary adjustments and delivers the final image.

Video resolution

When buying a smartphone, pay attention to the resolution, which describes the recording quality of the videos. The resolution can be HD (1280×720 pixels), Full HD (1920×1080) or Ultra HD / 4K (3840×2160 pixels).

Did you know that the higher the resolution, the better the ability to zoom or crop the image without losing quality? But remember, the higher the resolution, the greater the space occupied by the video files.



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