Dual SIM cell phone

Top & Best Dual SIM cell phone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Dual SIM cell phone: Which are the best of 2022?

Often finding the ideal phone operator is not an easy task and there are people who walk around with two cell phones to meet their needs. Fortunately there is a solution for this, the dual chip cell phone, and it is what we will talk about today here!

this type of device can be found in several versions and helps to save money on cell phone expenses. And if you are looking for one of these, but you know which one to choose, you have just arrived at the right place. In this text we will talk about the dual chip models and at the end of the reading you will know exactly how to choose yours!


First, the most important

  • With the dual chip cell phone it is possible to have two different numbers on a single device.
  • This type of cell phone is very easy to use and can have all the functions of an ordinary smartphone like camera, internet access, touchscreen and more.
  • The value of the dual chip cell phone varies a lot, but there are models with a very affordable price, starting at R $ 65.

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Ranking: The 5 best dual chip phones

It is not enough that the cell phone has dual chip technology, it is essential that it has other quality components to be a good purchase option. So we went to get the best in this category and separated some options here in this Ranking, check it out.


Buying Guide

Cell phones are the most used electronic devices today, being present in the lives of adults, the elderly and even children. There are even people who have more than one device to meet their needs for internet connections and access.

In the case of those who need two numbers, the dual chip cell phone is the best option, since with it this is very simple and easy to happen. And if you want to know more about this technology and this type of cell phone, just keep reading this Buying Guide because you will find all the information there.

What is a dual chip cell phone?

Having the appearance of a normal cell phone, the dual chip models are manufactured with two chip inputs and with that they can work with two different numbers, including different operators.

And it makes no difference in the physical composition of the device, being that visually it is the same as any other. What changes a little is during use, since when making calls it is necessary to select which number to use. However, all of this is very simple and easy to accomplish.

The dual chip cell phone appeared in mid-2010 and Samsung was one of the first brands to launch such a device, with the Ch @ t 332 model as one of the best-selling models at the time.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the dual chip cell phone?

The dual chip cell phone has a number of advantages. The first is precisely related to the fact that it is possible to keep two numbers on a single device.

Thus, it is possible to have a personal and a professional number and even two for personal use. This is also positive because thanks to this technology it is possible to take advantage of promotions from different operators, whether using the internet of one and the minutes of calling another and the like.

Another very advantageous point of the dual chip cell phone is that with it it is possible to manage the two chips, using them in the most pertinent way. A very common example of this is when the internet data franchise of one of the numbers ends and at that moment just activate the other and you will not be without using internet on the device.

In addition, this type of cell phone is very easy to use and is manufactured in both simpler models and in the smartphone version , being very complete.

On the other hand, the dual chip has as a negative point the fact that many have the possibility of having their memory expanded, however they are not made with enough ports for both chips and the memory card. Thus, if you want to have more memory, you need to give up a chip.

There is also the question that depending on the device the battery of the dual chip cell phone may last less than those that have only one chip.

What are the types of dual chip cell phones?

With the great interest in the dual chip cell phone since it was launched, several brands invested and created their own models, which culminated in a wide variety of options.

Thanks to this, it is possible to find both simpler models as well as smartphones. The simple dual chip cell phone can be purchased both in the flip version and with a physical keyboard.

These are ideal for people who have more difficulty using modern devices and there are options that work even with 3G, so they can access the internet and use applications like WhatsApp, for example.

The dual-chip smartphone models are for those who are looking for a device that can take excellent photos, have a more advanced operating system and have other technologies involved such as digital reading, GPS service and the like.

Why does the battery of the dual chip cell phone last less?

The battery life of a cell phone has its durability reduced for a number of reasons. Among them are the number of applications running, the screen size, wi-fi connectivity and the use of mobile networks.

When you have a cell phone working with two chips the battery that would be used to search for a network, connect to the internet and the like becomes double. Therefore, it may happen that the device has a lower performance than when it has only one chip.

However, there are some ways to supply this and reduce battery drain, such as:

  • Turn off bluetooth, wi-fi and 3G or 4G connections when not in use;
  • Decrease screen brightness;
  • If you have a number that uses less keep it disabled until needed;
  • Disable GPS location.

How much?

As the dual chip cell phone can be found in several models there is a wide variation in the price of this product, being possible to find cheap and slightly more expensive options.

Thus, there are devices from R $ 65, which are the simplest and with limited functions, up to more than R $ 5,000 in the case of the latest generation and high performance models.

Where to buy?

In almost all stores that sell cell phones, you can find dual chip options. With that, for those who like to do their shopping in physical stores.

On the internet it is even easier to find devices of this type and several sites usually sell it, some of which are: Amazon.

And if you are interested in any model that is in our Ranking, know that it can be purchased too and for that just click on it.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare Dual SIM Cell Phone Models

If you are tired of carrying two devices around or else you no longer want to be held hostage by a single operator and have decided that you need a dual chip cell phone, know that there are some criteria that you must take into consideration to make the best choice and they are:

  • Screen size
  • Memory
  • Processor
  • Camera quality

Below we will detail each of these points for you to get the purchase right.

Screen size

The screen size of the dual chip phone will define its size as a whole and it is worth knowing that very small screens make it more difficult to use certain applications, view what is happening on the internet and much more.

Precisely for this reason smartphones usually have larger screens and if the search is for a device that has several functions and in which the use is made for more than calls, it is worth investing in a larger one.

However, remember that the bigger the device the more difficult it can be to store it in pockets and bags, so analyze this too so that there are no further problems of this type.


Memory is essential for any cell phone and there is nothing more frustrating than taking a picture with the device and the memory full message appears.

In the case of simpler cell phones where there is not a large use of applications or a large number of photos this may be indifferent, however if the use is more intense it is worth purchasing a model with more capacity or else check the possibility of using a card memory with him.

Camera quality

Mobile phone cameras have never been used more and for those who love taking pictures, taking into account the quality of it is paramount. This quality is measured in megapixels (MP) and models that have a camera with better performance are those that exceed 12MP.

It is worth knowing that there are devices that have dual cameras and they can take even better photos, so if this component is important for you, pay attention to it.


The processor is responsible for making the phone work and also for the agility with which it performs the commands. So it is essential to choose a device that has a fast and quality processor.

Thus, the processing speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz) and the higher this number, the faster the cell phone will be.


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