Top & Best Moto Snap Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Moto Snap: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome to mypricesaving.coml! In today’s article we will talk about an accessory that took the use of cell phones to another level. We will deal with Moto Snap here.

Moto Snap offers more features to Motorola phones and can function as a projector, extra battery, speaker and even as a 360º camera. Next, we’ll show you how to choose the best Moto Snap.

First, the most important

  • Moto Snaps add new features to Motorola smartphones.
  • Projector, gamepad, power bank and even Polaroid camera. These are just some of the functions of Moto Snap.
  • Below you will find out which are the best Moto Snaps for each objective.

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Best Moto Snaps: Our Recommendations

  • The best Moto Snap for listening to music
  • The best Moto Snap to take pictures
  • The best Moto Snap for video games

Buying Guide

Buying accessories like Moto Snap requires a little attention. It must be practical, useful and do not make the device heavier and larger. In this Buying Guide, we will answer all your questions about this Motorola accessory and show you all that it can do.

What is a Moto Snap?

Moto Snap is a modular accessory created by Motorola, in 2016, to add extra functions or optimize those already existing in some of its smartphones.

Embedded in the back of the phone, as if it were a kind of cover, Moto Snaps can transform the smartphone into a projector, a stereo speaker, a digital TV receiver, a video game controller and even improve the quality with which you make it. photos and videos.


Did you know that Motorola has more than 80 years of experience in the technology segment?

The manufacturer is known for investing in technology and diverse configurations, for basic, intermediate and premium users.

In Brazil, there are some models available, among them, the Moto Snap Projector, which makes projections, and the Gamepad, which turns your Motorola cell phone into a portable video game.

But in addition, you can use a Moto Snap to increase the battery life of your phone, print instant photos and more.

What phones are compatible with Moto Snaps?

Moto Snap is an accessory sold separately or in kit, along with the smartphone.

But, if you are interested in everything that a Moto Snap can do it is important to know: Moto Snaps are only compatible with Motorola Moto Z phones.

Therefore, the modular cases are compatible with the following smartphone models:

    • Moto Z ;
    • Moto Z Force ;
    • Moto Z Play ;
    • Moto Z2 Force ;
    • Moto Z2 Play ;
    • Moto Z3 Play .


Launched in 2016 as a top-of-the-line phone, the Moto Z is actually a line with phones known for their versatility precisely because only with them is it possible to use Moto Snaps.

In addition, Moto Z phones feature powerful processors, large internal memory and RAM and other features characteristic of advanced smartphones.

What are the main Moto Snaps?

As we have seen, there is a wide variety of Moto Snaps and each one has a specific function.

So, if you have or plan to buy a Moto Z, it is important to know what modular accessories are currently available.

The simplest and most basic of all is the Moto Snap Style Shell. This accessory works as a protective cover and comes in different colors, textures and prints.

Its main objective is, in addition to providing extra protection to the smartphone, allowing the user to give a new face to the design of the device, personalizing it.

But in addition to this simple Moto Snap, Motorola offers other versions of these accessories that actually provide extra or optimized functions for the Moto Z.

To help you understand how each one works, we’ve listed below the features and how to use Motorola’s top Moto Snaps. Check out:

Moto Snap Hasselblad

With this module, the smartphone can capture images with up to 10x optical zoom with manual control.

In addition, this Moto Snap offers the possibility to save photos in RAW format, suitable for editing, and has the Xenon flash, to illuminate dark environments.

Moto Snap Stereo Speaker

The Stereo Speaker is a Moto Snap that, when connected to your smartphone, increases the audio output, working as a speaker, for listening to music and making video calls.

This Moto Snap also comes with a support on the back so you can support your Moto Z, leaving your hands free.

Moto Snap Digital TV

With dual function, this Moto Snap allows you to use your Motorola as a digital TV, in addition to giving extra battery.

The back of this Moto Snap has a support so you can watch your favorite shows without having to hold your phone.

Moto Snap 360 Camera

This Moto Snap is for those who want to take even better pictures with the Moto Z phone, which usually comes with high quality cameras.

With this accessory, your cell phone gains a 360 ° camera that takes photos and videos in Ultra HD and with 3D audio.

