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Top & Best Mobile lens Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Mobile lens: How to choose the best option in 2022?

Welcome to your most complete Shopping Guide on the internet! Do you like taking pictures? Even more so with your smartphone? Have you ever thought about purchasing a mobile phone lens? Check out today’s article and get convinced to buy one!

Taking pictures is always a great hobby and it becomes easier and more fun if you can do it with your own smartphone. And you can achieve different effects through lenses, such as fisheye, macro, wide angle, among others.

In order to have a cell phone lens to call your own? See more details such as prices, advantages and disadvantages, purchase criteria and where to buy them in the purchase guide we have prepared!

First, the most important

  • The mobile phone lens can be attached either by means of a clip or by means of a magnetic adhesive ring. Also pay attention if the lens in question is compatible with your mobile device.
  • You will find some more robust models, but also simpler options, with more delicate materials. This will influence the product’s durability.
  • This is a democratic mobile phone accessory, sold at various prices. In this guide we list good options that cost between R $ 8 and R $ 200.

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Ranking: The 4 best lenses for mobile

There are different types of mobile phone lenses and each one will deliver a different effect. Pay attention to the characteristics to make the right purchase for your goal.
In doubt which to acquire? Be sure to follow our next tips!

Buying Guide

Taking pictures can be a hobby, a profession, a passion or a fun. The important thing is to do it for pleasure. In the past it was only possible to shoot with digital cameras – and who remembers analog? – and nowadays there is no cell phone without the function.

To record moments in different ways, a mobile lens kit is a great option. If you are looking for the right accessory for you, see everything we raised about the peripheral.

What is a mobile lens?

It may seem a little obvious, but it is worth giving a contextualization about this accessory for cell phones. The first device with a camera attached was from a Japanese brand and was launched in the year 2000.

With only 0.11 MP of resolution, the images were of very low quality and unclear. Almost 20 years later, we found smartphones with cameras that leave nothing to be desired in relation to professionals.

The evolution of mobile devices has also brought a series of accessories for them. One is the mobile phone lens.

Designed to be coupled to the electronic, either by means of a clip or magnetic ring, it allows different angles and photo formats.

Whether fisheye (the famous fisheye lens), telephoto, wide angle or macro, the purpose of this accessory is to transform your smartphone into a powerful camera, worthy of professional photos.

The video below, with over 185,000 views, shows how cell phone lenses work. Check out!


What are its advantages and disadvantages of the mobile lens?

Certainly the main advantage of a mobile phone lens is to turn your device into a powerful camera, enabling different types of photos.

A positive point is also the fact that the accessory exists in different configurations, allowing diverse styles of images, such as fisheye, with superzoom or panoramic.

In addition, the lens to be attached to the smartphone is very easy to be placed and used, requiring only a clip or adhesive ring.

Another advantage is that the product exists in different prices and basically delivers the same functions. You can invest more or less, it is of your choice.

A disadvantage is that some specific lenses are not universal, being able to be used in only one model of cell phone, limiting the use for those who have more than one device or exchange for another, for example.

See in the table below the positive and negative points in a comparative way so, who knows, you may acquire your mobile lens..

What types of lenses for cell phones?

As we already mentioned here, there are different types of lens for mobile phones. Each of them offers different angles, sizes and formats of images and portraits.

The best known for sure is fisheye (fisheye). It captures images with a 180 degree angle, giving the photo a rounded shape and a spherical view.

There is also the macro, which is ideal for capturing very small details and up close, perfect for enlargements and close-ups. It tends to focus on the object that is close and blur the background.

Wide widens the camera’s field of view, making it interesting for photographing landscapes or even interiors of rooms and buildings, with a focus on the architectural side.

The telephoto lens, which can be considered less common among cell phone lenses, but equally interesting, has a long focal length, which is able to extend the direction of light and zoom through the lens itself. It is interesting for those who want to photograph and enlarge distant objects.

Check out the most striking differences of each below.

How much?

A kit or lens for cell phones can have different prices. You find both the product with the highest values, as well as others that are more affordable.

In this guide we list lenses that range from R $ 8 to R $ 200, offering democratic products for all budgets and tastes.

Where to buy?

You can find cell phone lenses mainly on internet sites, such as Brazilian Amazon and Mercado Livre. But you can also buy them in specific stores of accessories for cell phones or even in stores of various articles, such as Riachuelo and Daiso.

If you choose to buy online, be sure to read the comments and reviews of those who have already bought the lens you are looking for so you will not regret the purchase in the future.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing different types of mobile lens

Different lenses, different purchase criteria. But some of them are essential for anyone looking for the ideal mobile phone lens. Check out the list below with the main factors to be taken at the time of purchase.

  • objective
  • It is made
  • Compatibility
  • Kit

Below we explain each of them. Thus, the chances of you making a satisfactory purchase are greater!


It is clear that your objective with the use of the lens is a purchasing criterion to be considered. After all, it is this characteristic that will directly influence the type of the lens.

Whether you need an accessory to take close-up pictures of small objects and subjects, or need to photograph landscapes with an extended field of view, each type of lens will do a function and meet your objective.

Whether to take professional, personal or hobby photos, it is important that the product you are going to buy meets your objective.

It is made

As well as the objective, the effect you want for your photos will also influence the purchase.

As each lens delivers images and portraits of different formats and styles, you must choose the one that will take the photo with the desired result.

Rounded edges, distance zoom, enlarged details are some of the effects delivered by cell phone lenses. You just need to know which one you want for your photos.


Compatibility is a very important factor for the mobile lens to work properly on your mobile device.

Stay tuned if it is universal or if it is for a specific model or brand. If not, it will not fit perfectly on the device or on the camera.

However, don’t worry. You find a number of models and it is easy to find any type of lens for which your cell phone is.


It is more advantageous to buy a lens kit than to buy each one individually. That way you save and have all the lenses of the manufacturer table.

You find kits with 2 and up to 5 lenses, everything will depend on your need and available budget.




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