Top & Best Discover the  mobile phone for games Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Discover the mobile phone for games in 2022


Welcome to! If you’re looking for mobility when it comes to playing video games, you’ve come to the right place! In today’s article, we’ll help you choose the best gaming phone.

Regardless of your budget, today it is possible to have a good smartphone to play a wide variety of games. We will explain what you should consider when comparing the available models and which are the top of the line at the moment.

First, the most important

  • Today there are smartphones games, cell phones specifically designed to play video games, but at a very high cost.
  • The good news is that you can buy a high-efficiency gaming phone without spending that much.
  • It is important to consider the type of game you intend to download on your phone and assess whether it is compatible with the processor’s performance.

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Buying Guide

Being able to play whenever and wherever you want is what every video game player wants. Nowadays this is possible thanks to the diversity of cell phones that can already run even the heaviest games.

To find out how to identify a mobile phone for games, what is the average price and where to buy we invite you to continue with us in this Buying Guide.

Why invest in a mobile phone for games?

If you play video games on your PC or notebook, you know that on some occasions, a smartphone looks good. After all, you won’t always have devices like these at your disposal.

Either for trips or for trips, in which you will not be able to access the computer, a cell phone will be the ideal to continue playing. Thus, mobility is, in fact, the first reason why it is worth investing in a smartphone to play video games.

However, not infrequently, players get discouraged when it comes to buying a cell phone just to play because of the high price. In fact, devices with a better processor and settings are quite expensive. But you don’t have to buy the best smartphone to play.

As we will see later in this article, today there are already great phones that were not designed for games, but that are equally efficient, and have affordable prices.

What are the features of the best gaming phone?

You will find two types of devices for playing video games: the gamer smartphone and the ordinary cell phone. The smartphone game is a cell phone that has been designed especially for video game players.

This device has a robust and high-performance processor and hardware, a high-resolution screen and a long battery life. This is just to name a few of the main features.

However, it is a very expensive smartphone. But, as we have seen, there is no reason to be discouraged.

With the evolution of technology, even ordinary cell phones have configurations to match, capable of running even heavy games.

The most important when choosing the best mobile phone for games is to analyze the device’s ability to run the games of your choice. In general, it is essential that you choose a fast processor.

In addition, the best video game phone will certainly have a large, high-resolution screen, no problems with overheating and even a long battery life. Some models even have a joystick to make it easier to play.

What is the best phone according to the type of game?

As we have seen, the choice of the ideal mobile phone for games will depend on the type of game you intend to run and the processing power of the smartphone.

Generally, users look for models capable of running heavy games efficiently.

However, there are already several games that run very well on smartphones of simpler or intermediate configuration.

Check out some examples of games that can run on different types of cell phones:

    • Free Fire : Garena’s battle royale is a lighter game that doesn’t have great graphic demands. For this reason, it is compatible with most cell phones currently available on the market, and can even run on cheaper smartphones, which cost less than R $ 1,000;
    • PUBG Mobile and Pokémon GO : These games are already heavier and demand a better performing phone, which is usually in the middleman category in terms of price and configuration;
    • Fortnite : To play the famous Fortnite, you will need to invest in a gaming phone that offers superior performance, with a powerful processor and therefore more expensive.


In addition, it is worth mentioning that there are common but top-of-the-line cell phones, which are even used in official video game championships.

This is possible because some games are optimized to run on any type of mobile device, including less powerful mobile devices.

That is why some games like Clash Royale, Candy Crush and Hay Day are so popular with the audience that plays on the cell phone.

Other examples of games that run well on simpler smartphones are the Pet Rescue Saga and Bubble Witch Saga.

Did you know that Free Fire is the most played mobile game in Brazil?

The shooting game even surpassed the Candy Crush Saga, which is a thinking game with over 500 million downloads on Android and iOS phones.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing on mobile?

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve seen that the great advantage of the gaming phone is, in fact, the mobility it offers. With a smartphone, you can play whenever and wherever you want without depending on a notebook or a PC.

In addition, currently, it is possible to choose between the smartphone game and even an ordinary cell phone. And although a phone with good settings is recommended, you won’t necessarily need to spend a lot on buying the device.

That’s because there are already many games that run efficiently on most phones, including those in the basic category.

Precisely for this reason, another advantage is that there are different configurations to choose from in terms of processor, memory, internal storage, battery and screen size.

On the other hand, it is quite true that, with a cell phone, it is not always possible to play all games with the same graphic quality that a PC or notebook game offers.

Not to mention that if the game is too heavy, it is likely that the device’s battery will run out more quickly. And, in general, cell phones end up overheating when playing games, which can, in the most serious cases, damage the device.

In addition, although it is possible to find cheaper devices, in general, the best mobile phone for games will still be quite expensive.

So that you can see the main pros and cons of a mobile phone for games, check out the table we created below:

What is the price and where to buy the best mobile phone for games?

As we saw, in general, the best mobile phone for games is quite expensive. So much so that the top of the line can cost more than R $ 5,000. But it is possible to find basic options that cost between R $ 1,000 and R $ 2,000 and some even less than that.

To find the best game smartphone for sale, the options are greater and range from computer stores, department stores to large supermarket chains such as Ponto Frio and Carrefour.

However, the largest variety of makes and models is available on the internet. If you choose to buy online, we recommend that you do so at Amazon Brazil to ensure peace of mind and security from start to finish.

Purchasing Criteria: How to compare the best gaming phones

You already know that, when choosing the best gaming phone, you can choose the smartphone game or a regular phone. But, in addition, there are other aspects that deserve your attention when comparing the available models. Are they:

  • Screen resolution, size and type
  • Processor and cores
  • RAM and storage
  • Battery life

From here, we will explain in detail each of these aspects so that you can buy the best phone for video games.

Screen resolution, size and type

As we already mentioned, the best gaming phone needs a large, high-resolution screen. About the size, you will find models with 5 to 6.5 inch screen.

The resolution, on the other hand, must be of high definition to guarantee a sharper, more detailed image with faithful colors. So, ideally, your smartphone screen should be at least Full HD. The best of all will be 4k.

Also, consider the type of screen that can be: LCD, IPS, Oled, Amoled and Super Amoled. The last two, Amoled and Super Amoled, are more suitable for gamers.

Processor and cores

If you play games on your computer, you should already know that the processor is the brain of the device. And the same goes for the cell phone.

Ideally, the gaming phone should have a multi-core processor.

As it is he who will perform the tasks and processing the device, the ideal is that the mobile phone for games has a processor with multiple cores.

The more cores the smartphone’s processor has, the greater the device’s efficiency for running games.

Thus, devices that have at least 4 cores, or quad-core, will have a more satisfactory processing, with less risk of crash.

RAM and storage

Both RAM and internal storage capacity are important settings for those who play games on their cell phones. The RAM needs to be high since it is responsible for performing tasks with agility.

Thus, a gaming phone that has between 4GB and 8GB of RAM will be able to run all processes, including the heaviest ones, efficiently. However, devices with 2GB will be able to run lighter games without problems.

The internal storage capacity will be important if you need to download games and save them to the phone’s memory. This capacity varies a lot, but it is ideal to be 128 GB with a 512 GB microSD card slot.

Battery life

We also saw that, generally, the gaming phone consumes a lot of battery. And nobody wants to run out of battery in the middle of a match, right?

Therefore, the longer the smartphone battery lasts, the more efficient the device will be for you to be able to play the games of your choice. At this point, you will find good options with batteries ranging between 4000 mAh and 6000mAh.


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