Moto Snap Gamepad

For video game lovers, the Moto Snap Gamepad is a hand in the wheel. With this module, you can use your phone to play games for up to 8 hours without recharging your smartphone.

In addition, this Moto Snap comes with a console with keys, controls and a joystick that makes the game easier.

Moto Snap Projector

Do you want to project a presentation, work or even a movie or football game on a screen or on the wall?

Just install the Moto Snap Insta-share Projector on your Moto Z smartphone. This Moto Snap is capable of projecting your phone’s screen in an area up to 70 inches.

Moto Snap Polaroid Print

This is, in fact, the most revolutionary of all Moto Snaps. With it, you can print your photos instantly. The accessory comes with a kit with 10 sheets of photo paper, measuring 2 x 3 inches.

Moto Snap: Who is it recommended for?

Moto Snap is recommended for anyone who wants to add more features to their smartphone.

That is, if you want to watch TV, take better pictures, print images, play video games, project images and videos and still listen to music with amplified sound, Moto Snap is for you.

The only problem is that only those who own a Moto Z can benefit from Moto Snap.

What are the pros and cons of Moto Snap?

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already understood the wonders that a Moto Snap can do with your phone, right?

After all, with this modular accessory, which fits your smartphone, you will be able to project images, hear better quality sound, take photos and make video in high resolution, increase battery life, watch TV and even print photos and play games video game.

But there are also some disadvantages when considering the Moto Snap. The first is that this accessory is only compatible with Motorola Moto Z smartphones.

In addition, Moto Snap ends up increasing the size of the device, making it thicker and even heavier. Not to mention that it is not a cheap accessory.

The following are the main advantages and disadvantages of Moto Snap.

How much does it cost and where to buy Moto Snap?

As we already mentioned, Moto Snap is not a cheap accessory. But still, because of its functionality, it is usually worth a lot.


The Moto Snap costs between R $ 99 to R $ 1,299.

In general, the Moto Snap costs between R $ 99 to R $ 1,299.

And finding that accessory for sale is easy. Whether in cell phone stores, department stores or hypermarkets, such as Casas Bahia and Extra.

But if you want to guarantee a bigger discount and still have the comfort of buying from home, the ideal is to purchase your Moto Snap in online stores, such as Amazon Brazil.

Purchasing Criteria: How to analyze the best Moto Snap

With so many options it can end up being difficult to choose and buy the best Moto Snap. Therefore, you need to consider some points that will make all the difference in your decision. Are they:

  • Single or combo
  • Functionality
  • Dimension and weight
  • Color

Next, we will explain in detail the best way to consider each of these items when buying your Moto Snap.

Single or combo

The first criterion that you should consider when buying a Moto Snap is that you can purchase the accessory separately or in a combo. In general, Snaps are sold separately.

In the loose form, Moto Snap is indicated for those who already have a Moto Z and just want to add or optimize the device’s functions.

But if you also want to buy a cell phone or exchange yours for a Moto Z, it is worth noting that there are some models that already come with a Moto Snap, these are the famous combos.

An example is the Moto Z Power Edition combo, in which the Moto Z models (with 2,600 mAh battery), Moto Z Play (3,510 mAh), Moto Z2 Force (2,730 mAh) and Moto Z2 Play (3,000 mAh) are accompanied by the Moto Snap that adds 2,200 mAh to the cell phone battery.


Having made the choice above, it’s time to decide on the best Moto Snap. For that, you need to consider your goal, your need and your user profile.

After all, as we have seen, there are Moto Snaps with different functions, from watching TV on your cell phone to printing instant photos.

Dimension and weight

Another factor that is also important to check, in addition to the weight of the accessory, are the dimensions and weight of the Moto Snap. As it will be attached to your cell phone, you already know that it will increase both the weight and thickness of the device.

This can end up being cumbersome to handle and charge the smartphone. So, in order not to be taken by surprise, check the module’s measurements and the weight shown on the packaging and in the product description.


Finally, we recommend that before hitting the hammer and finalizing the purchase of your Moto Snap, you should also evaluate the color of the accessory.

Over time, Motorola has created diverse options with different colors, patterns and textures that will give your smartphone a new look.



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