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Top & Best Xiaomi phone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best  Xiaomi phone: How to choose the best model in 2022?


Welcome to mypricesaving.com. If you want to know everything about Xiaomi phone it is recommended to read the following text. We will demonstrate a Shopping Guide that facilitates the lives of  buyers in search of the Chinese smartphone.

The Xiaomi smartphone is one of those darling Chinese products. The union between popular prices and extreme performance are characteristic of the devices. Only you need to know some important information to not feel regret in the post-purchase.

There are different types of Xiaomi phones, right? So let’s get to know the best versions and indicate what types of use they are most suitable for today. See the secrets revealed from China’s smartphone.

First, the most important

  • Xiaomi phone is known to cost cheap and offer a lot of first-rate power thanks to the powerful Snapdragon processor.
  • There is a Xiaomi smartphone powerful enough for you to play games with advanced graphics and use heavy applications without crashing.
  • Most versions of Chinese Xiaomi phone do not have much quality in the camera.

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Best Xiaomi Smartphone Models: Our Favorites

So many models are available that we even get lost in research, correct? When you take a look at the following list, you can feel more comfortable shopping because you know the technical requirements of the best models:

  • The Xiaomi that competes with the top of the line
  • The best Xiaomi phone with Android One
  • The Xiaomi with the best screen resolution
  • The Xiaomi with the most durable battery

Buying Guide

The trend to use Xiaomi mobile phone is becoming more popular each day among people looking for a powerful device while spending less money. This is probably also the reason that motivates you to find information about the Chinese smartphone.

Let us know now with a little more details the information that serves to guide you when buying the Xiaomi phone.

What is Xiaomi Cell Phone?

The Xiaomi smartphone is one of the most well-known Chinese mobile devices around the world. In  these models are very successful, especially among people who seek less costs and additional benefits in mobile technologies.

We cannot fail to notice that Xiaomi offers several types of models, which in a way can confuse consumers.

Alongside labels like OnePlus and Huawei, the Xiaomi brand is among the best Chinese mobile technology labels. Although the manufacturer launches many models in the short space of time, the market recognizes it every day for consistent cell phones.

In addition to having its own system, Xiaomi phones have beautiful components and large screens, with superior technology. Such devices are updated based on MIUI, which avoids the occurrence of frequent crashes.

Along with business partnerships, the Xiaomi smartphone arrived in in the middle of 2015. However, shortly after, in the second half of 2016, the brand stopped supplying devices to the country.

However, there are still many online and physical stores that import the Xiaomi cell phone on their own to sell  mainly due to the success that this device has among audiences of the most different purchasing powers.

What are the advantages of the Xiaomi smartphone?

There is no way to be sure that you buy the right phone without first knowing the pros and cons of the brand.

Let’s start on a positive side that almost everyone already knows. In exchange for low prices, the Xiaomi phone offers top-notch performance, comparable to high-end North American or South Korean devices.

If you are one of those people who makes a point of having lots of color and design choices, you can be excited about the Xiaomi mobile phone offers. Not to mention the superior potential that exists in the stereo speaker.

Nowadays the devices come in a package that offers 100% protection. This is positive news when considering that the chances of damage to the cell phone when transported over long distances for delivery to customers’ homes decrease.

Let’s now delve deeper into the disadvantages of having a Xiaomi phone. Mainly, the downside is the low quality of the cameras even in the most powerful versions.



Look for a well-lit place to take pictures with your Xiaomi phone. In night environments or in low light the images captured by the device’s cameras do not have a very professional quality.


You can even take basic photos of people or documents with a certain quality of resolution. But to have superior photographs, the model does not work with so much quality.

Like other competing brands in the market, the Xiaomi phone does not have a headphone jack, but a USB adapter that serves to convert the connection.

The product has little resistance against water. Keep the advantages and disadvantages of the Xiaomi phone in mind when looking at the table at the front:

How does Xiaomi stand out from the competition?

Probably this question has already arisen in your mind: “If there are so many phones from the most diverse brands, why should I buy a Xiaomi smartphone?”

