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Top & Best Bucket of Popcorn Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Bucket of Popcorn: Which are the best of 2022?

Hello! Welcome to mypricesaving.com. Today we are going to talk about a faithful companion when watching a series or movie at home: the bucket of popcorn. Nothing better than settling on the sofa with a full bucket.

In the past, the bucket of popcorn served only to put the popcorn and eat. Nowadays, however, there are several models that can even go to the microwave. That is, in addition to storing food, some buckets are also used to prepare popcorn.

Although it doesn’t seem like much of a mistake, there’s a lot you can know to choose the best bucket of popcorn for you and your family. Here we will talk about the best models, their advantages and what you should pay attention to before buying. Come with us!

First, the most important!

  • Popcorn buckets have fun designs and the right size for you and your family.
  • Many buckets of popcorn are super cheap, but they are made of a little resistant plastic. Always prefer buckets of firm materials, as they can last much longer.
  • There are buckets of popcorn of different sizes and even kits that have several buckets.

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Best buckets of popcorn: Our favorites

A bucket of popcorn is not just a mere container, it can serve several people, have designs that suit you and even go to the microwave and prepare the popcorn. These are some of the best models on the market today.

  • Microwave popcorn bucket for microwave
  • Excellent foldable popcorn bucket
  • Popcorn bucket for Disney fans

Buying Guide

Should you choose a microwave popcorn bucket? Buy a family size bucket or several small ones? What is the best material? Here we will answer all your questions about popcorn buckets.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the popcorn bucket?

Sofa, television and your family. What is missing? A bucket of popcorn, of course. With a little popcorn, the night is complete for you to watch that series or movie you love. The popcorn bucket is a companion for all times, whether to eat alone, with that person you love, your children or friends.

Nowadays, there are several options of popcorn buckets. Some may even go to the microwave and make food. In other words, you don’t even need to get a pan dirty, so you already save dishes and have much more practicality.

There is not always a container at home of the right size to place your popcorn, so the bucket is super useful in these cases. You can even choose a bucket the size of your hunger or your family: there are huge options and small options, ideal for one person.

In addition, popcorn buckets are very affordable and can last for years if you take good care of them, so it’s a great investment. However, avoid the ones that are very cheap and have little resistant materials, as they can spoil quickly.

Why use a bucket of popcorn and not an ordinary jar?

Many people do not have a bucket of popcorn at home because they believe that the common pot will do the job. However, buckets offer many benefits that other pots do not.

One is design. Popcorn buckets are charming and usually have beautiful designs, such as comics, illustrations or even that classic model full of drawn popcorn. They are super fun for kids and collectors.

In addition, the popcorn bucket is just the right size for your needs. There are the bigger buckets, where you can put lots of popcorn and share with the whole family and the smaller buckets, ideal for one person. Often, ordinary pots are not the size you need.

Some buckets of popcorn still have extra advantages, such as going to the microwave, for example. For those who like to make popcorn with their own corn instead of buying microwave bags, it is a great option, as it offers the flavor of homemade popcorn and the convenience of the microwave.

It is also possible to purchase a bucket kit. Usually, they come with a bigger bucket and several smaller ones, so there is no fight to get popcorn in one bucket.

How much does a bucket of popcorn cost?

A bucket of popcorn is usually super cheap and will not weigh in your pocket. The most affordable models, which are simpler and made of cheap materials.

The most expensive buckets, which usually come in kits of up to 7 pieces, can cost around R $ 150. The average price of a quality popcorn bucket varies between R $ 50 and R $ 70.

Where to buy a bucket of popcorn?

With an internet search, you will find several models of popcorn buckets with the most diverse designs and features on sites such as Amazon.

In physical stores, you can find some options in places that sell kitchen utensils.

Purchasing criteria: Main features for evaluating a bucket of popcorn

Now we are on the final stretch for you to choose the best bucket of popcorn for you and your family, however, it is still necessary to pay attention to these items before purchase:

  • Capacity
  • Volume
  • Functionalities
  • Material

Learn more about each one.


The capacity of a bucket of popcorn is one of the first things you should evaluate. If you have already researched some models, you may have noticed that there are a multitude of sizes, for all tastes and families.

If you want a bucket of popcorn to eat with the whole family together, choose the bigger ones, where there is enough popcorn for everyone. If you live as a couple, a medium bucket should be enough for both of you.

However, if your business is to eat popcorn alone or to divide the popcorn between several jars so that everyone does not have their hand in one, it is possible to buy several smaller buckets.


It is very easy to find kits that come with several buckets. The volume of buckets in a kit can also be a decisive factor at the time of your purchase.

It is common to see kits with several small pots, ideal for families who do not eat much. There are also kits that have a larger pot and several glasses. They are great for replacing popcorn as it runs out.

If you live alone, you probably won’t need a kit, but if you have a large family, the ideal is to purchase more than one bucket.


Some buckets of popcorn are multifunctional: in addition to storing your popcorn, they prepare food. That is, a lot of practicality and less dishes to wash later!

Microwave popcorn buckets can go into the appliance and pop the corn alone. They are ideal for those who prefer home-made popcorn and seek more health, as it is not necessary to use oil in the process.


There are several materials that are used in the manufacture of popcorn buckets, the most common of which is plastic. With this type of material it is necessary to be extremely careful, as many are made with little resistant plastics.

Some buckets are made with melamine, a highly resistant plastic. If possible, choose this material, as your bucket will last much longer.

The popcorn buckets that can be used in the microwave are usually made of highly flexible silicone, are durable and easy to handle, and take up little space.


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