Top & Best Waterproof cover Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Waterproof cover: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Hello! Welcome to If you’re looking for a waterproof case for your phone, but don’t know where to start to choose the best option, this article is for you!

Practical and waterproof, the waterproof phone case is the ideal option for those who want to use their smartphone on the beach, pool or waterfall or even on a daily basis without putting the device at risk of contact with water.

Follow this Review to the end and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to to make the best choice of waterproof cover for your cell phone.

First, the most important

  • Available in different models and configurations, waterproof cases for cell phones are excellent for keeping your device free from splashes and resistant to accidental or deliberate diving.
  • Model, material, immersion capacity, frontal film and extra features are some of the characteristics to be considered when purchasing.
  • Prices vary according to the brand, model and type of cover chosen. It is possible to find simple universal versions from R $ 10, and the most sophisticated models in noble and more resistant materials can cost more than R $ 200.

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Ranking: The 5 best waterproof covers

The waterproof cover is the ideal product for those who do not give up their cell phone even at the beach, club, pool, when playing sports outdoors, fishing or even in the shower.

With this accessory your cell phone is protected against splashes, and can even be used underwater to take photos and videos.

If you also want a waterproof case to be carefree with your phone at any time, we will present the most interesting models of the product for sale in Brazil. Check out:

Buying Guide

Pretty cool cover on the list, right? Are you already looking forward to venturing with your cell phone in all kinds of wet places without worrying about the “drowning” of the device? Calm down! We still have some tips to help you choose the waterproof cover that will accompany you from now on for bathing and diving.

Check out our Buying Guide for a compilation of everything you need to know about waterproof cases before buying yours!

What is the waterproof cover?

The waterproof cover, as the name implies, is a cell phone cover that prevents the device from contacting with liquids – be it splashes or in the case of total or partial immersion of the cell phone in water or other liquid substances.

The cover seals the cell phone inside, so it is safe to use the device on various occasions and activities that involve humidity, water and splashes.

There are models that allow total immersion of the device – with time and depth limitations – allowing underwater use for filming and photographs.

What are the advantages of the waterproof cover?

In addition to protecting your cell phone from accidental contact with water and, in some cases, allowing the device to be completely immersed in liquids, waterproof cases can have several other advantages.

Even if you don’t decide to dive your phone, the case can protect you from dust, sand or sea air, for example. In addition, it is an easy product to find and there are options for every budget.

However, there are also some disadvantages. We list the positive and negative points below, check it out:

Universal or specific waterproof cover?

The waterproof covers can be found, basically, in the universal model – which resembles a bag with a sealing system; and on specific models – manufactured according to the dimensions, configurations and peculiarities of each model and brand of mobile device.

Both are good and have their own characteristics according to the user’s objective. To facilitate your choice, we made a comparative table highlighting its main characteristics. Compare the two types:

When and how to use waterproof covers?

The use of the waterproof cell phone cover is quite simple: just insert the device inside the product, seal it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and voilá – your cell phone is ready to have contact with liquids without risk of damage.

However, in order to rule out the risk of damage, it is advisable to carry out a test before the 1st use of the case. Insert a piece of paper in the cover, seal as instructed and leave the product completely immersed in liquid for at least 15 minutes.

If after that period the piece of paper remains dry and without signs of moisture, the cover is safe for the cell phone. It can be used on the beach, pool, club, waterfall or anytime you want to keep the device immune to water and liquids.

You can also turn your device into an underwater camera, making fun videos and photos underwater.

It is also ideal for practicing sports or activities where there is a forecast or risk of contact / immersion in water from the mobile device, such as running in the rain, canoeing, fishing, boat trips, among others.

How much?

The price of the waterproof cell phone case varies widely according to the make, model and material. It is possible to find basic universal models for less than R $ 15.

The more sophisticated versions, made for specific devices, with several functionalities and in premium materials, can cost more than R $ 200.

Where to buy?

You can buy your waterproof case at electronics stores or cell phone accessories. However, it is on e-commerce platforms like Amazon that it is possible to find a greater variety of brands and models of the product.

Buying online you get the product at the door and find more variety of models.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing waterproof cover models

To close our Review, we will give you another little help for you and make the right purchase of your waterproof cover. Check the list of features you should be aware of when comparing the types and brands of this product:

  • Submerging capacity
  • Material
  • Front film
  • Extra features

And so that there are really no doubts, we will detail each of these characteristics below. Check out!

Submerging capacity

The submersion capacity of waterproof covers is informed in depth and time by the manufacturers.

These capabilities indicate the limit depth and the maximum amount of time that the cover can be used without interruption without presenting risks to the mobile device, such as liquid or moisture infiltration. The capacity varies from 2 to 10 meters, but it can reach more.


The waterproof cover can be made of plastic, PVC with details and seals in rubber, silicone or other similar materials.

PVC models usually provide better touch sensitivity, making them ideal for those who need to use the phone’s touchscreen without interference.

For the cover to be really safe, it is essential that it is made with good quality raw material, which will directly influence its durability. Choose well-known and renowned brands to ensure the reliability of materials.

Front film

The front film is the part of the waterproof cover that will cover the smartphone screen. It can be made of the same material as the cover – as in the case of bag-style covers – or in special materials to protect the cell phone screen without impairing the touchscreen system.

The more sophisticated – with increased sensitivity and technologies to optimize the use of the touch – the more expensive the front film will be the waterproof cover. If the goal is just protection and not using the touch with the phone immersed, bet on the most basic models.

Extra features

Security lanyards, carrying handles, compartments for small objects, supports, protection against scratches, falls and impacts. These are just a few of the many extra features that waterproof cell phone cases can provide.

Although the extra features contribute to the cover being even more versatile and adaptable to different situations and uses, they can make the product more expensive.

Therefore, it is worth considering whether these extras are really necessary or functional for your usage profile and intended activities with the product.

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