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Top & Best Samsung Galaxy A7 Review 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Samsung Galaxy A7: Is it worth buying in 2022?


Welcome to! Today we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy A7, a cell phone that is one of the most desired at the moment. If you are thinking of buying one, you will find here a complete review about it and also some quality accessories.

The Galaxy A7 began production in 2017, but returned in 2018 with a completely redesigned version. It is in that second that the triple rear camera appears, great innovation and that makes many look for it.

But is he really that good? Are his accessories worth it? What to pay attention to before buying this phone? In this article, we’ll take all possible questions about the Galaxy A7 and leave you with great information on the subject!

First, the most important

  • There are two types of Galaxy A7: 2017 and 2018. This is because Samsung decided to change the way of naming its A-line devices. The newest is much more modern than its predecessor, but also more expensive.
  • The biggest highlight of the Galaxy A7 2018 is its camera. It is a fantastic phone for anyone who cares about the visual above all: it takes great photos, has above average screen resolution and is even aesthetically beautiful.
  • Prices are around four digits. The 2017 model can vary between R $ 1,000 and R $ 2,000 and the 2018 between R $ 1,500 and R $ 2,100. This depends mainly on the internal memory capacity and the color.

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Ranking: Galaxy A7 and its best accessories

We will now show you both the Galaxy A7 in its two versions and some of the best accessories available for these Samsung phones. This way, you will be able to power up your phone right after making the decision to buy it!

Headphone, protective cover, film and charger, after all, are accessories of paramount importance.

Buying Guide

Why buy a Galaxy A7? What are the biggest differences between the two models? How do they compare with cell phones of similar level? Is the cost-benefit ratio good enough? Let’s take all your doubts about these Samsung phone models!

What are the technical specifications of the Galaxy A7?

First, we need to understand why there are two versions of the Galaxy A7. This happened because Samsung decided to change the way to name the phones in its A line.

Initially, the numbers in this line did not follow the quality logic of each model. In 2017, for example, the Galaxy A5 and A7 were launched, whose only differences were the screen size.

Then, however, the Galaxy A8, a superior model, and the A6, which would be an intermediary between the A8 and the J7, were launched. When Samsung wanted a new A-line phone to be between the A6 and the A8, Samsung decided to launch a new A7. That is why there are so many differences between the two models.

It is also from this change in nomenclature that some characteristics of line A become different. The biggest example is plastic, common in the J line, replacing the metal on the sides of the devices.

But what are the technical specifications of each model of A7? We set up a table for easy comparison:

Notice how the 2018 version is superior in practically all aspects, second only to the battery. This is because it is, in fact, a more advanced phone. Obviously, this superiority is also reflected in the price difference.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy A7?

Samsung’s A line falls within the group of “premium intermediaries” cell phones. In other words, they are not the top of the market, but they are very well positioned. They reach an already very demanding audience.

What we need to think about is: how does the Galaxy A7 compare to other premium middlemen in the same price range? It is from there that we will have a real sense of its advantages, disadvantages and cost-benefit.

When we make this comparison, we immediately confirm that, in fact, the triple camera of the Galaxy A7 2018 is exceptional. There is nothing like it on other phones of the same level. It allows high quality photos to be taken and has a lot of handling options.

In general, we can say that if image quality is what you are looking for in a cell phone, the Galaxy A7 is perfect. It also wins similar models in screen resolution, brings a very good front camera and records videos with more quality.

However, not everything is perfect. In performance, the Galaxy A7 falls short of its competitors. The performance is not so good, the memory is often lower and the download speed eats dust against almost all models of the level.

Another problem is that the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 for some reason did not introduce the USB-C port, continuing on the previous version of the USB ports. This is very harmful, since the model is already out of step with what the future is.

Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy A7 compared to its competitors:

How does the Galaxy A7 2018 triple camera work?

We have been talking a lot about the Galaxy A7 2018 camera. There have been many compliments and references. But we imagine that you are asking yourself, after all, how does this triple camera work?

The main camera is the middle one, with 24 megapixels. It works like a normal cell phone camera and is already very good for a premium intermediate device. Able to take great pictures.

The top and bottom are auxiliary. The first, with 5 megapixels, has a greater depth. The idea is that it can be used for photos with a blurred background, working together with the main one to generate this effect.

In the case of the bottom one, which has 8 megapixels, the main purpose is to increase the capacity to absorb information from the image. So the lens is a 120 degree wide angle.

This set of lenses, therefore, brings a number of possibilities for the user. It is possible to produce images that would require digital cameras with good lenses without the Galaxy A7. Something that most of today’s cell phones don’t even dream of doing.

Check out this video from the iGyaan channel with a review of the Galaxy A7’s three cameras. In English, but with subtitles:

How much?

The price variation on the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and 2018 is mainly due to the memory offered in each device. Another factor that can cause differences is the color: some are more exclusive or rare, making the product more expensive.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 can be found in any price range between R $ 1,000 and R $ 2,000. 2018 exists on the internet for values ​​ranging from R $ 1,500 and R $ 2,100. We remember, of course, that the operators usually give certain discounts depending on the plans of the customers.

Where to buy?

If you already have a mobile operator and a good plan, the operators’ own stores are the best option. You will possibly be able to purchase your A7 at a good discount.

Otherwise, stores specializing in cell phones or large chains like Extra and Americanas are great options. You will find varied payment options and possibilities to make the device fit in your pocket.

Is the idea to buy over the Internet? So we recommend Amazon. Reliable sites with an excellent reputation. The largest e-commerces in will also certainly present the A7 in all its existing versions.

To see a full review of the Galaxy A7 2018 and compare the opinion with the one presented in this article, how about this video from the brasiliGEEKS channel?

Purchasing criteria: What to consider when choosing the Samsung Galaxy A7

Even within the same phone model, there are variations. In the case of A7 2017 and 2018, we have selected some criteria that may be of interest to you when customizing your device:

  • Memory
  • Color
  • Warranty
  • Extra items

We explain below the importance of each of these factors.


The possibility of internal storage of files and applications, without depending on cards, varies according to memory. In addition, who has never suffered from constant device crashes because it is crowded?

The most common is to find the devices with their maximum memory versions. However, stay tuned: the Galaxy A7 2017 has a maximum of 32 GB, while 2018 goes up to 64 GB. If it’s less than that, you’re probably dealing with an inferior type of the same phone.


As much as most people prefer a black, gray or lead cell phone, some people like to vary it. And the Samsung Galaxy A7 certainly caters to all tastes, as it features huge color variation.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 arrived  in blue, black and copper colors. 2017, in turn, can be found in black, blue, pink and gold variations. Possibilities for all tastes!


The longer you have your cell phone protected against breakdowns and defects, the better, right? So always keep an eye on the device’s warranty. There are stores that offer an extended version compared to the factory.

If you can find 24-month guarantees, for example, don’t be afraid to take advantage. Never forget not to try to repair the appliance yourself and whenever you need help, go to an authorized service center.

Extra items

Cell phones usually come from the factory with a charger, headset, and instruction manuals. However, depending on the place of sale, especially in the case of used devices, this may not happen. Be sure to watch carefully.

On the other hand, there are stores that can sell the cell phone already with a memory card, thus expanding its capacity. Covers, protective films and others can also be part of promotions. When this happens without increasing the price, it is a tremendous opportunity!



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