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Top & Best Big screen phone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Big screen phone: Which is the best of 2022

if you are looking for a smartphone that offers the best viewing experience to work or have fun with videos and photos, welcome to! In this article, we are going to unveil the universe of the big screen phone.

The big screen smartphone has numerous advantages. But, to choose the best model, it is also necessary to consider some factors that influence the quality and price of the device. And that’s what we’re going to talk about next.


First, the most important

  • There are countless cell phone models, with different brands and technical specifications, but with a large screen in common.
  • The large screen cell phone is usually recommended for those who work with the device, who want to watch TV and video and even for the elderly and children.
  • Before buying this type of smartphone, the ideal is to consider, in addition to the inches of the screen, the storage capacity, the quality of the cameras and the extra features.

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Buying Guide

Big screen phones have fallen into popular taste. But the fact is that you will find from intermediate smartphones to those with more advanced technical data. And with the variety of brands and technical configurations, choosing the best model can end up being a lot of work.

To help you, we created this Buying Guide to answer the main questions about the big screen phone.

What is considered a big screen phone?

Nowadays, one of the criteria that consumers consider when buying a smartphone is the size of the screen, which is measured in inches.

And, although this measure varies a lot depending on the make and model, in general, there are devices with a display that varies between 4 and above 6.

The small screen phone is usually up to 4 inches and is ideal for anyone who wants a device that fits in the palm of their hand and inside their pocket.

The smartphone with a smaller display is also the best option for those who need to handle it with one hand. But it is clear that, because it has a small screen, this type of device can cause difficulties in reading and identifying details in the images.

Cell phones with medium-sized screens tend to be between 4.5 and 5 inches. The difference for small screen smartphones is little, which allows you to still be able to handle them with just one hand.

And finally, the big screen phone is the one with a display between 5 and 6.9 inches. but the most sought after by consumers are in fact cell phones over 6 inches.

The big advantage of the larger screen phone is that it is possible to view and edit content such as text, images, videos and games in more detail.


Do you know the difference between a big screen phone and a tablet?

The large screen phone has a screen that can reach up to 6.9 inches. The tablet is a device with a 7 to 10 inch display.

In addition, smartphones allow you to browse the internet and apps, in addition to making calls and sending SMS. These last two actions are not possible on the tablet.

What are the features of the big screen phone?

When you purchase a smartphone with a large screen, you will have access to higher quality images, texts and videos. That means more colors, more details and contrasts.

But cell phones with large screens are not distinguished from others just by the size of the display. The fact is that, in general, a cell phone with a larger screen, usually falls into the category of intermediate and top-of-the-line smartphones.

Large smartphones are more modern and have more advanced resolutions, settings and functions. In addition, the screen phone has high standard hardware.

Who should invest in a big screen phone?

Anyone looking for an intermediate or high efficiency phone will certainly benefit from a big screen phone.

In addition, with the larger screen smartphone, you can watch TV, movies and series with more colors, details and contrasts.

And it is also possible to have a better experience when watching football games, cartoons and even playing video games.

But, in addition, the large smartphone screen is also highly functional for those who work with images and videos, whether professionally, such as photographers, or even to advertise work on social networks.

Another audience that can benefit from the large screen cell phone is the elderly. The larger display screen facilitates not only reading and viewing, but also typing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the big screen phone?

As we have seen, the advantages of having a cell phone with a large screen are several. With a larger screen, it is possible to use the cell phone as a television.

With this, you can watch your favorite programs with high viewing quality.

In addition, with a large-screen smartphone it is possible to optimize remote work, whether with text, images or videos.

It is worth remembering that devices with a large display also tend to have a more advanced configuration, with higher resolution, cameras and storage capacity than basic models.

But of course, there are also some downsides. Precisely because it is an intermediate or top-of-the-line cell phone, this type of device is usually more expensive.

Another disadvantage is that, due to its larger dimensions compared to other cell phones, the smartphone with a large screen can be more difficult to handle, does not fit in your pocket and ends up demanding a larger space in your bag or backpack.

That said, check out the table below that shows the main advantages and disadvantages of a big screen phone. Look:

How much does the big screen phone cost and where to buy it?

As we mentioned, the price of a big screen phone is usually higher compared to smaller smartphones. Still, it is possible to find affordable options.

You will find the big screen phone costing between R $ 800 and R $ 9 thousand. The value varies depending on the brand, model and, of course, settings and features.

In addition to the price, also note where you will buy the phone. You will find the big smartphone in specialized stores, supermarkets and department stores,

But the best option today is to buy the big screen phone on the Internet, for example, on Amazon . In addition to buying without leaving home, promotions are more attractive in online stores.


Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare Big Screen Phones

Before closing the purchase, the ideal is that you compare some aspects that differentiate one cell phone model from another.

To make this step easier for you, we have gathered the main criteria that you should take into account in this comparison. Are they:

  • Screen resolution
  • With or without TV
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Cameras
  • Connections
  • Extras

Next, you will understand how to take each of these factors into account.

Screen resolution

If you value image and video quality, it is essential that you also choose the device’s screen resolution well.

For example, if the idea is to use the big screen phone to work or watch TV, videos and play video games, choose a device with high quality resolutions, such as Full HD, Ultra HD and 4K.

If you are going to use your smartphone just for basic tasks, a cell phone with a large screen and HD resolution, the same as the digital TV, may be enough.

With or without TV

Another aspect that is worth taking into account is whether or not the large screen cell phone has digital TV. Of course, if the goal is to take advantage of the larger display to watch programs, series and videos, having a TV can be an added attraction.

But remember that to use digital TV you must also consider the type of antenna, signal compatibility and battery consumption.


The RAM memory of the big screen phone is another important criteria to be compared when buying the device.

The higher the RAM, the better the phone’s performance.

The RAM memory is responsible, along with other configurations, for the efficiency of the cell phone in running several programs simultaneously. So, the bigger the RAM, the better the phone’s performance.

In general, you will be able to choose between models of mobile phones with large screen that have RAM between 1GB to 12GB.


Another type of memory that you should analyze is the internal memory of the big screen phone. It determines the storage capacity of your device.

Therefore, the maxim of the higher the better also applies to this criterion. The internal storage capacity of a cell phone with a large screen usually varies between 16GB and 1TB.


Be sure to also note the type, quantity and quality of the cameras on the big screen phone.

In this criterion the variety is quite large. And even if several factors interfere with the quality of the cameras, we recommend that you focus on the number of megapixels (MP) and the number of cameras, whether front or rear.

You will find the smartphone with a large screen containing between one and three front cameras, and between one and even four rear cameras. The megapixel, on the other hand, usually varies between 5 MP and 48 MP.

In general, the higher the MP, the better. But this is not a rule. Your choice should be based on how you use and / or print the photos taken with your cell phone cameras.


The type of connectivity of the big screen phone is another point that you should consider. Although we are dealing here with intermediate and top-of-the-line smartphones, it is possible to find a variety in the type of connection as well.

The most common, however, is to find large-screen smartphones that have 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi connections.


Don’t forget to note what extra features and functions are present in the big screen phone. We have separated some of the most desired:

  • Fingerprint reader ;
  • Facial recognition ;
  • Dual chip;
  • Iris reader ;
  • Fast wireless charging .


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