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Best cost-effective phone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best cost-effective phone: How to choose a cheap smartphone in 2022

When we talk about the best cost-effective cell phone, we mean devices that offer technical specifications and interesting features at affordable prices to consumers.

If you came here in search of the most cost-effective mobile phone in 2022, we will help you find it, as we have prepared an article full of relevant information about smartphone models of up to R $ 1,200.

First, the most important

  • Looking for a cost-effective cell phone? So focus on the intermediate models offered by the best brands in the market such as Xiaomi, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Asus, among others.
  • Mobile phone performance is the most relevant purchase criterion when choosing a smartphone. Even a cheap cell phone should be fluid when running games and applications.
  • You can find smartphone options with interesting technical specifications for prices between R $ 750 and R $ 1500.

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Best cost-effective cell phone: Our recommendations

We selected the most cost-effective cell phones of the moment. The list includes a wide variety of models from the main brands. Our selection criteria are technical specifications and a value of up to R $ 1200.

  • The best cost-effective phone
  • Consumers’ favorite
  • The toughest phone
  • The best cost-effective cell phone with robust battery
  • An intermediate smartphone with premium design

Buying Guide

A smartphone is an indispensable object, whether to communicate with other people, study, work or have fun in your spare time. But not everyone has a large sum to buy a new cell phone.

With that in mind, we have prepared a Purchase Guide with all the information you need to know to find the best cost-effective cell phone at the moment. We hope you enjoy it!

Why invest in the best cost-effective cell phone?

One of the most noticeable changes in the mobile phone business is the popularization of so-called premium intermediary smartphones. You can find models with large screens, a robust camera set and a long battery life for less than R $ 1,000.

Nowadays it is much easier to buy a phone with good technical specifications without spending a lot. This is the result of free competition between traditional and Chinese brands – which invest heavily in cost-effective devices.

Buying a cell phone with modern technical specifications is not a matter of whim, but of necessity. With the device, you can communicate efficiently and quickly, study, work, entertain and keep your documents safe.

What should the best cost-effective cell phone offer?

The giant screen has become standard even on the cheapest phones. And the panel is of superior quality – it can be LED, AMOLED or Super AMOLED – in HD or FHD resolution.

Some models have Gorilla Glass protection that protects the smartphone screen from the dreaded scratches and cracks.

The notch has greatly decreased and improved the viewing of the content and the feeling of immersion, perfect for watching movies and series on Netflix or playing – including, most intermediate models run any game on the Play Store without delays or crashes.


Models with double and triple sensors.

The set of cameras is also surprising. It is common to find models in which the main camera has dual or triple sensors in very high resolution – such as the popular 48MP cameras. The front camera delivers excellent selfies, perfect for social media.

Another feature that cannot be missing in the best cost-effective cell phone is a biometric reader that maintains the privacy and security of your data and files and ensures agility and practicality in unlocking the screen.

The device must also deliver a high capacity battery – ranges from 3000 to 5000mAh – and fast charging.

Find out all the reasons to buy on the best cost-benefit phone in the table below:

How much should I pay on the best cost-effective cell phone?

The best cost-effective cell phone is one that offers interesting technical data at an affordable price, but how much is it necessary to invest to buy a good smartphone?


Stay tuned for the operating system version.

It depends. You find many devices with good technical specifications such as processor, RAM, storage and Android operating system – stay tuned to the version – which cost between R $ 750 and R $ 1000.

Those who can invest a little more will find excellent models with prices between R $ 1,000 and R $ 1,500. To take advantage of these prices, always buy your phone over the internet, but make sure you find a reliable store, such as Amazon, for example.

Our tip is that you define the available budget and select some models in this price range. Then it is important to analyze the technical specifications of these smartphones, so that you avoid a wrong purchase and an unnecessary expense.

What is the best cost-effective cell phone for photographs?

Do you need a cell phone that is cheap but has a good set of cameras? So we suggest you buy one of the Xiaomi models. The brand offers some options with excellent set of cameras for prices between R $ 750 and R $ 1200.

The rear camera can have a double or triple sensor and a maximum resolution of 48MP, while the front camera can offer a resolution of 24MP. Remember, the more pixels, the brighter the image.

Even the cheapest models record in Full HD or Ultra HD and have an electronic image stabilizer, so you don’t need to use a tripod to record videos.

Purchase criteria: Find the best cost-effective phone at the moment

Some features must be considered when buying the best cost-effective cell phone for you. Some people prioritize the set of cameras, others value the battery capacity and there are those who do not give up a giant screen.

Want to know how to choose a cost-effective cell phone? Evaluate the purchase criteria listed below:

  • RAM memory
  • Storage
  • Construction
  • Camera set
  • Screen
  • Drums

For you what is the best cost benefit cell phone of the moment? Share your opinion with other readers at the end of this article.

RAM memory

RAM is responsible for the performance of the cell phone. When running applications and opening pages on the internet, you will use this storage space.

Therefore, the larger the RAM of your smartphone, the better the device will work. Stay tuned, intermediate devices usually have between 2 to 4GB of RAM.


The storage capacity is directly related to the purpose of use that you will give the smartphone. On cheaper devices, this capacity can be 16, 32 or 64GB – but 1/3 of the storage capacity is used only by the operating system.

Remember that you can add a memory card to extend the storage capacity of the phone.

  • 16GB storage suitable for those who prioritize basic smartphone functions. With this storage capacity, downloading applications is very limited.
  • 32GB storage meets the needs of those who like to download some extra applications – but without exaggeration.
  • 64GB storage ideal for those who like to download many applications and games or shoot a lot.


When buying a cost-effective cell phone, you do not need to give up a device with good construction, but be aware that to make production costs cheaper, most models are made of plastic.

Look for models offering IP certification – which indicates the degree of resistance to water or dust – and military certification that attests resistance to impacts and drops, especially if you are clumsy.

Camera set

In the era of social networks, it is no use buying a new cell phone without assessing the quality of the camera set. It is important to note the resolution (measured in megapixels / MP) and the number of sensors.

The best cost-effective phone is one that offers a set of cameras with good resolution – it ranges from 8 to 48MP on the rear camera and from 8 to 24MP on the front camera. Videos can be recorded in HD, FHD or UHD / 4K.

If your intention is to record professional quality photographs, it is worth buying a camera with two or three sensors that offer different resolutions and can be triggered at the same time or individually.



The type of panel, image resolution, pixel density and screen size must be analyzed at the time of purchase.

The panel can be LED, AMOLED or Super AMOLED with HD + or Full HD + resolution – you won’t find options in 2K or 4K in this price range. Sizes range from 5.5 to 6.5 inches.

Whoever uses the smartphone to watch movies and series or play games should invest in a model with a big screen. Who does not usually use the smartphone for entertainment purposes can buy a smaller model, as it has the advantages of discretion and ease of handling.


It is essential to buy a cell phone with good battery life – the longer you are away from the plug, the better. Therefore, you should evaluate the battery capacity, which ranges from 3000 to 5000mAh in an intermediate cell phone.

Also evaluate if the phone has charging and fast and if it comes with Turbo Power charger.


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