We can say that this question is frequent for anyone more tech savvy. Comparatively speaking, the Xiaomi phone is popular for offering high performance on cheaper handsets than popular versions of North American or South Korean brands.

Even on the cheapest Xiaomi phone models, you can find superior power that even helps to qualify gameplay. Mobile phones from other brands, can cost 3 times more than great Xiaomi phones.

An advantage much talked about by Xiaomi mobile experts is battery life.

Chinese devices can run for 2 days without the need for battery charging, just plugged in, which is two to three times more superior than competing smartphones.

Better understand the characteristics of the Xiaomi smartphone and American or South Korean competing phones by reading the comparative table:

How much?

On the market average, the prices of Xiaomi phones range from R $ 300 to R $ 4,000 at most. Be wary of offers that charge much higher or lower values. The power makes the device more expensive than whether it is a launch or not.

Of course, devices with 6 GB or more and larger screens cost more. But, who wants a smartphone just to use on a daily basis to access the internet or chat can buy the cheap versions without fear of being happy.

Where to buy a Xiaomi phone?

Since Xiaomi no longer delivers their phones directly to it can be a little difficult to find many versions of the devices in department stores. But you can find something in places.

On sites like Amazon, it is possible to buy directly from manufacturers and receive it at the door, legally, without the customer worrying about import bureaucracies.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare Xiaomi smartphone models

In terms of technological products such as cell phones when people least expect to buy a model on impulse and sometimes regret the purchase for different reasons.

To control impulsiveness and consciously buy the following Xiaomi smartphone shopping comparison criteria:

  • Processor
  • Storage
  • RAM
  • Drums
  • Screen

Let’s learn more about the definition of each of the points listed:


The Xiaomi phone is revered by audiences worldwide for the power of the Snapdragon processor. But, it is worth understanding that each version has a Snapdragon processor different from the other, in most productions.

Ordered in order of the most powerful Snapdragon processors we have:

  • Snapdragon 845;
  • Snapdragon 710;
  • Snapdragon 625;
  • Snapdragon 636.


The more GB of storage the higher the price. If you want to store a lot of multimedia files on the device, the recommendation is to buy a model that has plenty of space, otherwise there may be crashes that make it impossible to use.

On Xiaomi phones it is possible to choose up to four different versions in storage sizes: 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.


Along with the processor, RAM is also important to define when the device is fast or not.

If your intention is to play games perfectly and use heavy applications it is worth choosing the devices with more RAM. On the other hand, the simple use of the internet and light applications makes it possible to buy versions with 3 GB or 4 GB.

The Xiaomi phone can have one of the 4 RAM options:

  • 3 GB of RAM;
  • 4 GB of RAM;
  • 6 GB of RAM;
  • 8 GB of RAM.


The acronym mAh (milliamp-hour) is almost always present to demonstrate the battery’s durability power figures.

The more mAh in the phone, the longer the battery runs.

For example, a 4,000 mAh smartphone has a more durable battery than 3,400 mAh devices.

However, we can say that the type of use also defines the battery capacity. Those who use several hours in a row to play games can use up batteries very fast, even if they have a device that has enough mAh.

In terms of Xiaomi cell phone battery you can choose models ranging from 3,080 to 5,500 mA


The screen is one of the elements that most differ in Xiaomi phone versions! Most of the productions appear on the market with inches and different resolutions.

The inches and resolutions can greatly increase the price of the models. So if you don’t want to have a big screen you can save a lot when buying the Xiaomi smartphone.

You can find the devices in the following screen features:

  • 5.84 inches : 1080 x 2280 px
  • 5.88 inches : 1080 x 2244 px
  • 5.99 inches : 720 x 1440 px
  • 5.99 inches : 1080 x 2160 px
  • 6.09 inches : 1080 x 2160 px
  • 6.18 inches : 1080 x 2246 px
  • 6.26 inches : 1080 x 2280 px
  • 6.21 inches : 1080 x 2248 px

We ended here the Xiaomi mobile shopping guide. Analyze your needs and choose a version without breaking your budget.


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